"Carbon (Dioxide) trading is now the fastest growing commodities market on earth.....And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon (dioxide) market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one. Since the market revolves around creating carbon (dioxide) credits, or finding carbon (dioxide) reduction projects whose benefits can then be sold to those with a surplus of emissions, it is entirely intangible." (Telegraph)

This blog has been tracking the 'Global Warming Scam' for over ten years now. There are a very large number of articles being published in blogs and more in the MSM who are waking up to the fact the public refuse to be conned any more and are objecting to the 'green madness' of governments and the artificially high price of energy. This blog will now be concentrating on the major stories as we move to the pragmatic view of 'not if, but when' and how the situation is managed back to reality. To quote Professor Lindzen, "a lot of people are going to look pretty silly"

PS: If you have arrived here on a page link, then click on the HOME link...

Sunday, 31 January 2010

And, in India, Open magazine publishes this front-page feature:

Open magazine (India)

Kevin Rudd feels the heat on global warming

Daily Telegraph (Australia)
"PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd, the man who said he would never “knowingly” tell a lie, should begin the new Parliamentary session Tuesday with a few admissions of deceit.His massively exaggerated claims of catastrophic climate change caused by human activity have been thoroughly rejected by the UK chief scientist, John Beddington. Even Australia’s chief scientist, Penny Sackett, has been unable to provide any evidence to support her wild December claim that there are about five years to avoid dangerous climate change damage.Both scientific chiefs are now calling for absolute openness and rigour in the presentation of climate science evidence. Professor Beddington says scientists should be more open about the uncertainty of predicting the rate of climate change but has he told his Australian counterpart, Professor Sackett? This is scientific backdown with a capital “B”. ......The new Opposition leader Tony Abbott has a smorgasbord of issues with which to confront the Rudd Government, which is a master of spin and obfuscation. Like a good editor, Abbott and his team must cut through the verbiage.It is important he does not get distracted by the frippery with which elements of the media are obsessed, but concentrates on the matters that are important to Australians."

H/T Climate Realists

The fall of the warming wall (Herald Sun, Australia)
"Stott says it’s no surprise that the IPCC’s faked scares about India feature strongly in the growing scandal. He quotes Dr. Robert Bradnock, a world authority on the sub-continent and founder-editor of the Ashgate Studies in Development Geography:"
"..Glaciers are here to stay in the Himalayas. Studies conducted by glaciologists across the Himalayan region in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have shown that global warming has little to do with their melting.The conclusion was drawn by glaciologists after studying the behaviour of 35 Himalayan glaciers. The Mentossa glacier in Miyar valley of Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal Pradesh has, in fact, expanded in the last few years while there is no change in the Kangriz glacier in Zanskar valley of J&K since 1913."

Channel 4 (UK) goes lukewarm.....

The majority of this segment is about climate change fiasco

Climategate: Is the British government conspiring not to prosecute?

"Ed Miliband, the weird blobby egg creature with dark hair on top currently doing untold damage as Britain’s Energy and Climate Secretary, has declared war on Climate Sceptics. ..."

Global Warming: the Collapse of a Grand Narrative

Prof Stott, Clamour of The Times
".....And what can one say about ‘the science’? ‘The ‘science’ is already paying dearly for its abuse of freedom of information, for unacceptable cronyism, for unwonted arrogance, and for the disgraceful misuse of data at every level, from temperature measurements to glaciers to the Amazon rain forest. What is worse, the usurping of the scientific method, and of justified scientific scepticism, by political policies and political propaganda could well damage science sensu lato - never mind just climate science - in the public eye for decades. The appalling pre-Copenhagen attacks by the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his climate-change henchman, Ed Miliband, on those who dared to be critical of the science of climate change were some of the most unforgivable I can recall. .....The break in the ‘Media Wall’ began in the tabloids and in the ‘red tops’, like The Daily Express and the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, but it is today spreading rapidly - yet once more as theory predicts - to the so-called ‘heavyweights’ and to the BBC. In the past, uncritical and apocalyptic stories and programmes were given the highest prominence, with any sceptical comment confined to the briefest of quotations from some benighted, and often snidely-mentioned, sceptic squeezed in at the very end of the piece (“For balance, you know”). Today, the reverse is becoming true, with the ‘global warming’ faithful firmly forced on to the back foot. ...."

We need facts, not spin, in the climate debate

Telegraph (view)
"Our columnist Christopher Booker, among others, has highlighted that extent to which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), whose objectivity and neutrality most people thought could be taken for granted, has been caught acting like a pressure group. Not only did it insert into its latest report the claim that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035 – which has now been acknowledged to have no basis in fact – but, as we report today, it appears to have recycled observations on the dwindling levels of ice on mountains around the world from a climbing magazine and a student dissertation.In its zeal to persuade the world of the catastrophic consequences of man-made global warming, the IPCC has lost both its objectivity and the trust of the public. That is one of the main reasons why we, along with our sister newspaper The Daily Telegraph, believe that Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC's chairman, should step down."

Overheated facts in a disastrous week for global warming scientists

Daily Mail

"This has been a disastrous week for the reputation of global warming scientists.Monday: Dire warnings from UN 'experts', linking catastrophic floods and hurricanes to rising temperatures, are found to be based on a 'completely misleading' use of data from a report that's been retracted by its author. Tuesday: Government chief scientist Professor John Beddington rebukes climate specialists, telling them they must be more 'honest and open' about the uncertainties of global warming.Thursday: The notorious climate change unit at the University of East Anglia - centre of the 'Climategate' emails scandal - is found to have broken the law by refusing to release data.This follows last week's humiliating admission by Dr Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that there was no evidence to support his warning the Himalayan glaciers could melt within 25 years. Momentous decisions, involving trillions of pounds, depend on the findings of climate-change scientists.
Is it too much to ask that they feed us facts instead of propaganda?

Controversial climate change boss uses car AND driver to travel one mile to office... (but he says YOU should use public transport)

Daily Mail
"On Friday, for the one-mile journey from home to his Delhi office, Dr Pachauri could have walked, or cycled, or used the eco-friendly electric car provided for him, known in the UK as G-Wiz.But instead, he had his personal chauffeur collect him from his £4.5million home – in a 1.8-litre Toyota Corolla.Hours later, the chauffeur picked up Dr Pachauri from the office of the environmental charity where he is director-general – The Energy and Resources Institute – blatantly ignoring the institute’s own literature, which gives visitors tips on how to reduce pollution by using buses.Dr Pachauri – who as IPCC chairman once told people to eat less meat to cut greenhouse gas emissions – was driven to an upmarket restaurant popular with expatriates and well-off tourists just half a mile from his luxurious family home."

Climate change study was ‘misused’

The Times
"Robert Muir-Wood, head of research at Risk Management Solutions, a US-based consultancy, said the Stern report misquoted his work to suggest a firm link between global warming and the frequency and severity of disasters such as floods and hurricanes."

H/T Roger Pielke

UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article

"The United Nations' expert panel on climate change based claims about ice disappearing from the world's mountain tops on a student's dissertation and an article in a mountaineering magazine. .....In its most recent report, it stated that observed reductions in mountain ice in the Andes, Alps and Africa was being caused by global warming, citing two papers as the source of the information.However, it can be revealed that one of the sources quoted was a feature article published in a popular magazine for climbers which was based on anecdotal evidence from mountaineers about the changes they were witnessing on the mountainsides around them.The other was a dissertation written by a geography student, studying for the equivalent of a master's degree, at the University of Berne in Switzerland that quoted interviews with mountain guides in the Alps."

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Come on scientists, get your labs in order

Warmists get the wobbles:

The Times

"The climate-change sceptics are on the march. And what is the scientific community doing? Burbling on about aliens.......If that’s going to require “more science”, bloody well get on with it and leave the extraterrestrial musings to nutters on the internet. Alternatively, if the whole carbon-emissions thing has been sexed up and is no more a threat than Saddam’s WMDs, tell us the truth and let’s burn some fuel."

Amazongate: new evidence of the IPCC's failures

"Dr North next uncovered "Amazongate". The IPCC made a prominent claim in its 2007 report, again citing the WWF as its authority, that climate change could endanger "up to 40 per cent" of the Amazon rainforest – as iconic to warmists as those Himalayan glaciers and polar bears. This WWF report, it turned out, was co-authored by Andy Rowell, an anti-smoking and food safety campaigner who has worked for WWF and Greenpeace, and contributed pieces to Britain's two most committed environmentalist newspapers. Rowell and his co-author claimed their findings were based on an article in Nature. But the focus of that piece, it emerges, was not global warming at all but the effects of logging."

Cold snap brings heavy snow and yet more misery for motorists

Daily Mail
"The worst-hit parts of the UK were the east and west coasts of England, northern Scotland and south-west Wales.Temperatures dropped below minus six degrees Celsius (21.2F) in parts of northern Scotland, where most snow fell overnight."

Dr Richard North's most excellent post... 'He's toast'

Read the rest here: Dr Richard North

Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen

The Times
"The chairman of the leading climate change watchdog was informed that claims about melting Himalayan glaciers were false before the Copenhagen summit, The Times has learnt.Rajendra Pachauri was told that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment that the glaciers would disappear by 2035 was wrong, but he waited two months to correct it. He failed to act despite learning that the claim had been refuted by several leading glaciologists.The IPCC’s report underpinned the proposals at Copenhagen for drastic cuts in global emissions.Dr Pachauri, who played a leading role at the summit, corrected the error last week after coming under media pressure. He told The Times on January 22 that he had only known about the error for a few days. He said: “I became aware of this when it was reported in the media about ten days ago. Before that, it was really not made known. Nobody brought it to my attention. There were statements, but we never looked at this 2035 number.”

Friday, 29 January 2010


Daily Express
"A CONTROVERSIAL climate change scientist at a top university faced mounting calls for his resignation last night after it emerged he breached rules by withholding research data from critics.Professor Phil Jones, director of University of East Anglia’s climatic research unit – funded by £13million in grants – colluded with colleagues to block freedom of information applications for details of his activities, the Deputy Information Commissioner Graham Smith found."

Climategate: Step by step
"A painstakingly detailed review of the Climategate e-mails bolsters the picture they paint of deliberate data manipulation by "scientists" bent on blaming mankind for climate change."Climategate Analysis," available from the nonprofit Science & Public Policy Institute (, presents all the leaked e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit -- in chronological order, with commentary.John P. Costella, the 149-page report's author, does a tremendous service by documenting, step by step, how science was perverted to advance misguided ideology, cynical politics and personal and professional interests."


"Those calm, rational, thoughtful folks at Greenpeace seem to have had a significant hand in the IPCC climate bible."

Lawson Calls For CRU Inquiry To Be Held In Public

Global Warming Policy Foundation
"Lord Lawson said the terms of reference needed to be broadened to cover not just what occurred within the CRU but also the impact externally, including whether the CRU sought to deny opportunities to other scientists to publish dissenting views. The Inquiry should take evidence not just from the CRU but also from those who feel they or their work have been improperly treated or have had information unreasonably denied to them."

The case against Dr Phil 'Climategate' Jones

"Dr Phil Jones – the (suspended) head of the Prince of Wales’s favourite AGW-promotion institution the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia – had a narrow squeak the other day. Though the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found his department in breach of Freedom of Information laws (Jones and his team had deliberately withheld or conspired to destroy data), Jones was able to escape prosecution on a technicality.Next time, he may not be so lucky. Our friend John O’Sullivan at has been looking closely at the Climategate emails and reckons there is still a very strong case for a criminal prosecution, which could see Dr Jones facing ten years on fraud charges."

Scientists in stolen e-mail scandal hid climate data

The Times
"The university at the centre of the climate change row over stolen e-mails broke the law by refusing to hand over its raw data for public scrutiny.The University of East Anglia breached the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to comply with requests for data concerning claims by its scientists that man-made emissions were causing global warming.The Information Commissioner’s Office decided that UEA failed in its duties under the Act but said that it could not prosecute those involved because the complaint was made too late, The Times has learnt. The ICO is now seeking to change the law to allow prosecutions if a complaint is made more than six months after a breach."

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Where in the world....

A little bit of a look at where the interest about Climategate is....

'Climategate' scandal scientists broke the law by hiding data from global warming sceptics

Daily Mail
"The scientific unit at the heart of the climate change emails scandal broke the law by hiding data from sceptics.Researchers at the University of East Anglia breached the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to comply with requests for the data.The decision by the Information Commissioner's Office comes months after controversial emails from the university's Climatic Research Unit, a global leader in its field, were released on to the internet.In one email the head of the unit, Professor Phil Jones, asked a colleague to delete emails relating to a report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.In another message, Professor Jones told how he had persuaded the university to ignore Freedom of Information requests from sceptics.Others showed how an eminent climatologist admitted it was a 'travesty' scientists could not explain a lack of global warming in recent years. .............Last week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was forced to apologise after wrongly claiming most of the Himalayan glaciers would vanish within 25 years.It also exaggerated claims that global warming will increase the number of tropical storms."

Top climate change adviser calls for honesty from scientists in global warming debate

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Climategate gives lord of the sceptics plenty of ammunition

Sydney Morning Herald
"The visit to Australia this week of Lord Christopher Monckton - the world's most effective global warming sceptic - couldn't have been better timed. .....First domino down last week was the claim in the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report in 2007 - the one that won it a Nobel Prize - that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035. As one of the most dire climate change outcomes, this claim received enormous publicity and was often cited by politicians."
(H/T Dr Richard North)

Global Warming: is it even happening?

"Check out this magisterial report by our old friends Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony Watts and judge for yourself. In brief: the surface temperature records are such a mess that they simply can’t be trusted."

Does the University of East Anglia CRU use this site..

Judge for yourselves...

WTF? Prince of Wales tells disgraced CRU: 'Well done, all of you!'

"The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia is under government investigation for fraud, data manipulation and withholding or destroying scientific data in defiance of freedom of information requests. Many of the disgraced scientists working at the CRU were closely involved in putting together the now ferociously suspect Fourth Assessment Report for the notoriously unreliable Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) headed by the lethally compromised Dr Rajendra Pachauri.Is this really the best time, you might wonder, for the future King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to praise the CRU for the “quality” of its work and to dismiss the Climategate scandal as a “little blip”? "

Now, news from ICO shows that they will seek a change in the law. This communications from the ICO shows what they plan to do.

"The actions of scientists at the Climatic Research Unit to thwart Freedom of Information inquiries has prompted the UK Information Commissioner’s Office to seek a change in the law so that it could seek prosecutions against researchers who commit similar offences."

Site Stats.....

Canadian scientist says UN's global warming panel 'crossing the line'

The Windsor Star
"A senior Canadian climate scientist says the United Nations' panel on global warming has become tainted by political advocacy, that its chairman should resign, and that its approach to science should be overhauled.Andrew Weaver, a climatologist at the University of Victoria, says the leadership of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has allowed it to advocate for action on global warming, rather than serve simply as a neutral science advisory body."There's been some dangerous crossing of that line," said Weaver on Tuesday, echoing the published sentiments of other top climate scientists in the U.S. and Europe this week. "

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Amozongate goes serial

Dr Richard North
"Infamy, they got it infamy, Pachauri might be saying. The Times of India is giving the Amazon an airing. ....., the blogosphere is highly active on "Amazongate", with Watts up with that giving it good coverage. "

UN climate chief's research institute won grants after flawed predictions on glaciers (Telegraph)

The UK government's chief scientist, Sir John Beddington, is the latest rat to flee the sinking ship Climatology, ...

Bishop Hill
"..The impact of global warming has been exaggerated by some scientists and there is an urgent need for more honest disclosure of the uncertainty of predictions about the rate of climate change, according to the Government’s chief scientific adviser."


Science tsar John Beddington calls for honesty on climate change
(The Times)

Manufactured 'Science': Another IPCC Scientist Reveals How UN Scientists talked about 'trying to make IPCC report so dramatic that ....

Climate Depot
"Alabama State Climatologist Dr. John Christy of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, served as a UN IPCC lead author in 2001 for the 3rd assessment report and detailed how he personally witnessed UN scientists attempting to distort the science for political purposes."I was at the table with three Europeans, and we were having lunch. And they were talking about their role as lead authors. And they were talking about how they were trying to make the report so dramatic that the United States would just have to sign that Kyoto Protocol,..."


UN wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters (The Times)

The edifice crumbles: top climatologist openly breaks with Climategate conspirators
Top Story
"Professor Christy has since proposed major reforms and changes to the way the UN IPCC report is produced. Christy has rejected the UN approach that produces “a document designed for uniformity and consensus.” Christy presented his views at a UN meeting in 2009. The IPCC needs “an alternative view section written by well-credentialed climate scientists is needed,” Christy said. “If not, why not? What is there to fear? In a scientific area as uncertain as climate, the opinions of all are required,” he added. ‘The reception to my comments was especially cold’ "

More integrity from the robust, peer-reviewed IPCC. Not.

"It turns out that the Nature article HAD been misrepresented. There’s a clue in the title “Large-scale Impoverishment of Amazonian Forests by Logging and Fire”. It wasn’t about the effects of climate change at all. Yet from this irrelevant article, the IPCC had decided to cherry-pick a paragraph which seemed to chime nicely with its urge to co-opt the mighty Amazon rainforest to its cause. After all, it’s not as though anyone was likely to notice, was it?"
The Corruption of Science (Dr Richard North)
"Thus, from an assertion (IPCC) that "up to 40% of the Amazonian forests could react drastically to even a slight reduction in precipitation", we see this relying on a statement (Rowell & Moore) that "up to 40% of the Brazilian forest is extremely sensitive to small reductions in the amount of rainfall." But that seems to rely solely on the assertion that: "Logging companies in Amazonia kill or damage 10-40% of the living biomass of forests through the harvest process."

Turning this round and starting at the Nature end, we have "Logging companies in Amazonia kill or damage 10-40% of the living biomass of forests through the harvest process," turn into, "up to 40% of the Brazilian forest is extremely sensitive to small reductions in the amount of rainfall," which then becomes "up to 40% of the Amazonian forests could react drastically to even a slight reduction in precipitation".And that is what Jean-Pascal van Ypersele calls, "assessing the quality information about climate change issues in all its dimensions."

The dam is cracking

Andrew Neil's blog (BBC)

"The bloggers are all over the UN IPCC 2007 report, the bible of global warming, which predicted all manner of dire outcomes for our planet unless we got a grip on rising temperatures -- and it seems to be crumbling in some pretty significant areas.The dam began to crack towards the end of last year when leaked e-mails from one of the temples of global warming, the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, suggested that a few sleights of hand were being deployed to hide facts inconvenient to the global warming case. An official investigation into these e-mails is on-going.But the flood gates really opened after the IPCC had to withdraw its claim that the Himalayan glaciers would likely all have melted by 2035, maybe even sooner.This turned out to have no basis in scientific fact, even though everything the IPCC produces is meant to be rigorously peer-reviewed, but simply an error recycled by the WWF, which the IPCC swallowed whole."
BBC 'wobbles' twice here:
A bleak forecast?
Using religious language to fight global warming

After Climategate, Pachaurigate and Glaciergate: Amazongate

"AGW theory is toast. So’s Dr Rajendra Pachauri. So’s the Stern Review. So’s the credibility of the IPCC. But if you think I’m cheered by this you’re very much mistaken. I’m trying to write a Climategate book but the way things are going by the time I’m finished there won’t be anything left to say: the battle will already have been won and the only people left who still believe in Man Made Global Warming will be the eco-loon equivalents of those wartime Japanese soldiers left abandoned and forgotten on remote Pacific atolls.
Here’s the latest development, courtesy of Dr Richard North – and it’s a cracker. It seems that, not content with having lied to us about shrinking glaciers, increasing hurricanes, and rising sea levels, the IPCC’s latest assessment report also told us a complete load of porkies about the danger posed by climate change to the Amazon rainforest."

Lord Stern's dodgy dossier exposed

".....But as Roger Pielke Jr – environmental sciences professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder – first noticed in a 2007 peer reviewed paper, the numbers in the Stern Review just don’t add up. He estimated that as much as 40 per cent of Stern’s projections for the costs of unmitigated climate change are a crock, based on misuse of a single study (Muir-Wood et al. 2006) about the effects of hurricanes.Now, Pielke has noticed, some discreet, face-saving tinkering has been going on. In the original version of the Stern Review the estimated damage caused by hurricanes in “costs as a percentage of GDP” was 1.3 per cent. But in the new version in the British government online archive, this has now been sneakily amended to the rather more modest 0.13 per cent.What Pielke finds slightly worrying is the underhand nature of the correction:...."

(A follow-up to our Sunday posting..)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Warmist author owns up...

The Times
Climate change is not a religion: that’s why we can admit error
"Warning: I am about to make a damaging and embarrassing admission on climate change. Here goes. The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report is not the Bible. Its statements are not gospel. They are subject to revision in the light of new evidence or the discovery of inaccuracies.
That is why climate change is science, not religion. Nothing is settled and sacred; all is subject to constant revision.The IPCC’s mistake on the Himalayan glaciers is embarrassing, not just because it is wrong, but because it is so obviously wrong. The warning that these immense ice-fields could be gone by 2035 always struck me as absurd.....So what lessons can be learnt? No one has a monopoly on truth, not even earnest environmentalists."

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Climate change - UN caught lying yet again

What a Tangled Web We Weave

Roger Pielke, Jr.
"There is another important story in involving the Muir-Wood et al. 2006 paper that was misrepresented by the IPCC as showing a linkage between increasing temperatures and rising damages from extreme weather events. The Stern Review Report of the UK government also relied on that paper as the sole basis for its projections of increasing damage from extreme events. In fact as much as 40% of the Stern Reivew projections for the global costs of unmitigated climate change derive from its misuse of the Muir-Wood et al. paper."
( Roger Pielke is a professor of environmental studies at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder.)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Pachauri: the real story behind the Glaciergate scandal

"Dr Pachauri has rapidly distanced himself from the IPCC's baseless claim about vanishing glaciers. But the scientist who made the claim now works for Pachauri....
...What has now come to light, however, is that the scientist from whom this claim originated, Dr Syed Hasnain, has for the past two years been working as a senior employee of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the Delhi-based company of which Dr Pachauri is director-general. Furthermore, the claim – now disowned by Dr Pachauri as chairman of the IPCC – has helped TERI to win a substantial share of a $500,000 grant from one of America's leading charities, along with a share in a three million euro research study funded by the EU."

UN climate change expert: there could be more errors in report

The Times
"The Indian head of the UN climate change panel defended his position yesterday even as further errors were identified in the panel's assessment of Himalayan glaciers. .....
But he admitted that there may have been other errors in the same section of the report, and said that he was considering whether to take action against those responsible."

Wow! UK parliamentary investigation into Climategate may not be a whitewash

"The Commons Science and Technology Committee has launched an inquiry into “the unauthorised publication of data, emails and documents relating to the work of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA)” – ie Climategate.
......But here’s the really surprising part: it’s planning to ask the right questions.

— What are the implications of the disclosures for the integrity of scientific research?
— Are the terms of reference and scope of the Independent Review announced on 3 December 2009 by UEA adequate (see below)?
— How independent are the other two international data sets?"

James Hansen: Would you buy a used temperature data set from THIS man?

"Before we get too worried about NASA’s latest stamping-its-little-feet claims that the world is getting hotter it is it is it IS, let us first remind ourselves why we should trust their temperature records slightly less far than we can spit.
Then let’s have a closer look at the character and motives of the man in charge of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), Dr James Hansen. Last year, he was described by his former course supervisor at NASA, Dr John Theon, as an “activist” and an embarrassment."

The world has never seen such freezing heat (Christopher Booker)

Friday, 22 January 2010


John O'Sullivan
"Glaciergate, that lying little sister to Climategate, finally walked into the light of truth and fessed up this week, unlike her more sinister and petulant big brother,.....
....Under Pachuari’s guidance climate scientists were given free reign to lie, cheat and cut corners and get away with such misbehaviour for years. The Australian, in it’s latest article,’Heeding the political lessons of Glaciergate’ rightly suggests that the IPCC, like any responsible governmental body, should have constantly questioned and monitored more diligently this young field of science."

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Channel 4 News excuses Himalayan Glaciers not melting by 2035

Note the use of the word 'deniers' at the start of the segment....

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Climategate reveals “a level of scientific chicanery of the most appalling kind”

Australian Conservative
"A former New Zealand journalist now publishing Poneke’s Weblog has posted a 4600-word analysis of the ClimateGate emails. Poneke writes: “This is the longest and most important article I’ve yet written for this blog and I make no apology for its 4600 words — more also than in any newspaper article. As a journalist, I believe the Climategate emails have exposed one of the most significant news stories of the decade. As the mainstream news media has so far barely gone beyond giving those who wrote them and their supporters time and space to deny their undeniable contents, I present here an extensive journalistic account of what they actually say in the context of the dates and events in which they were written, with full links to all the emails.
Having now read all the Climategate emails, I can conclusively say they demonstrate a level of scientific chicanery of the most appalling kind that deserves the widest possible public exposure.”

Top Australian Scientists Admit ‘GIGO’ On Climate Change
"In a public statement reflective of the changing mood among world climate experts, Australia’s pre-eminent scientific body, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has refused to attribute a decade of drought in the Australian island state of Tasmania to man made climate change. ..." (John O'Sullivan)

Why the BBC will always be wrong on Climate Change

"Today I had another go at the BBC for its biased coverage of ‘Climate Change’, this time venturing into the belly of the beast itself for an interview on Radio 4’s Media Show .....
But trying to explain to the BBC why its coverage is skewed in a painfully left-liberal, eco-fascist direction is bit like trying to tell Attila the Hun that he errs on the side of pillage and rape: for both Attila and the BBC it’s all just instinctively right and normal. ..."

Republican Senate Win May Kill Cap-And-Trade Bill

"Republican Scott Brown’s stunning win in the Massachusetts Senate race Tuesday does not bode well for Democratic plans to enact climate change legislation in 2010. At the very least, Brown adds another vote against a cap-and-trade bill – a plan the state senator attacked during his successful campaign against state Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) for the seat held by the late Ted Kennedy. But more broadly, the rare election of a Republican senator in Massachusetts, which comes amid high unemployment, could fuel Democratic reluctance to take up climate legislation that opponents call harmful to the economy."

Rolling Stone's list of 'climate killers' misses the dilemma facing corporate America

"Warren Buffett has been called a good many names in his time – opportunist, profiteer, even recently, “an idiot” by a well-known US financial commentator. But a climate killer?
That’s the new nickname given to America’s most high-profile investor by Rolling Stone magazine. He is in fact listed first among a list of 17 other “polluters and deniers who are derailing efforts to curb global warming” – half of whom, including Rupert Murdoch and ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson, are from the corporate sector. The article’s invective is a sign of how acrimonious the debate has become along left and right wing political lines in the run-up to President Obama’s attempt to get his bill on carbon emissions trading through the Senate this spring."

Why Hasn't Earth Warmed as Much as Expected? New Report on Climate Change Explores the Reasons

Science Daily
"ScienceDaily (Jan. 19, 2010) — Planet Earth has warmed much less than expected during the industrial era based on current best estimates of Earth's "climate sensitivity" -- the amount of global temperature increase expected in response to a given rise in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2). In a study to be published in the Journal of Climate, a publication of the American Meteorological Society, Stephen Schwartz, of Brookhaven National Laboratory, and colleagues examine the reasons for this discrepancy."

We got it wrong: UN climate change scientists admit error over Himalayan glacier report

Daily Mail (UK)
"The world's leading climate change body has admitted it was wrong about a key prediction on global warming. .....But today the panel's chairman admitted that the figure quoted in the report was wrong and would now be reviewed.The row over the figures comes just months after the 'Climategate' email scandal and will reinforce doubts over the existence of man-made climate change. ....We are looking into the issue of the Himalayan glaciers, and will take a position on it in the next two or three days,' Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC said. ...Last year India's government wrote a scientific paper which questioned the findings of the 2007 report.Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said that while he accepted the glaciers were receding the 2035 forecast was 'not based on an iota of scientific evidence'."


IPCC apologizes for Himalayan glacier meltdown exaggeration, sort of

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The IPCC and the Melting Glaciers Story

Climate Resistance
"The Bishop Hill Blog makes a good point....'Fred Pearce and the Glacier Story' And Climate Resistance does the business...
"It does not stretch the imagination, then, to suggest that Pearce was happy to overlook the lack of scientific foundations in Hasnain’s 1999 report, and happy for the error to be amplified, and reproduced firstly by the WWF, and then by the IPCC.Happy that is, until now. The 11 January New Scientist article, which carries his name, speaks about himself as “a journalist”, as though he had nothing to do with it.However, the lead author of the IPCC chapter, Indian glaciologist Murari Lal, told New Scientist he “outright rejected” the notion that the IPCC was off the mark on Himalayan glaciers. “The IPCC authors did exactly what was expected from them,” he says. ...."

There's money in them glaciers...

Richard North
"Highlighted in The Sunday Times yesterday, Dr Hasnain was the scientist responsible for claiming that the world’s glaciers were melting so fast that those in the Himalayas could vanish by 2035. This was picked up by the New Scientist and then by a 2005 WWF report, and subsequently published as a definitive claim in the IPCC’s 2007 fourth assessment report, masterminded by Dr R K Pachauri.But, while Dr Hasnain, who was then based at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, has admitted that the New Scientist report was based on “speculation” and was not supported by any formal research, he is now a direct beneficiary of that speculation. ....Still, with $500,000 in the bank, and EU money flowing into the coffers, the report has served its purpose and he can afford now to walk away from it."

Syed Hasnain, RK Pachauri and the mystery of the non-disappearing glaciers

"As my esteemed colleague Geoffrey Lean reported yesterday, the IPCC has egg all over its face thanks to its ludicrously wrong claim that the Himalayan glaciers will have disappeared by 2035, when of course what it really meant was “Er 2350, probably, though we haven’t really got a clue. We got the story from New Scientist, which heard it in a phone call with a bloke called Syed Hasnain, and we didn’t bother to check because it suited our scaremongering cause just dandily…”

The curious case of the expanding environmental group with falling income
"When Douglas Alexander travelled to New Delhi last September to announce Britain was presenting £10 million to the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), standing alongside him was an imposing, bearded figure. Best known for the moment when he stood with Al Gore to collect the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr Pachauri was the mastermind of the IPCC’s latest monumental report on the dangers of global warming in 2007, giving him huge prestige and influence as the world's "top climate official". Since being elected to the IPCC chairmanship five years earlier, he has been appointed to more than 20 positions, including directorships and advisory roles to major banks and investment firms.Dr Pachauri insists that the millions of dollars he receives for these posts are all paid to his Delhi-based institute and not to him personally. But during the same period he has also presided over a massive expansion of TERI’s empire.Mystery surrounds the financial affairs of the group since its annual reports do not include its accounts."

Monday, 18 January 2010

UN report that said Himalayan glaciers would melt within 25 years was all hot air

Daily Mail
"Claims by the world's leading climate scientists that most of the Himalayan glaciers will vanish within 25 years were last night exposed as nonsense.The alarmist warning appeared two years ago in a highly influential report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.At the time the IPCC insisted that its report contained the latest and most detailed evidence yet of the risks of man-made climate change to the planet.But the experts behind the warning have now admitted their claim was not based on hard science - but a news story that appeared in the magazine New Scientist in the late 1990s.That story was itself based on a telephone conversation with an Indian scientist who has since admitted it was little more than speculation."

Climate change predictions, John Redwood MP (UK)

John Redwood
"I was interested to see in the week-end press the story that the IPCC, the UN’s climate change specialists, is about to remove its forecast that the glaciers of the Himalayas will melt away by 2035. There is a new caution afoot about global warming predictions, in the wake of the controversy about Mr Gore’s forecast that the Arctic sea ice could disappear in a few years. ..."

Climate change doubts, Douglas Carswell MP (UK)

Douglas Carswell MP
"I see that the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has 'fessed up to the fact that some of its "evidence" about melting Himalayan glaciers is, in fact, speculation. What else in the IPCC's tablets of stone is blah blah? ....What are the odds that those Himalayan glaciers will be around rather longer than conventional thinking on man-made climate change?"

United Nations' blunder on glaciers exposed

The Australian
"THE peak UN body on climate change has been dealt another humiliating blow to its credibility after it was revealed a central claim of one of its benchmark reports - that most of the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 because of global warming - was based on a "speculative" claim by an obscure Indian scientist. ...."

Sunday, 17 January 2010

'Even though we're completely wrong we're still totally right,' Britain's longest-serving Environment Correspondent graciously concedes

Telegraph (Read this,by James Delingpole)

Then this :-) .... Telegraph too (A 'lukewarmer' writer,Geoffrey Lean)

Good news for the world: bad news for official climate science body
"..It’s the best news of the decade so far, but not for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).....But the truth is even more embarrassing. It goes back to a story published in New Scientist in 1999 by its excellent environment specialist, Fred Pearce, which reported an Indian glaciologist Syed Husnain as saying they could be gone by 2035. This was mentioned six years later in a campaigning document by the environment group, WWF, and the IPCC then picked it up. ....The affair has much more potential to undermine IPCC than the “Climategate” e-mails."

Mother Nature still defies the Met Office

"Two independent forecasters who did foresee the return of Arctic weather, and are predicting that there will be more, are Britain's Piers Corbyn (who relies on solar activity for much of his prediction) and the US meteorologist Joe Bastardi of AccuWeather, who largely bases his forecasts on movements of air and ocean currents. Unlike the UK Met Office, of which both are highly critical, neither has been blinded by imagining that rising levels of carbon dioxide play a key part in shaping the weather."

Met Office computer accused of 'warm bias' by BBC weatherman

Daily Mail
"A BBC weather forecaster has suggested that the Met Office's super-computer has a 'warm bias' which has stopped it predicting bitterly cold spells like the one we have just endured."

An open letter to Australian Members of Parliament
"Below we wish to share with you a fine Open Letter by Australian lawyer, Val Majkus who has written to all of her nation’s Members of Parliament to object to policy decisions being implemented on ‘junk’ climate science. In the letter Val, with a keen legal mind, goes to great lengths to explain the details of her concerns: recently substantiated by leaked emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in England. I hope others will join me in heartily endorsing Val’s campaign for a full public enquiry, i.e. a ‘Royal Commission’ on apparent unethical and/or illegal conduct by certain climatologists."

(This a must read post)

Taxpayers' millions paid to Indian institute run by UN climate chief

"Millions of pounds of British taxpayers' money is being paid to an organisation in India run by Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the controversial chairman of the UN climate change panel, despite growing concern over its accounts. Dr Pachauri, TERI's director-general, has built up a worldwide network of business interests since his appointment as chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2002. The post, argue critics, has given him huge prestige and influence as the world's most powerful climate official."

World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown

The Sunday Times (UK)
"A WARNING that climate change will melt most of the Himalayan glaciers by 2035 is likely to be retracted after a series of scientific blunders by the United Nations body that issued it. .....In the past few days the scientists behind the warning have admitted that it was based on a news story in the New Scientist, a popular science journal, published eight years before the IPCC's 2007 report.It has also emerged that the New Scientist report was itself based on a short telephone interview with Syed Hasnain, a little-known Indian scientist then based at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.Hasnain has since admitted that the claim was "speculation" and was not supported by any formal research. If confirmed it would be one of the most serious failures yet seen in climate research. The IPCC was set up precisely to ensure that world leaders had the best possible scientific advice on climate change. .....Pearce said the IPCC's reliance on the WWF was "immensely lazy" and the organisation need to explain itself or back up its prediction with another scientific source. Hasnain could not be reached for comment.The revelation is the latest crack to appear in the scientific concensus over climate change. It follows the so-called climate-gate scandal, where British scientists apparently tried to prevent other researchers from accessing key date. Last week another row broke out when the Met Office criticised suggestions that sea levels were likely to rise 1.9m by 2100, suggesting much lower increases were likely.
Also see the Bishop Hill blog on this...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Climategate goes American: NOAA, GISS and the mystery of the vanishing weather stations

"For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a link to US weatherman John Coleman’s magisterial demolition of the Great AGW Scam. I particularly recommend part 4 because that’s the one with all the meat. It shows how temperature readings have been manipulated at the two key climate data centres in the United States – the NASA Goddard Science and Space Institute at Columbia University in New York and the NOAA National Climate Data Center in Ashville, North Carolina. ....This is a scandal to rank with Climategate.What it shows is that, just like in Britain at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) temperature data records have been grotesquely distorted by activist scientists in order to exaggerate the appearance of late 20th century global warming."

New Scientist: Oops, the glaciers won’t have melted by 2035
"The New Scientist swallowed its pride and has come clean about the hysterical claim they made in their magazine in 1999, that the Himalayan glaciers would be gone by the year 2035. It turns out it was just “speculation” by a glaciologist at the time. But the big deal is that this speculation became an IPCC “finding.” ".
(When speculation becomes 'fact'... a good post from
Is the NOAA, not CRU, is ground zero for exaggerated warming data?
"Well, well, well. In a new report (read PDF), computer expert E. Michael Smith and Certified Consulting Meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo discovered extensive manipulation of the temperature data by the U.S. Government’s two primary climate centers:"
(Another good follow-up post from

Friday, 15 January 2010


Daily Blog,Coleman's Comments
"It has been revealed that a "sleight of hand" was used in the computer program that rated 2005 as "THE WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD.” Skeptical climate researchers have discovered extensive manipulation of the data within the U.S. Government's two primary climate centers: the National Climate Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, North Carolina and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) at Columbia University in New York City. These centers are being accused of creating a strong bias toward warmer temperatures through a system that dramatically trimmed the number and cherry-picked the locations of weather observation stations they use to produce the data set on which temperature record reports are based. The two investigators say the system has been distorted in other ways as well. They have documented their findings in great detail in a scientific report that has been posted online."

Global warming - The Oher side (5 Parts)

Watts Up With That
"A computer programmer named E. Michael Smith and a Certified Consulting Meteorologist named Joseph D’Aleo join the program to tell us about their breakthrough investigation into the manipulations of data at the NASA Goddard Science and Space Institute at Columbia University in New York and the NOAA National Climate Data Center in Ashville, North Carolina.) [....good analysis links in the WUWT post.]

Obama Czar Sunstein wants to ban Global Warming “Deniers” from speaking
"Uh Oh. It looks like our office in the states might be raided soon. For conspiracy theorizing.Another one of President Obama’s radical czars, this time the Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, argued the U.S. government should ban the right of U.S. citizens to advocate conspiracy theories. That would include banning what we write on this blog–that global warming is a fraud."

NASA Scientists Go on Attack After Climate Data Error Exposed

Watts Up With That
"These new documents, obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), include internal GISS email correspondence as NASA scientists attempted to deal with the media firestorm resulting from the controversy. In one exchange GISS head James Hansen tells a reporter from Bloomberg that NASA had not previously published rankings with 1998 atop the list as the hottest year on record in the 20th century."

Dodgy GISS temperature records exposed: the US Climategate?

"Climate activist and arch-druid of the AGW movement James Hansen caught out telling porkies? Now that would be a tragedy for the Climate Fear Promotion industry!"

Thursday, 14 January 2010

'AGW? I refute it THUS!': Central England Temperatures 1659 to 2009

"If there’s anyone left you know who STILL believes in Anthropogenic Global Warming, you might want to show them this chart.The Central England Temperature dataset is the oldest in the world – with 351 years of temperature records drawn from “multiple weather stations located both in urban and rural areas of England, which is considered a decent proxy for Northern Hemisphere temperatures – not perfect, but decent.” Climate Cycles Change provides the analysis."

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

How Climategate killed 'peer review'

"“Peer-review. Peer-review. Peer-review.” This used to be every Climate Change Alarmist’s favourite mantra – most memorably deployed by tofu-crazed green activist Ed Begley Jr when he went postal on Fox News.Sadly, their beloved peer-review is now dead – killed by Climategate. So argues Patrick Courrielche at Big Journalism in the thoughtful piece I mentioned yesterday."

New Norwegian research has proved that there is no evidence of warming in Antarctica’s deep waters.

Detailed followup to Monday's post by
"New Norwegian research has proved that there is no evidence of warming in Antarctica’s deep waters. The climatologists working on behalf of the Research Council of Norway on the Center for Environmental Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO) project have been conducting research at the Fimbul Ice Shelf located in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica since November 2009. ....The significance was not lost on the CICERO project director, Mr. Prestrud, who like the philosopher namesake for the project, showed self-control through adversity and gritted teeth to appear on Norwegian TV and humbly conceded that this was not what anyone had expected."

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Steven Mosher: the real hero of Climategate?

"Steven who? Well according to a superb and profound piece of investigative journalism by Patrick Courrielche at Big Journalism, he’s the eminence grise of the Climategate leak."

Peer to peer review part iii :how climategate marks the maturing of a new science movement

Big Journalism
"PART III – A global warming skeptic receives the leaked files from an anonymous “Deep-Climate” insider. Release of files exposes gatekeeping and leads to the maturing of a new science movement – that of peer-to-peer review. Last in a series"

Monday, 11 January 2010

Could we be in for 30 years of global COOLING?

Daily Mail
"Britain's big freeze is the start of a worldwide trend towards colder weather that seriously challenges global warming theories, eminent scientists claimed yesterday.The world has entered a 'cold mode' which is likely to bring a global dip in temperatures which will last for 20 to 30 years, they say.Summers and winters will all be cooler than in recent years, and the changes will mean that global warming will be 'paused' or even reversed, it was claimed.The predictions are based on an analysis of natural cycles in water temperatures in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.They are the work of respected climate scientists and not those routinely dismissed by environmentalists as 'global warming deniers'.Some experts believe these cycles - and not human pollution - can explain all the major changes in world temperatures in the 20th century.If true, the research challenges the science behind climate change theories, and calls into question the political measures to halt global warming.According to the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado, the warming of the Earth since 1900 is due to natural oceanic cycles, and not man-made greenhouse gases."

Now tests show the ice ISN'T melting: Sea water under shelf in the East Antarctic is still freezing

Daily Mail
"Sea water under an East Antarctic ice shelf showed no sign of higher temperatures, first tests showed today.Despite fears of a thaw linked to global warming that could bring higher world ocean levels, tests conducted on the Fimbul Ice Shelf showed the sea water is still around freezing point.Thanks to sensors, lowered through three holes drilled in the shelf, scientists have discovered the water is not at higher temperatures widely blamed for the break-up of 10 shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula, the most northerly part of the frozen continent."

Climategate: We're winning!

"But only in a Crecy (1346) way rather than an Agincourt (1415) way – which is to say we’ve got an awful long way to go before this war’s over.Still, I do think we evil Climate Change Deniers can take heart from this characteristically incisive piece by Brian Micklethwait at the libertarian/classical liberal website Samizdata. (Hat tip: Richard North)."

Cold Wars
"Time was, what with the AGW crowd pretty much completely controlling the agenda, when this kind of elegant mockery would be dismissed as the ignorance of the uninitiated. But the fact is that the present wintry weather is extremely significant in this debate. True, the weather today is not the climate for the next century, but sooner or later weather does turn into climate, and the weather has, from the AGW point of view, been misbehaving for a decade. Their precious Hockey Stick said that the temperature of the globe would disappear off the top right hand corner of the page, right about now. Well it hasn't, has it?As John Redwood recently asked Ed Miliband in the House of Commons, concerning the present very cold weather: ... which of the climate models had predicted this?
None, it quickly became clear from Mr Miliband's faltering reply, that Mr Miliband has been paying any attention to (although other sorts of models have predicted cold winters rather successfully)."

Peer to peer review part ii: how climategate marks the maturing of a new science movement

Big Journalism
"PART II – The “hockey stick” graph inadvertently incites a new camp of “lukewarmer” skeptics. Climategate files make first appearance on the internet, but were in the hands of one person days before they were made public."

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Brrrr, the thinking on climate is frozen solid

The Times
"Now, almost a generation later, we face another election in which the main parties are united in a single masochistic view: that the nation must cut its carbon emissions by 80% — this is what all but five MPs voted for in the Climate Change Act — to save not just ourselves but also the entire planet from global warming. For this to happen — to meet the terms of the act, I mean, not to “save the world” — the typical British family will have to pay thousands of pounds a year more in bills, since the cost of renewable energy is so much higher than that of oil, gas and coal. ....There are other portents of impending crisis caused entirely by the political fetish of carbon reduction. As noted in this column three weeks ago, the owners of the Corus steel company stand to gain up to $375m (£234m) in European Union carbon credits for closing their plant in Redcar, only to be rewarded on a similar scale by the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism fund for switching such production to a new “clean” Indian steel plant. That’s right: the three main British political parties — under the mistaken impression that CO2 is itself a pollutant — are asking us to vote for them on the promise that they are committed to subsidise the closure of what is left of our own industrial base."

The mini ice age starts here

Daily Mail
"The bitter winter afflicting much of the Northern Hemisphere is only the start of a global trend towards cooler weather that is likely to last for 20 or 30 years, say some of the world’s most eminent climate scientists. ....According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado, Arctic summer sea ice has increased by 409,000 square miles, or 26 per cent, since 2007 – and even the most committed global warming activists do not dispute this. .....But from 1940 until the late Seventies, the last MDO cold-mode era, the world cooled, despite the fact that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere continued to rise."

Peer-to-Peer Review: How ‘Climategate’ Marks the Maturing of a New Science Movement.

Big Journalism
"How a tiny blog and a collective of climate enthusiasts broke the biggest story in the history of global warming science – but not without a gatekeeper of the climate establishment trying to halt its proliferation."

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Worldwide cold not seen since ’70s ice age scare

Good post from
"Unfortunately we can’t embed this video of Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi explaining how we have not see this type of cold weather since January 1-10, 1977, when the weather was in an almost identical pattern. ...."

Climate change: the true price of the warmists' folly is becoming clear

"...... As Britain shivered through Arctic cold and its heaviest snowfalls for decades, our global-warming-obsessed Government machine was caught out in all directions.
For a start, we saw Met Office spokesmen trying to explain why it had got its seasonal forecasts hopelessly wrong for three cold winters and three cool summers in a row. The current cold snap, we were told with the aid of the BBC – itself facing an inquiry into its relentless obsession with “global warming” – was just a “regional” phenomenon, due to “natural” factors. No attempt was made to explain why the same freezing weather is affecting much of the northern hemisphere (with 1,200 places in the US alone last week reporting record snow and low temperatures). And this is the body on which, through its Hadley Centre for Climate Change and the discredited Climatic Research Unit, the world’s politicians rely for weather forecasting 100 years ahead."

Christopher Booker

Climategate investigated by – WTF? – the 'National Domestic Extremism' team

"Finally the Norfolk rozzers are on the case of Climategate. Are they investigating fraudulent misuse of grant funds? Misleading manipulation of data by a taxpayer-funded research institute? Conspiracy to encourage the squandering of trillions of dollars on a non-existent problem?Not according to the researches of the estimable blogger Bishop Hill. This morning he contacted the Norfolk Constabulary to ask them how the case was going: had they yet ascertained whether it was a leak or a hack. His response has just arrived:"

Friday, 8 January 2010

A View From The Ice Road

Burning Our Money
"True, the £200m pa tax-funded Department of Climate Propaganda / Met Office has once again made a complete horlicks of its winter weather prediction (predicting only a one-in-seven chance of a cold winter). And true, they use this same much hyped "expertise" to predict global apocalypse by 2100. But somehow - in some way Tyler couldn't quite fathom - it's much easier to make predictions covering 100 years than those covering 100 days.

Later on Newsnight, official warmist spokesperson Susan Watts explained that the public are pretty dim. And that makes it very difficult to convey the Met Office's outstanding reliability on millennial climate change in the face of their screaming unreliability on forecasting the weather. If only we could all be as bright as her, we 'd understand that climate change is not the same as the weather."

Climate Change Science by Will Alexander

Climate Realists
"..When the data did not support the theory, they cooked the books" This is a 'must read'.
(PDF download link)

Climategate and the Migrating Arctic Tree line

Climate Realists
"The now-discredited Dr. Jones of East Anglia University would like us to believe that the migration of the tree line along the Arctic Circle eliminates what is known as the Medieval Optimum, a warm period one thousand years ago when the Vikings were growing grapes in Greenland. Dr. Jones fails to take into account the "wobble" of the Earth's axis, which just three thousand years ago was pointing toward the star Kochab in the constellation Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper) so that it was fixed at the center of the celestial sphere. The measurements of this "wobble" over the last hundred years reveal that in 1900, the tilt was 23.45229 degrees; in 1977, the tilt was 23.44229 degrees; and in the year 2000, the tilt was 23.43928 degrees."

Not Such a Silly Question

John Redwood MP
"The global warming theorists were out in force on this site to condemn for me for asking a simple question of Mr Ed Miliband. They accused me of being silly, of failing to grasp the “settled science” and of wasting Parliament’s time and money. The question was “Why is the Northern hemisphere winter so cold, and which climate model predicted this?”. If the question was so wayward, why couldn’t Mr Miliband answer it? .....Now it appears the global warmists think it has to be a trend for 30 years. I hope they remember that if we do have some very hot days for a change next summer. On their own logic that will not be evidence for global warming."

Follow the science (John Redwood)
" One of the worst political cop outs I have to listen too is “We have to accept the scientific advice”. “We did this because the scientists told us we had to”. Ministers all too readily resort to this line of argument on vexatious matters like genetically modified food, global warming and moral matters superimposed on medical ones.

I have two principal objections to this lazy defence of an action. The first is that there is rarely any such thing as settled science that will not change or cannot be challenged."


Global Cooling (Popular Technology)
"2009 was another year of global cooling, which saw numerous low temperature and high snowfall records smashed. The Dutch canals froze over for the first time in 12 years, record cold came to Al Gore's home town and ironically a blizzard dumped snow on the Copenhagen convention where world leaders met to try and stop global warming. It was so cold that even the BBC was forced to ask, what happened to global warming? As Climategate would reveal, IPCC scientists had been hard at work hiding evidence of global cooling. Yet the observational evidence cannot be ignored."

When Climategate becomes Pressgate...

Credit to for spotting this article....

"Trillions of dollars are at stake in the man-made global warming debate. The Climategate scandal – where leaked emails and computer programs involve dozens of prominent scientists worldwide – has almost everything one would want in a good scandal: conspiracies, fraud, possible destruction of documents, and lots of heated exchanges. But the media has been reluctant to look into the problems and even when the controversy has been acknowledged it has been quickly dismissed as unimportant."

At -21c UK is as cold as the South Pole: Biggest freeze for 30 years wreaks havoc (and there are 10 more days to come)

Daily Mail
"Deep freeze Britain was as cold as the South Pole as temperatures plummeted to a staggering minus 21c.Amid increasing fears of an energy crisis, the country is locked in the biggest chill for nearly 30 years.The mercury sank to minus 21.2C (minus 6.2F) in parts of the Scottish Highlands - considerably colder than some home freezers - with bitterly cold temperatures everywhere else on another day of widespread weather disruption."

Thursday, 7 January 2010

John Hirst, head of the Met Office, tries to defend the record of the weathermen after they predicted a mild winter.

And you think this is cold... the great chills of history left the Thames frozen and snow piled to the rooftops

Daily Mail
"We are supposed to be heading for the coldest winter in 30 years — but how does it measure up against the great chills of history?There was no central heating to keep Britons warm between the 1500s and mid-1800s, a period known as ‘The Little Ice Age’.This name was coined to tie together all the different global cooling events which took place, which produced the very coldest series of British winters for millennia.The years 1684, 1740 and 1863 were particularly grim.During this period, deep frosts were the norm, and the most bizarre sign of the times was London’s legendary Frost Fair - a carnival of bear-baiting, gambling and ice skating which took place on the Thames whenever it froze.The longest Frost Fair was in the bleak winter of 1684 when the river froze for two solid months.The ground froze, too, so no ploughing or planting of crops could take place.Although no official Frost Fair is recorded before 1608, people have long played on the icy Thames.King Henry VIII visited the river when it froze in 1536, travelling in a sleigh down from Westminster to Greenwich."

Snow to stay as temperatures plunge to coldest this winter (UK)

"Lows of minus 17.7C (0.14F) in Benson, Oxfordshire, and Woodford, Greater Manchester, eclipsed minimum temperatures at many of Europe's famous ski resorts.The recordings also matched some recommendations for the ideal temperature for freezing food at home."

headline in the Nov. 2, 1922 edition of The Washington Post: Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt.

Watts Up With That
"The source report of the Washington Post article on changes in the arctic has been found in the Monthly Weather Review for November 1922. It is much more detailed than the Washington Post (Associated Press) article. It seems the AP heaviliy relied on the report from Norway Consulate George Ifft, which is shown below. See the original MWR article below and click the newsprint copy for a complete artice or see the link to the original PDF below:"

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Britain braced for heaviest snowfall in 50 years

"The heaviest snowfall in almost 50 years is hitting parts of Britain as Arctic weather brought nationwide chaos. ...The Met Office claimed the amount of snow forecast could be the biggest single fall since the notorious winter of 1962-63, when some areas of the country were blighted by snow and ice for more than three months."

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Crooked climatologists drop 806 “cold” weather stations in a single year
"Chiefio reports that 806 weather stations were dropped from the total of 6000 worldwide temperature stations in a single year with no explanation from the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) data. GHCN is a database of temperature, precipitation and pressure records managed by the National Climatic Data Center, Arizona State University and the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. Absent any public statement from climatolgists for such a strange act, I can only speculate that this a deliberate attempt to cause an artificial warming of the data set. I can think of no other valid scientific reason."

Q: What's the difference between 'weather' and 'climate'?

"A: Climate is when it’s warming and weather is when it’s not.Thanks, Beachmaster, over at Watts Up With That for explaining the difference. Otherwise, we scientific ignoramuses might have gone on asking silly, awkward questions like: “How come, when I went to urinate on my compost heap just now – as per official Government planet-saving, AGW-avoiding, eco-regulations – my willy turned black and dropped off?” and “Why in the name of Beelzebub and his hellish spawn has the man in charge of the ineffably useless Met Office just been given a 25 per cent pay rise?”

Monday, 4 January 2010

Pachauri: it's all a terrible conspiracy

"Turns out, it’s all complete lies: part of an evil conspiracy by various powerful but (unspecified) vested interests desperate to make the AGW industry look like a crooks’ charter when in fact AGW is totally true and real and even more dangerous than we had hitherto ever imagined. How do we know this? Because Dr Pachauri says so in his latest blog for the Guardian."

Climate change: proposed personal briefing

Watts Up With That
"to His Excellency Mr. Kevin Rudd,Prime Minister, Commonwealth of Australia. ....Millions are already dying of starvation in the world’s poorest nations because world food prices have doubled in two years. That abrupt, vicious doubling was caused by a sharp drop in world food production, caused in turn by suddenly taking millions of acres of land out of growing food for people who need it, so as to grow biofuels for clunkers that don’t. The scientifically-illiterate, economically-innumerate policies that you advocate – however fashionable you may conceive them to be – are killing people by the million."

If any of your idiot friends still believe in AGW, make them read this letter

"Lord Monckton has written a letter about AGW to Kevin Rudd, offering to give the Aussie premier a private briefing to correct a few misconceptions he may have on the subject."

Sunday, 3 January 2010

It has a gigantic supercomputer, 1,500 staff and a £170m-a-year budget. So why does the Met Office get it so wrong?

Daily Mail
"This is where the good faith and the impartiality of the scientists involved is so important, and why the Warmergate scandal was so damaging. Far from being impartial custodians of the truth, some scientists were shown to have feet of clay, guarding their own patch rather than the science. ....The Met Office seems to have forgotten what it was set up for - to predict weather day by day. Instead, it is devoting it energies to the fantasy that it can predict climate decades ahead when it cannot even tell you whether it is going to snow next week, or whether we might have a barbecue summer."

Forecasters Warn Of A Freezing January
"Temperatures are not likely to get much above 0C across many areas of the country over the next 10 days - and in some parts may plunge to -15C.Many Britons woke up to a white Christmas as the country shivered through its coldest December in more than a decade.
Forecasters say we can now expect fresh snowfall, severe frosts and icy roads."

Climategate: Michael Mann's very unhappy New Year
"As I said yesterday, one of our jobs this year is to wipe the complacent smiles off the smug faces of the lobbyists, “experts”, “scientists”, politicians and activists pushing AGW.

This is why I am so glad to report that Michael Mann – creator of the incredible Hockey Stick curve and one of the scientists most heavily implicated in the Climategate scandal – is about to get a very nasty shock. When he turns up to work on Monday, he’ll find that all 27 of his colleagues at the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University have received a rather tempting email inviting them to blow the whistle on anyone they know who may have been fraudulently misusing federal grant funds for climate research.

Under US law, regardless of whether or not a prosecution results, the whistleblower stands to make very large sums of money: it is based on a percentage of the total government funds which have been misused, in this case perhaps as much as $50 million. (Hat tip: John O’Sullivan of the wonderful new campaigning site"

The Met Office gives us the warmist weather

"The UK's official weather forecasters are determined that winters should be mild, in the face of the frozen facts..... The reason the Met Office so persistently gets its seasonal forecasts wrong is that it has been hi-jacked from the role for which we pay it nearly £200 million a year, to become one of the world's major propaganda engines for the belief in man-made global warming. Over the past three years, it has become a laughing stock for forecasts which are invariably wrong in the same direction. The year 2007, it predicted, would be "the warmest ever" – just before global tempratures plunged by more than the entire net warming of the 20th century, Three years running it predicted warmer than average winters – as large parts of the northern hemisphere endured record cold and snowfalls. Last year's "barbecue summer" was the third time running that predictions of a summer drier and warmer than average prefaced weeks of rain and cold. ...What is not generally realised is that the UK Met Office has been, since 1990, at the very centre of the campaign to convince the world that it faces catastrophe through global warming."

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Britain facing one of the coldest winters in 100 years, experts predict

"Britain is bracing itself for one of the coldest winters for a century with temperatures hitting minus 16 degrees Celsius, forecasters have warned. .....Weather patterns were more like those in the late 1970s, experts said, while Met Office figures released on Monday are expected to show that the country is experiencing the coldest winter for up to 25 years."

Friday, 1 January 2010

Google Watch


Bing: Climate-gate = 6,300,000 results.
Climategate = 1,090,000 results
Climate gate scandal = 1,290,000 results

Google:14,100,000 for climate gate.
3,540,000 for climategate
1,240,000 for climate gate scandal

Yahoo:36,300,000 results for climategate
43,100,000 results for climate gate (Search Engine Top Score)
5,200,000 results for climate gate scandal

'Carousel' frauds plague European carbon trading markets

"It is a building site, formerly a derelict car park, in a deprived part of West London, where the neon glow of curry houses and late-night grocery stores could not be further from the wealth and glamour of London's financial markets.Described as a "consulting" business, this is the address of a UK company that has signed up to trade carbon permits under the European Emissions Trading Scheme in Copenhagen. But there is no trace of its existence on the Companies House database. ......Just a few weeks ago, Europol, the cross-border police force, said that carbon trading fraudsters may have accounted for up to 90pc of all market activity in some European countries, with criminals mainly from Britain, France, Spain, Denmark and Holland pocketing an estimated €5bn (£4.5bn)."It is estimated that in some countries, up to 90pc of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities," Europol said.Figures from New Energy Finance show the value of the global market falling from $38bn (£23bn) in the second quarter to $30bn in the three months to the end of September after several countries cracked down."