"Carbon (Dioxide) trading is now the fastest growing commodities market on earth.....And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon (dioxide) market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one. Since the market revolves around creating carbon (dioxide) credits, or finding carbon (dioxide) reduction projects whose benefits can then be sold to those with a surplus of emissions, it is entirely intangible." (Telegraph)

This blog has been tracking the 'Global Warming Scam' for over four years now. There are a very large number of articles being published in blogs and more in the MSM who are waking up to the fact the public refuse to be conned any more and are objecting to the 'green madness' of governments and the artificially high price of energy. This blog will now be concentrating on the major stories as we move to the pragmatic view of 'not if, but when' and how the situation is managed back to reality. To quote Professor Lindzen, "a lot of people are going to look pretty silly"

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Monday, 11 August 2014

The diminishing influence of increasing Carbon Dioxide on temperature

So increasing CO2 in the atmosphere can not now inevitably lead directly to much more warming and certainly not to a catastrophic and dangerous temperature increase.
Importantly as the future temperature effect of increasing CO2 emissions can only be so minor, there is no possibility of ever attaining the much vaunted political target of less than +2.0°C by the control of CO2 emissions[3].
Global Warming advocates always assert that all increases in the concentration of CO2 are solely man-made. This is not necessarily so, as the biosphere and slightly warming oceans will also outgas CO2. In any event at ~3% of the total[4] Man-made CO2 at its maximum is only a minor part of the CO2 transport within the atmosphere. The recent IPCC report now admits that currently increasing CO2 levels are probably only ~50% man-made.
On the other hand it is likely that any current global warming, if continuing and increased CO2 is:
§ largely a natural process
§ within normal limits
§ probably beneficial up to about a further 2.0°C+ [5].
It could be not be influenced by any remedial decarbonisation action, however drastic, taken by a minority of nations.
In a rational, non-political world, that prospect should be greeted with unmitigated joy."
ED: from the comments - "notice how the author makes his case from WITHIN the accepted science." ..... and if you can win the argument from within, the case from outside is even stronger.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Don’t mention the Nuclear Option to Greens

 Greens want every possible intervention except one which “solves” their useful crisis "

Massive Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Over The Past Two Years

Real Science
Green shows the huge increase in Arctic sea ice since the same date in 2012. Red shows ice loss "

It's the Sun

The Hockey Schtick
The time integral of solar activity plus ocean oscillations [which are also driven by solar activity] can explain 95% of climate change over the past 400 years. "

80 Years Ago : “Acts Of God Ravaged The Four Corners Of The Globe”

Real Science
and .....
80 Years Ago : 117 Degrees In The Midwest

80 Years Ago, England Had Their Worst Drought In A Century

80 Years Ago : Thousands Of Cattle Shot A Day To End Their Suffering

80 Years Ago: Progressives Starving Millions Of People In The Ukraine

Green MP Caroline Lucas has written to Labour leader Ed Miliband to protest that one of his MPs, Graham Stringer, has been telling the truth about climate change.

James Delingpole, Breitbart
Of the 11 MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, only two disagreed with its recent whitewash conclusion that "there is no reason to doubt the credibility of the science or the integrity of the scientists" in the latest IPCC report.
How strange that the two MPs who dissented - Peter Lilley and Graham Stringer - should be the only ones on the committee with science degrees."

Friday, 8 August 2014

German Scientists Aghast At BBC Censorship: “Fear Of A Serious Factual Discussion”…”An Egregious Step”

Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Professor of Chemistry Fritz Vahrenholt also posted today on the BBC’s lapse away from democratic principles: the right to free and open debate on important issues."

Arctic Sea Ice Extent – Aug 8 2014 – Still Approaching One STD

Sunshine Hours
Arctic Sea Ice Extent is -990,000 sq km below the 1981-2010 mean. Very slowly approaching the Standard Deviation bounds."

NOAA Fraud Of The Day

Real Science
NOAA/NASA are making moves towards claiming that 2014 is the hottest year ever, based on their bogus surface temperatures.
More accurate satellite data shows 2014 as quite ordinary, and 0.4C below the hottest year of 1998."

Paper proves Bill Nye's faked 'greenhouse effect' experiment is also based on the wrong 'basic physics'

The Hockey Schtick
Oh dear, the incompetent & faked attempt by Bill Nye to demonstrate the greenhouse effect for Al Gore's Climate "Reality" Project has also been shown by a peer-reviewed paper to be based upon the wrong "basic physics" as well. According to the authors, Nye's experiment and other similar classroom demonstrations allegedly of the greenhouse effect

"All involve comparing the temperature rise in a container filled with air with that of the same or a similar container filled with carbon dioxide when exposed to radiation from the Sun or a heat lamp. Typically, a larger temperature rise is observed with carbon dioxide and the difference is attributed, explicitly or implicitly, to the physical phenomena responsible for the climate change. We argue here that great care is required in interpreting these demonstrations and, in particular, that for the case of the demonstration described by Lueddecke et al., the results arise primarily from processes related to convective heat transport that plays no role in climate change."

Record cold in Antarctica threatens lives of British Antarctic Survey members during power outage – with little chance of rescue

Thirteen members of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) were trapped and in danger of freezing to death when their base, Halley VI, lost power.  Power went down on July 30th and is now partially restored.  The BAS waited to report the incident until power came back up, however now reports that the incident was so serious that all science activities have been suspended and emergency contingency plans to abandon some of Halley’s eight modules and attempt to shelter in a remaining few have been prepared.
The incident is particularly serious, as the station is likely completely cut off from rescue for months.
The incident occurred during the height of the Antarctic winter while southern sea ice is at or near record highs (Marc Morano has details at Climate Depot).
One Survey member, Anthony Lister, managed to send a out a “tweet” when power came back up, reporting that the outage occurred while the station was experiencing record cold temperatures of -55.4° C (-67.72° F).  (h/t Rai news) "

Receding Swiss glaciers incoveniently reveal 4000 year old forests – and make it clear that glacier retreat is nothing new

Dr. Christian Schlüchter’s discovery of 4,000-year-old chunks of wood at the leading edge of a Swiss glacier was clearly not cheered by many members of the global warming doom-and-gloom science orthodoxy.
This finding indicated that the Alps were pretty nearly glacier-free at that time, disproving accepted theories that they only began retreating after the end of the little ice age in the mid-19th century. As he concluded, the region had once been much warmer than today, with “a wild landscape and wide flowing river.”

Dr. Schlüchter’s report might have been more conveniently dismissed by the entrenched global warming establishment were it not for his distinguished reputation as a giant in the field of geology and paleoclimatology who has authored/coauthored more than 250 papers and is a professor emeritus at the University of Bern in Switzerland."

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lunacy on sea: As Ministers agree to the world's biggest wind farm off Brighton, has Britain ever succumbed to a more catastrophic folly?

Daily Mail
The more wind farms we build, the more we will need gas-fired power stations to provide that instantly available back-up, not just to keep our lights on but to keep our computer-dependent economy running at all. And guess who is going to have to pay to keep those gas-fired plants permanently and expensively running on stand-by for when they are needed, chucking out more of Mr Davey’s hated CO2 than is saved by all his wind farms? We are, of course, through our electricity bills."

Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Pointman (Australia)
As you might be aware, the new administration in Australia has abolished the Carbon Tax and is currently engaged in the arduous task of cutting off the heads of the green Hydra that is government spending on climate alarmism. The climate gravy train is derailing in Australia.
While the article covers political and union corruption, an important thing to note is that most of it was unearthed by a handful of investigative bloggers, citizen researchers and refugee journalists who’d decamped to the blogosphere. None of this would ever have come to light without their tireless and mostly unpaid efforts, because the mainstream media there is a compliant and whipped cur, that long ago had its investigative teeth pulled.
Australia, which not too long ago I thought was doomed to turn into the People’s Democratic Republic of Australistan, is now leading the fight back.
If you’ve ever wondered whether the blogosphere can have an effect, ask Julia Gillard and the Union thieves now desperately scurrying for cover from a Royal Commission’s investigations"