"Carbon (Dioxide) trading is now the fastest growing commodities market on earth.....And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon (dioxide) market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one. Since the market revolves around creating carbon (dioxide) credits, or finding carbon (dioxide) reduction projects whose benefits can then be sold to those with a surplus of emissions, it is entirely intangible." (Telegraph)

This blog has been tracking the 'Global Warming Scam' for over ten years now. There are a very large number of articles being published in blogs and more in the MSM who are waking up to the fact the public refuse to be conned any more and are objecting to the 'green madness' of governments and the artificially high price of energy. This blog will now be concentrating on the major stories as we move to the pragmatic view of 'not if, but when' and how the situation is managed back to reality. To quote Professor Lindzen, "a lot of people are going to look pretty silly"

PS: If you have arrived here on a page link, then click on the HOME link...

Friday, 31 December 2010

200,000 Australians affected by floods covering larger area than France and Germany

"Anna Bligh, the Queensland premier, warned that drenched communities could be stuck underwater for more than a week, and cleanup efforts were expected to cost billions of dollars.Northeastern Australia often sees heavy rains and flooding during the Southern Hemisphere summer, but the scope of the damage from the recent downpours is unusual."

HtL on winter temperatures

Bishop Hill
"Haunting the Library has dug out a wonderful statement from NASA back in 1999: ....Do read the whole thing. And when you are done, take a look at this rather wonderful article on the Fox News website, which revisits a number of alarmist claims from the past."

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Winters are sure colder than they predicted

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"There are numerous other cold weather events of recent years which have been archived by a US-based project ICECAP (International Climate & Environmental Assessment Project: http://www.icecap). What is of interest here is that cold weather extremes seem to be occurring with greater frequency in the last ten years than what has been reported in media or in scientific literature. IPCC climate change documents do not mention anything about cold weather extremes and their trends and/or changes in future climate projections."

If the evidence were so strong, there’d be no need for such untruths
"Dennis Ambler checks the statistics behind recently claims that 97 per cent of climate scientists believe man is heating the planet and finds evidence of some exaggeration:

However a headline of ”0.73% of climate scientists think that humans are affecting the climate” doesn’t quite have the same ring as 97% does it?

Er, no. "

The man who 'invented' Global Warming

"I’m in Ireland this week and am not yet sure how close I’ll be to the internet. So to tide you over just in case here is a fascinating essay from Ishmael2009 (not his real name) on Sir Crispin Tickell is one of the chief architects of Man Made Global Warming’s towering cathedral of half truths, exaggeration, hysteria and Neo-Malthusian lunacy. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the mighty Ishmael2009….."

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I don’t think the warmists’ models are working

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun (Australia)
"Britain’s warmists in 2000 predict the end of snow: ....
US warmists of the Union of Concerned Scientists in 2007 predict the decline of snow in US Northeast: ....
Queensland warmists in 2007 predict the end of dam-filling rains: ....
European warmists in 2008 predict the end of ski seasons: ......"

Entire Australian town evacuated by helicopter after worst rains in a decade

Daily Mail
"The Australian military evacuated a town's entire population by helicopter after the worst rains in a decade.A total of 1,000 people were rescued from the town of Theodore, in eastern Australia, with swollen rivers expected to rise even higher as torrential rain continues.At least two other Queensland towns - Emerald and Bundaberg - are also preparing to evacuate."

Brace yourselves for a 'mini ice age': This winter set to be coldest in 300 YEARS

Daily Mail
"If you thought last week was cold and chaotic, think again. This winter could be the harshest in more than 300 years – with the worst yet to come.Temperatures for December are the coldest on record, with the average reading close to minus 1c – almost six degrees below normal.And with forecasters warning that this winter’s ‘mini ice age’ could last until mid-March, this winter could be worst since 1683-84 when a frozen River Thames played home to all the fun of a frost fair. ....Net weather forecaster Ian Michael Waite said: ‘We expect January to be colder than average – there’s no way we’re moving out of this mini ice age any time soon. "

Jeff Masters – The Shape Shifter

Climate Change Dispatch
"In 2007, he blamed the late, warm winter on a lack of polar ice. Now he blames the cold, early, snowy, winter on a lack of polar ice."
Jeff Masters Fails Freshman Thermodynamics (Real Science)

Time Magazine blizzard science sets low standard for green journalism

"No objective person will disagree that Time Magazine or the NY Times’ “green journalism” is liberal in nature and fits perfectly in with the political agenda of the Democrat party. So, why did Bryan Walsh go from correctly stating in February that one storm or event isn’t proof of anything to unabashedly blaming global warming for the most recent blizzard? Open question… "

They were all at it

Dr Richard North
"It wasn't just David Viner who was predicting back in 2000 that snow would disappear. We also had the great Charles Clover then of The Daily Telegraph, who on 2 November 2000 was telling us: Britain "will gain from global warming". Northern Europe, he wrote, "will have fewer days of frost and snow and longer growing seasons because of global warming".

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ignore The Day At Your Peril

"One of the things that has regularly nagged at me is the simple way the world is seen by the Warmers. ...From the very first step, the creation of a “monthly average temperature” for each place in the temperature data set, the “Climate Science” of “Global Warming” is broken and un-physical. They have their “time scale” all wrong."

ED: Must Read

Heaviest December snow in NYC in 6 decades – 5th largest ever – hundreds of other snow records set around the nation

"In addition, snow records were set all over the eastern half of the United States: ...634 snowfall records were set in the USA this past week."

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Daily Mail
"Over the past three weeks, with demand for power at record levels because of the freezing weather, there have been days when the contribution of our forests of wind turbines has been precisely nothing.It gets better. As the temperature has plummeted, the turbines have had to be heated to prevent them seizing up. Consequently, they have been consuming more electricity than they generate.Even on a good day they rarely work above a quarter of their theoretical capacity. And in high winds they have to be switched off altogether to prevent damage. ....Billions of pounds are being wasted on these worse-than-useless blots on the landscape. We’d be ­better off spending the money on snow ploughs. ....Every weather forecast is now extruded through the prism of so-called climate change, even when all evidence points to the fact that the Earth is actually getting colder."

Blizzard moves from US to Canada

Herald Sun (Australia)
"Officials in eastern Canada said the blizzard was already dumping heavy amounts of snow and forcing the cancellation of flights from Fredericton and Moncton. Some 40,000 homes lost electricity.

The weather service said winds with gusts upwards of 90km/h would cause widespread blowing snow, reducing visibilities to near zero in these regions. Some areas risked seeing ferocious winds of up to 150km/h.Americans in the southern United States were meanwhile treated to a rare white Christmas, with light to moderate snow blanketing communities in Alabama, Mississippi and North Carolina.

Atlanta, Georgia enjoyed its first white Christmas in 128 years.

Comment On The New York Times Op-Ed “Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming”

Roger Pielke Sr.
"This article is yet another one that spins the recent cold extremes and winter storms (e.g. in Europe, the United States), to be consistent with annual global average warming.

I have several comments on this op-ed."

Just Another East Coast Blizzard

"There is no way a “director of seasonal forecasting at an atmospheric and environmental research firm” could possibly believe the weather we are experiencing out here on the east coast is in any way different from the past. One need only look through past issues of the New York Times itself to debunk that idea.

I went to the archives section of the newspaper and did a simple headline search on the word “blizzard”, then scanned through the oldest articles first looking for references to blizzards in New York City. A blizzard in mid-March 1888 immediately jumped out as a particularly memorable storm. "

Trying it on

Dr Richard North
"The blizzard in New York has been quick to attract a warmist disclaimer, delivered by Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting at an atmospheric and environmental research firm. Says Cohen, "The reality is, we're freezing not in spite of climate change but because of it".

However, a guest post in WUWT quickly debunks this desperate warmist canard , pointing out that this is just another east coast blizzard, the current weather not being in any way different from the past. "

Monday, 27 December 2010

Weathering The True Lies Of Global Warming Newspeak

"These are challenging times for climate jihadists. Last week the Met Office was forced to issue a press release stating it "categorically denies forecasting a 'mild winter' ". In fact, in October, its long-range probability map predicted an 80 per cent probability of warmer than average temperatures from November to January in Scotland. It claimed Scotland, along with Northern Ireland, the eastern half of England and Cornwall, would experience temperatures above the 3.7°C average, more than 2°C higher than last winter.

Perversely, those are precisely the regions most ravaged by blizzard conditions; but the Met Office now insists that was not a forecast. Apparently, just as weather is not climate, a Met Office map predicting an 80 per cent likelihood of higher temperatures is not a forecast. The Met Office is notoriously zealous in warmist propaganda. Its chairman, Robert Napier, is also chairman of the trustees of the Carbon Disclosure Project and of the Green Fiscal Commission - so, no conflict of interests there."

Green reviews of the year

Bishop Hill
"I've been struck by a couple of the environment correspondents' reviews of 2010, particularly as regards Climategate and the impact of my own GWPF report on the inquiries.

For example, when the report was issued, the contents, which to my mind show pretty conclusively that the Oxburgh and Russell reviews were whitewashes, were reported by the Telegraph's Louise Gray without disputing either the facts or my analysis. One could see her article as an attempt to divert attention away from my principal evidence, but there was no case that the facts were contested."

Christmas myths: the mystery of the 'Vanishing Snow'

"Until this week, the most-read story in the online edition of the Independent was Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past, the one from March 2000 in which top expert Dr David Viner of the top-rated Climatic Research Unit at the famed University of East Anglia used his superbly honed predictive powers to make this now legendary warning:

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”

But it would be a shame if Dr David Viner were to take all the credit for the unutterable stupidity and wrongness of warmists everywhere. ...."

Six US states declare a state of emergency as snow storms sweep north along the eastern coast, grounding more than 2,000 flights and suspending rail and bus services.

Channel 4 News
"Winds of up to 35 miles an hour pummelled eastern states forcing six, including Massachusetts and Maine, to declare a state of emergency - imposing driving bans and urging residents to stay off the roads. Among the heaviest hit were New Jersey, New York City and western Long Island – where up to 25 inches of snow had been forecast."

Climate Change and the Corruption of Science: Where did it all go wrong?

"The AGW scare is similar to these in that it was instigated by scientists, but with one undoubted difference being its monumental scale. What is new in AGW is how it became so much more powerful and pervasive across so many disciplines and domains of science. .....While the political extremes of AGW are astounding, what is for me most interesting about the AGW scare is not so much the public panic – we have seen that all before – but the pervasive infiltration of this scare into the scientific establishment, into its associations, its journals and its funding bodies. Why so successful, so rapid, so pervasive this corruption? .....This is where we would have scientists genuinely believing in the truth of AGW quite prepared to manipulate, distort and misrepresent their research in order to promote this truth in the face of formidable opposition from powerful vested interests (read: ‘Big Oil’ etc) attempting to obscure the truth with their own distortions, misrepresentations and lies."

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Recent Site Visitors....

Heathrow bosses knew an inch of snow would cripple airport

"Our investigation can reveal that Heathrow:

* Regarded more than "two centimetres" (0.8 inches) of "continuous snow" as blizzard conditions and grounds to suspend flight operations indefinitely.

* Had only 10 snow sweepers and three airfield de-icers available to clear the runways despite publicly claiming it had 60 such vehicles.

* Previously notified the Government and the aviation authorities of its limited snow clearing capabilities.

* Ruled out the Civil Aviation Authority's offer to relax its rules on runway clearance which would have allowed planes to take off and land without clearing all the snow.

* Ordered in emergency supplies of runway de-icer because it had insufficient stocks to clear both runways.

Do We Care if 2010 is the Warmist Year in History?

"According to the latest from NASA GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies), 2010 is shaping up to be “the warmest of 131 years”, based on global data from January through November. They compare it to 2005 “2nd warmest of 131 years” and 1998 “5th warmest of 131 years”. .....Is 2010 going to be declared warmest global annual by GISS after the December data comes in? I would not bet against that. As we have seen, they keep questioning and analyzing the data until they get the right answers. But, whatever they declare, should we believe it? .."

Bahh, Humbug !

It has been noticed that P Gosselin's NoTricksZone has put up an article
about copyright HERE....our (Climategate) site is an online archive library put up to serve the public, and raise awareness of the huge Global warming/Climate Change scam.

....Mr Gosselin states in the comments: "if you cut and past the first 25%, then followed by the URL, that’s fine." ....our (Climategate) site will now only use RSS or blog feed for NoTricksZone. Merry Christmas everyone

The green hijack of the Met Office is crippling Britain

The Met Office's commitment to warmist orthodoxy means it drastically underestimates the chances of a big freeze, says Christopher Booker (Telegraph)
"The real question, however, is why has the Met Office become so astonishingly bad at doing the job for which it is paid nearly £200 million a year – in a way which has become so stupendously damaging to our country?

The answer is that in the past 20 years, as can be seen from its website, the Met Office has been hijacked from its proper role to become wholly subservient to its obsession with global warming."

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Lump of coal award: to IPCC lead author Kevin Trenberth for hiding the decline (or the lack of increase) in global temperatures

"As J.R. Ewing put it, “once you give up integrity, the rest is easy.”

Christmas Day is the coldest ever with mercury plummeting to MINUS 18 as UK heads towards the biggest December freeze since 1890

Daily Mail
"Traditional family walks to help the turkey go down could be off the cards today as December 25 is the coldest Christmas ever.The mercury plummeted to -5.9C at Glenlivet in 1996, but that record was smashed last night when temperatures dropped to -17C at Worcester and -18C at Altnaharra in northern Scotland.Some areas enjoyed a traditional white Christmas, with snow falling in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and north east England.Most parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland were sunny and dry but daytime temperatures are set to remain below freezing."

Friday, 24 December 2010

Snowfall “…a very rare and exciting event”

"Now, for the second year in a row, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales is covered with snow. Meanwhile, AGW proponents like George Monbiot are furiously spinning to make it look like AGW causes more snow, rather than less, as the CRU scientist said 10 years ago."

Christmas Day set to be the coldest ever with temperatures plummeting to MINUS 10 as getaway is marred by transport chaos

Daily Mail

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Julian Assange is not a Climategate hero

"... Assange falsely claimed that the Climategate emails were broken by WikiLeaks. This is obviously untrue as CA readers know. I can date WikiLeaks’ entry by contemporary comments. The first notice of the emails at WikiLeaks was 2009/11/21 at 2.50 AM Eastern (12:50 AM blog time). The emails had been downloaded by many people (including me) from a Russian server on Nov 19 and had been downloaded by WUWT moderators on Nov 17. A contemporary comment in a CA thread says that WikiLeaks was down and refers people to megauploads. WikiLeaks has not even been a major reference for Climategate – that belongs to (originally which was up on Nov 20 and provided a searchable database.

This may seem like nitpicking, but it matters. First it denies proper credit to the real people responsible for breaking Climategate: Stephen Mosher, Lucia, Anthony Watts, Jeff Id, Steve McIntyre et al. Second, it gives the false impression that Assange is more heroic, decent and politically even-handed than he truly is."

WeatherAction World RED WARNING for extreme weather 25-31 Dec

"WeatherAction forecasted weeks ahead that there will be many dangerous weather events around the world in the period 25-31 Dec and specified a triple whammy of extreme events for Britain/NW Europe, NE/E USA and South/East Queensland Australia.
ALSO see here for comment "Will it or won't it on Xmas day in UK?"

The period 25-31 Dec 2010 is a Weather Action Red warning (World) period with top activity expected in sub-periods 25-27th Dec & 29/30th Dec.

"There will be many dangerous weather events around the world in this period", said Piers Corbyn astrophysicist of WeatherAction long range weather & climate forecasters. "Snow/blizzards/rain (where appropriate) and winds will be much more severe than standard meteorology will predict from 2 days ahead in these periods"

"For Britain/Europe, NE/East USA & East Queensland Australia we have specific long range extreme weather event warnings which we first issued end Nov / early December. The extremes to come are a consequence of Jet stream blockings and changes in both hemispheres caused by predictable solar-lunar effects".

For Britain and Europe we stated in forecast words & maps:
Two waves of blizzards and drifting snow especially 25th-27th & 29/30th largely for East/South Britain and for a large part of NorthWest Europe (along with thundersnow) around South Scandinavia, Benelux, N Germany, North Poland and perhaps parts of the Baltic States. AND that thundersnow is likley in (North) Italy in this period also.

Piers commented on 23 Dec re Xmas "Our expectation of snow in the UK on Xmas Day is at the starting edge of this Weather period so there are uncertainties. We notice short range forecasts have been changing a lot for Xmas Day which is probably a reflection of increasing solar factors which will upset standard forecasts in this period. We still expect snow in parts of the UK on Xmas day but note that the general centre of this activity appears interestingly to be shifted somewhat Eastward in Europe so snow amounts on Xmas day itself in the UK will not be large."

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Public Warning: Solar Climate Change from Christmas Day to the End of December

Climate Realists
"A THIRD period of "Solar Climate Change" on the UK will take place from Christmas Day to the End of December, this comes right after the first & second periods correctly predicted by & Piers Corbyn

The forecast made in November says....Snow deluges and blizzards in most of England and Wales, heaviest in East parts. Snow showers in Scotland. Sleet/rain and less cold in far West Ireland.

This "triple hit" of "Solar Climate Change" announced to users in November, means that the UK will go on to complete the "worst ever" December for High street retailers and business with the lack of essential public service due to road/rail/airport closures and again bring the country to it's knees, and with "road salt" running out fast this "third" wave will take it's toll on the "holiday" work force.This is likely to add to one of the worst if not THE worst period of disruption in the UK to have been seen in modern times.

I will repeat what was said on the previous statement as this will still apply....

There are potential "life threatening" conditions that will be underestimated by the media (inc. Met Office).

California Braced For More Snow Storms

Sky News
"Southern California residents are bracing themselves for yet more severe weather as storms, rain and snow continue to pummel the region.Weather conditions are so extreme that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in some areas.He also ordered homes and businesses to be evacuated in affected areas.In a statement, the governor said: "Flood conditions caused by these storms are causing the evacuation of residents and the opening of emergency shelters."

'We've already used HALF of the grit for the whole winter', warn highway chiefs as the snow continues to fall

Daily Mail
"According to the TaxPayers' Alliance, councils have ordered less road salt than last year - 1.48 million tonnes in 2010/11, compared with just under 1.51 million tonnes in 2009/10. ....The real scandal is that despite Heathrow’s economic and strategic importance to Britain, the Government is virtually powerless to do anything because the Authority is owned by a foreign company.

And it is a scandal that goes back to 2006, when the Labour government stood idly by while a little-known, family-controlled Spanish construction group called Ferrovial was allowed to buy all of Britain’s airports at the knockdown price of £10.3billion. What’s more, the purchase was made despite the firm already having huge debts.

This was just the latest squalid example of a British government selling key parts of this country’s infrastructure to foreign buyers. For example, control of our ports passed from one of the nation’s great historic companies, P&O, into the hands of Dubai World; and most of our power utilities have been sold to continental giants EDF of France and E.ON of Germany.

'Climate Change': there just aren't enough bullets

James Delingpole,Telegraph
"Right now I’m thinking positive thoughts about all the suffering, expense, disruption, misery, hardship, illness and death brought about by this godawful winter, because what I’m thinking is this: never before will there have been quite such an intense and widespread outburst of public fury at what is being done to our economy, our country, our public services and our freedoms in the name of “combatting global warming.” As Kenneth Minogue argues rather more elegantly in The Servile Mind, (H/T Phaesi) it’s bloody amazing how much rubbish people will put up with without complaint, let alone revolt. .....And NOW, not in the future, we live in a world where our government’s winter transport policy is based not on hard science and rationalism but on the heavily politicised, embarrassingly unreliable forecasts of a once-proud organisation – the Met Office – which now behaves more like a propaganda outlet for the man-made global warming movement. No wonder the Global Warming Policy Foundation is calling for a full independent inquiry."

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

George Monbiot: This cold weather is caused by – you guessed it – global warming!

Daniel Hannan,Telegraph
"Apparently, Britain is in a sort of wintry salient, squeezed between two hotter areas. It’s all to do with sea ice reflecting the sun. ..."

When you're in a hole, George, stop digging

"Snow, he is trying to tell us in all earnestness, is another sign that Man Made Global Warming is definitely happening. Nothing to do with solar minima or El Nino and La Nina or any of that reality-based nonsense. No, sirree. It’s definitely, definitely still our fault because of all that evil plant-food our factories have been pumping into the atmosphere. Weather is not the same as climate. Etc."

Australia’s white summer, Monbiot’s red fury

"Snow fell in Australia on Monday, as the usual hot and summery December weather was replaced in parts by icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean, giving the country a taste of a white Christmas. ....The cold blasts carried through to Sydney, where the temperature fell to 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit) early Monday, and dipped to 9.8 Celsius in the city’s west while winds of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) an hour are forecast for much of the state’s coastline.

It was a different story on Australia’s west coast, where the worst flooding in 50 years isolated the town of Carnarvon, 900 kilometres north of Perth."

ED: Brilliant must read

How a freak diversion of the jet stream is paralysing the globe with freezing conditions

Daily Mail
"Changes in the jet stream's path can cause massive changes in weather conditions across the globe and may be why Australians are now shivering their way through summer and the current freezing conditions in California. ....And Australians expecting to bask in early summer sun this Christmas are instead shivering as icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean have blanketed parts of east coast states New South Wales and Victoria with up to four inches of snow. ....Other weather patterns are also causing havoc across the may also be affecting the weather, such as the current in the tropical Pacific Ocean, called La Nina, which is disturbing the jetstream over the north Pacific and North America."

Monday, 20 December 2010

A new low

Dr Richard North"As this month proves to be the coldest December for a century, the temperature in England is set to drop to a record low.

Last night, the temperature in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, fell to -19.6°C. A combination of snow-covered ground, clear skies and the shortest day of the year could produce a sub -26°C thermometer reading tomorrow. The previous record low, -26.1°C set in Shropshire in January 1982, could be eclipsed at an inland area that does not benefit from the warming effect of the sea.

And still the warmists argue that the cold weather "may" be the result of global warming. But then, it could be a Dalton Minimum. Somebody's been using Vim on the sun - it's spotless.

Alltime Record Set, Highest Snow Depth Since 1893 – In Potsdam!

"Michael Kr├╝ger of Readers Edition here brings us a nice little anecdote in a post called: Start of December records the highest snow level since 1893. Not only is this winter a huge source of embarrassment for the Met Office in the UK, but also for the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research in Germany."

Boris sticks his thumb in the wind

James Delingpole,Telegraph
"I’m not accusing Boris of plagiarism, but this was essentially a watered down, politician’s version of a blog I posted nearly a fortnight ago called – The Met Office: Lousier Than A Dead Octopus. (And for an even fuller account of the Met Office’s warm bias, read this from the Global Warming Policy Foundation.).....All these thousands of people add up to a lot of disgruntled voters ready to ask hard questions about everything from the size of the state (so patently NOT being shrunk to any significant degree by Cameron’s useless Coalition of the Unwilling) to the three main parties’ position on “Global Warming”.

This scepticism and anger will most likely intensify after next winter. And the one after that. And the one after that too. This is not Nostradamus speaking here. Just someone who reads enough to know that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation moves in 30-year cycles (and we’re entering a cold one) and that low sun spot activity tends to coincide with miserable winters and dull summers. And cold is the thing we should – and shall – most fear, not warmth."

The man who repeatedly beats the Met Office at its own game

Boris Johnson, Telegraph
"Piers Corbyn not only predicted the current weather, but he believes things are going to get much worse,...Allow me to introduce readers to Piers Corbyn, meteorologist and brother of my old chum, bearded leftie MP Jeremy. Piers Corbyn works in an undistinguished office in Borough High Street. He has no telescope or supercomputer. Armed only with a laptop, huge quantities of publicly available data and a first-class degree in astrophysics, he gets it right again and again.

Back in November, when the Met Office was still doing its "mild winter" schtick, Corbyn said it would be the coldest for 100 years. Indeed, it was back in May that he first predicted a snowy December, and he put his own money on a white Christmas about a month before the Met Office made any such forecast. He said that the Met Office would be wrong about last year's mythical "barbecue summer", and he was vindicated. He was closer to the truth about last winter, too.

He seems to get it right about 85 per cent of the time and serious business people – notably in farming – are starting to invest in his forecasts. In the eyes of many punters, he puts the taxpayer-funded Met Office to shame. How on earth does he do it? He studies the Sun. "

The man who repeatedly beats the Met Office at its own game by Boris Johnson: Updated by James Delingpole(Climate Realists)

Warm Bias: How The Met Office Misled The British Public

"Met Office 2009 Forecast: Trend To Milder Winters To Continue, Snow And Frost Becoming Less Of A Feature

Met Office, 25 February 2009: Peter Stott, Climate Scientist at the Met Office, said: “Despite the cold winter this year, the trend to milder and wetter winters is expected to continue, with snow and frost becoming less of a feature in the future.

“The famously cold winter of 1962/63 is now expected to occur about once every 1,000 years or more, compared with approximately every 100 to 200 years before 1850.”

Reality Check: Winter Of 2009/10 Coldest Winter For Over 30 Years ...."

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Chickens … home … roost

Dr Richard North
"There can be absolutely no dispute that the billions spent on global warming dwarfs the pitiful amount of money spent on preparing for adverse winter conditions. As importantly, with the Met Office and the government looking in the wrong direction, there has been insufficient planning for the eventuality of a bad winter."

2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming?

Climate Change Dispatch
"There is a rather bizarre upside of course. If you count yourself as one of the millions worldwide who find yourself living in constant fear of global warming and climate change, there is one positive reassuring aspect to this now bona fide and well documented global cooling weather trend since 1998. This essentially means that you can now safely get out from under the bed and breathe a sigh of green relief as you look out your window to see everything covered in thick white again. Yes, yes, you are completely and utterly safe from CGI-created scary visions of sea levels rising- as seen in the science fiction “cult” film, Age of Stupid (yes, those are CGI graphics and no, sea levels are not rising), allegedly due to that arbitrary phantom menace… called climate change"

Aussies are Cool!

Climate Common Sense (Australia)
"Australia's summer is looking decidedly cool in the "hottest year ever" . The NOAA satellite image for down under is almost completely blue with the dark blue sections representing 15 degrees C below normal. With much of Australia sodden with record rainfall and now a very cool summer, Australia is not looking like the Global Warming wasteland predicted by the alarmists."

Associated Press gone wild: 2010 disaster article is unadulterated trash

"Here’s a clue AP: if you really want to understand the world’s weather and climate, don’t look to global warming. It is an absolute pittance compared to the global reorganziation of the world’s weather due to El Nino, and it will be for the foreseeable future. So, if you want the easiest, best, and most correct expert explanation for what happened in 2010 here it is: ....."

Temperatures set to hit record low of -26C as forecasters say this could be the coldest winter on record

Daily Mail
# Mercury set to plunge to -26.1C in Shropshire and Herefordshire
# Christmas getaway chaos as Heathrow stays closed
# Transport carnage as petrol tanker topples on M25
# Coalition 'not prepared for big freeze'

Recent Site Visitors......

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Chris Huhne has a blueprint for a green, cold, dark Britain

The government's new energy policy will lead to widespread power cuts and economic disaster, says Christopher Booker (Telegraph)
"In addition, it will in effect make it impossible to replace the coal-fired power stations that will be forced to close in the next few years under an EU directive, while proposing a hidden subsidy to any new nuclear power stations. (Although, since the EU does not count carbon-free nuclear power as “renewable”, this may well fall foul of its ban on state aid.) All this, Mr Huhne assures us, might lead to a modest rise of £160 a year in the average household energy bill, but in the long run it will make electricity cheaper than if he had not intervened.

So riddled with wishful thinking and contradictions are these proposals that one scarcely knows where to begin. For a start, even if we could hope to build enough windmills to provide, say, 25 per cent of our electricity (10 times the current proportion), this would require not the 10,000 turbines the Government talks of, but more like 25,000, costing well over £200 billion, plus another £100 billion to connect them up to the grid. "

8,000 affected by icy highway havoc

Climate Change Dispatch
"It's not just the UK, US, and EU suffering from a severe pre-winter cold snap. From China Daily:

A severe cold snap swept through South China and froze over sections of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Freeway in Guangdong province starting Dec 15, bringing traffic to a standstill and stranding over 8,000, reported Friday.

More obscene waste, thanks to green scammers

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun(Australia)
"Yet more evidence that clean coal technology, on which the Gillard Government is spending $100 million a year, is just a a wild promise made to make the government seem green, and bugger the cost. Bugger also the cheaper and most obvious alternative.

That’s your money it’s wasting, folks, to fool you with what it knows will never work. Already the Bligh Government has had to mothball a desalination plant it built for $1 billion, having trusted the global warming spruikers who swore the rains would dry up. "

How Germany’s weather team views the “hottest year ever”

"Everybody is talking about global warming – but in Germany and also in many other countries around the world people are currently fighting with the adversities of extreme cold. And indeed: “The year 2010 will be the coldest for ten years in Germany,” said Thomas Globig from the weather service Meteo Media talking to . And it might even get worse: “It is quite possible that we are at the beginning of a Little Ice Age,” the meteorologist said. ...In Berlin, there was an absolute cold record in early December, “For 100 years it had not been as cold as in the first decade of December,” said Globig. This also applied to other regions. "

Coldest December ever in Britain as snow piles up, Europe freezes

It's 'the hottest year on record', as long as you don't take its temperature

Much of the data cited to support warmist claims is pure conjecture, says Christopher Booker (Telegraph)
"No one has done more to promote this belief than Dr James Hansen, head of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), responsible for one of the four main official global temperature records. ...the GISS record has in recent months been diverging wildly from the others. While three have shown global temperatures dropping sharply, by as much as 0.3C, the GISS figures (based, despite the link to Nasa, on surface temperatures) have shot up by 0.2C. In a second post (“Hansen’s 'Hottest Year Ever’ is primarily based on fabricated data”), Real Science demonstrates that the parts of the world which GISS shows to be heating up the most are so short of weather stations that only 25 per cent of the figures are based on actual temperature readings. The rest are simply conjectured by GISS."

Friday, 17 December 2010

Coldest December since records began as temperatures plummet to minus 10C bringing travel chaos across Britain

Daily Mail
"‘Temperatures are likely to drop into the minus teens in places, with towns and cities as cold as -8c (18f).‘It’s going to stay like this throughout Christmas and New Year, but by the middle of next month things will slowly return to normal and we could perhaps see the beginning of the end.‘Nevertheless, this December is almost certainly going to become the coldest since records began in 1910. ‘It’s already a lot colder than the previous record which was set in 1981.’

Did the Global Warming Hoax Die in Cancun?

Climate Change Dispatch
"In reality, the IPCC conference was the charade designed to engineer a massive transfer of wealth from industrialized nations to those, as often as not, ruled by a variety of despots and authoritarian, corrupt governments that have failed to keep pace with the West for whom the use of “fossil fuels” has marked their economic ascendancy.

Behind the calls for energy reduction is an unspoken and inhuman desire by environmentalists to greatly reduce the world’s population by starving it of the energy it requires to prosper and survive. Along with many coal-fired plants, in both India and China plans are proceeding to introduce increased nuclear energy to benefit their populations of more than a billion each."

'These are the worst driving conditions imaginable': Deadly snow and ice spark festive travel chaos as 18million motorists hit road

Daily Mail
# Roads 'treacherous', airports shut and trains cancelled as snow returns
# Devon and Cornwall blanketed in four inches of snow
# 17-year-old killed in Kent after car landed on roof in ditch
# Up to 10 inches of snow expected over the weekend
# Temperatures of -12c predicted as freeze tightens grip
# Almost 1,000 firms could go bust if weather wipes out weekend shopping
# Odds on a white Christmas cut to 6/4 in London

Soon … and sounds of silence from the InterAcademy Council

Hilary Ostrov(Canada)
"It is now December 12, and I’m sorry to report that I’ve been greeted with … more sounds of deafening silence."

Interacademies Council redacting like fury
(Bishop Hill)

Missing Documents, Unfulfilled Promises (Donna Laframboise,Canada)

Pliocene Warm Period 3 C Warmer Than Today

"The researchers drilled down 700 meters through rock and sludge to retrieve sediments deposited during the Pliocene Warm Period, 3.5 to 4.5 million years ago.“Evidence from the Pliocene Warm Period is relevant to studies of current climate change because it was the last time in our Earth’s history when global temperatures were higher than today,” Ravelo said.Carbon dioxide levels during the Pliocene Warm Period were also comparable to levels today, and average temperatures were a few degrees higher, I’m sure the Warmistas will try to spin this that the CO2 caused the warming, but who was burning all the oil and driving SUVs then? Hmmm? Oh, and there is the little problem of the 800 year lag between warming and when the CO2 shows up… So to me it’s pretty dramatic confirmation that CO2 levels NATURALLY were higher at the same time it NATURALLY was warmer; and the warmth drove the CO2 out of the ocean just as the gas laws predict.And it all happened with NO human intervention as the only “people” around then were more like smart chimpanzees than modern humans. "

Lighthouse transformed into a fairy castle

Daily Mail

"The phenomenon was created by bone-chilling storms which have plagued the Midwest for days before sweeping through the Northeast and on into Canada. Hundreds of motorists have been stranded on a southern Ontario highway.Usual conditions: The lighthouse looks completely different without its icy winter coating.More snow fell yesterday in parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The frigid temperatures stretched into the deep South, where hard freeze warnings were in effect overnight in much of Florida. Hundreds of schools were closed or opening late.Canadian officials said about 150 of the estimated 300 people trapped in their vehicles on Highway 402 near Sarnia, Ontario, had been rescued, as many as a dozen by military helicopters."

Big freeze threatens festive holidays

Daily Mail

"Last night airports, rail companies and breakdown services put snow teams on standby as winds from the North Sea brought the worst December weather for almost three decades. ...The Met Office issued weather warnings for widespread icy roads across Scotland, the North-West and the North-East and heavy snow for almost all of the UK."

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Global Warming — it’s just another joke

Jo Nova (Australia)
"Armstrong and Miller mock the Global Warming thought police as they tell us to ignore our lying eyes, and give us glossy printed pamphlets telling us what we are allowed to think.

The formerly fashionable theory of man-made catastrophe is becoming the regular butt of jokes. Bear in mind that half of the comedic team of Miller and Armstrong is known as an eco-activist (that would be Ben), and the skit isn’t necessarily poking fun at the science but at the militant marketing, and over-the-top dogma."

PC Rules in the UK

"But seriously, whatever DID happen to Global Warming? It just sort of went away… Where did it go? "

"New Little Ice Age Cannot Be Ruled Out"

Climate Realists
"I think it is even conceivable that the Arctic ice spreads significantly in the years to come," said Globig. The impact of solar activity on climate has been criminally underestimated for a long time.

The last two weeks have been the coldest in England since the second-to-last solar minimum, many hundreds of years ago. "What actually will happen depends on the next five to ten years," believes Globig. But one thing now appears to be very likely for the weather expert, "We will have to abandon some climate forecasts. “

Chris Huhne “the Eco Loon”.

"But today, the Eco Loon has truly surpassed himself. Today is the day he attempts to persuade parliament that it is somehow in British interests to:

1. Destroy our economy.

2. Send our average annual utility bills soaring to around £2500 per household.

3. Despoil our countryside.

4. Wipe out the free market.

5. Entrench the power of Big Government."

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Big freeze returns tonight with 8in of snow and temperatures of -10C on the way - and forecasters say it could last until MID-FEBRUARY

Daily Mail
"Forecaster Aisling Creevey said: 'We've had a little bit of a reprieve over the last few days - pretty much everywhere is at risk from snow and icy conditions as the temperature drops on Thursday.'And temperatures could be down to -10c in Scotland and to -4c and -5c across the country overnight on Friday. Snow is set to feature throughout the weekend but looking further ahead Jonathan Powell, a forecaster with Positive Weather Solutions, said: 'Our models are showing we will see a white Christmas. The most likely places to have one are Scotland, north-east England, the east coast, the South East and London. It's going to happen.'

Public Warning: Solar Climate Change Extended to the 20th December

Climate Realists
"The next period of "Solar Climate Change" that will influence the UK will take place from 17th - 20th December, this comes right after the first period we announced between the 14th-16th, see also updated notes from Piers Corbyn, inc. Our next WeatherAction Weather period 17-20 Dec predicts EXTREME COLD with 'records likely to be broken'. This means a very severe ice hazard because it will be too cold for road salt to work in a lot of Central, North & NorthEast parts of the UK.! "

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Don’t pretend green jobs will save us

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Time to call out Greens leader Bob Brown for his wild claims that whacking the country with a huge carbon tax will create a ”green jobs revolution”. Green policies in fact tend to kill jobs, not create them, not least by diverting huge amounts of taxes from more productive parts of the economy:

The Obama Administration channeled $90 billion of the $870 billion dollar stimulus package towards the new green economy.

The hope was that a national move from fossil energy to green energy would not only be good, long term, for the environment, but that the transition could also be a jobs’ driver, which would help resuscitate the overall economy.

But two years into Obama’s administration, the White House has reported it’s helped create 224,500 green jobs, far short of the 5 million it had openly predicted.

That’s $400,000 of government help for each green job.

Even then, that’s cheaper than the green jobs “created” by Spain’s mad flirtation with green power, that’s brought that country to the brink of bankruptcy:

The study calculates that since 2000 Spain spent €571,138 ($1.03 million) to create each “green job”, including subsidies of more than €1 million ($1.8 million) per wind industry job… The study calculates that the programs creating those jobs also resulted in the destruction of nearly 110,000 jobs elsewhere in the economy, or 2.2 jobs destroyed for every “green job” created.... "

Hundreds of new cold and snow records set in the USA

"While there have been a few high temperature records in the desert southwest and western Oregon, the majority of weather records in the USA this week have been for cold, snowfall, or rainfall. The biggest number of records have to do with the lowest maximum temperature."

Race to rescue more than 70 motorists trapped by snow in Indiana as deadly storm that paralysed the Midwest moves east

Daily Mail
# At least 11 people have been killed by the storm
# System shows no signs of slowing down as it moves east
# Travel chaos over the Christmas period expected

Now Germany is brought to near standstill by 12 hours of solid snowfall

Daily Mail
"The myth of ruthlessly efficient Germany always battling the elements so much better than Britain has been smashed by a new cold weather front.Not a single train ran without delays in the whole of the country.In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the west there were some 700 accidents on the autobahns during 12 hours of snowfall. And even international airports like Dusseldorf had to shut down on Monday night as the snow blew in."

Will it be even colder than the winter of 1962-3? Big freeze returns tomorrow... and it's going to last for a MONTH

Daily Mail
"Temperatures will plummet tomorrow and will stay bitterly cold for the next month, forecasters have warned.Severe weather warnings have been issued as the second Big Freeze of the season puts the country on course for a winter even colder than the notoriously treacherous 1962-63.North-westerly parts of the country got a sneak preview today of the freezing weather to come. At 9am, West Scotland was still shivering at -7c while the mercury stood at -3c in north-west England."

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Australia's most wanted for stupidity

Terry McCrann, Herald Sun (Australia)
"In Canberra we had the Treasurer Wayne Swan unveil his 'McBank package.' It takes a very special kind of stupid to craft something that is both pointless and destructive.A package which if it actually 'achieved' what it 'thought' it set out to do, would do very little to actually help customers of financial institutions.But would damage our financial system, impose real costs on the taxpayer, encourage 'moral hazard', and so hurt the very individual Australians it purports to want to help.In Cancun we had the Climate Change Minister Greg Combet sign Australia up to a climate change framework which was even more pointless and yet at the same time even more destructive than his cabinet colleague's effort. .....Now I was half-wrong when I wrote last week that Cantcun would be as complete a failure as the previous year's Copenfloppen. That it wouldn't even get the previous gas-fest's 'agreement to do nothing.'

It did just enough to ensure that the caravan of 15,000-plus true believers, main-chancers, freeloaders and assorted green lunatics could straggle on to South Africa next year.That is, after all, the primary purpose of these climate change conferences - to justify the one next year. Which's main purpose will be to ensure they all straggle to another free lunch in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. More accurately, gorge themselves at an unending free feast."

More global warming

Dr Richard North
"When you get heavy snow in Damascus, it can only mean one thing ... global warming. Equally, the collapse of the inflatable roof of the Metrodome sports stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after an "old fashioned winter blizzard" when 17 inches of snow fell on the city, can only mean one thing ... more global warming.

Even as China braces itself for a blast of icy weather, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and the northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning have already been affected by the cold air, with drops in temperatures ranging from 4-10°C in places over the weekend."

You saw through the EU, Boris. When are you going to see through AGW?

"Just one small question, Bozza: if you’re capable of being so clear-eyed and honest on the flaws of the European Union, how come you’re so willing to swallow the big lie of “Anthropogenic Global Warming”?

The two phenomena, after all, have a great deal in common. Both the EU and AGW are concepts in which the political and technocratic classes delight, but which leave most electorates cold; both involve the squandering of eye-watering sums of tax payers’ money to no obvious purpose; both are an absolute gift for rent-seekers, bureaucrats and criminals; both are based on a whopping great lie.

In the EU’s case the great lie is: your sovereignty will not be affected because this is not a political union only an economic one.

In AGW’s case it’s the now thoroughly discredited hypothesis that the relatively small amounts of CO2 released as a result of human activity are capable of radically altering the climate in a dangerous way. ..."

New Little Ice Age – 2014?

"So, when at the ICCC conference there was a talk by Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov that predicted we would start our way into a new Little Ice Age in about 2014. (Given how winter weather has been the last couple of years, I’m thinking maybe it’s starting a bit early ;-) At any rate, I think it’s worth a reminder that this HAS been predicted to be the entry into a very cold period that is to extend until about 2040 at the depths of the bottom."

Monday, 13 December 2010

Geologic Record Shows No Relationship Between Temperature And CO2

Real Science
"From 150 million years ago to 65 million years ago, CO2 levels decreased by 1000 ppm. During that same period, temperatures rose by 7 degrees Centigrade.

Why does this scam continue? "

H/T Climate Depot

The Rewritten Past

"This article was about The Old Data. Prior to the time that money and fame caused AGW to become A Cause; back when folks just wanted to know what the temperature was. It’s an interesting article…"

A car wreck of a green scheme

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun (Australia)
"An utterly absurd scheme that Julia Gillard must wish she’d never promised, but dares not yet scrap:

JULIA Gillard’s cash-for-clunkers proposal would cost 15 times more than an emissions trading scheme to reduce carbon pollution.And no research has been conducted on the fallout on used car dealers from the vehicle buyback policy.Bureaucrats charged with administering the Cleaner Car Rebate scheme have confirmed that compliance to ensure vehicles were scrapped was a “major concern” overseas. "

Cancun: “Complete Travesty and Rout”

"As green negotiators in Cancun ended their embarrassing two-week junket (videos of partying bureaucrats did not go down well with voters in a northern hemisphere freezing in an early winter), it’s clear that the bureaucrats did what bureaucrats do: they kept a ‘process’ (job-creating bureaucratic gravy train) alive while doing little or nothing about the problem they were supposed to solve."

How Rahmstorf & Vermeer Grossly Exaggerated Sea Level Rise
"Turns out they used awfully “brutal mathematical contortions” and bad assunptions to reach this figure.Moriarty finds the paper is riddled with gross errors and false assumptions...."

If their islands are drowning, why is the real estate so dear?

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun (Australia)
"The prime minister of Tuvalu, Apisai Ielemia, said rich Westerners were allowing his nation to perish. He showed a group of journalists, me among them, a video of floods that threaten to wash his tiny Pacific island nation to the sea…

‘Mr Prime Minister. In view of the impending deluge, how much have land prices fallen on Tuvalu?‘ I stammered.

For some reason my question completely silenced the room packed with environmental press. After what I will charitably call an inquisitive stare, the prime minister gave his longwinded answer full of long-term projections of rising ocean levels. To be fair, he concluded with a simple declaration: ‘Land prices have not been affected.’

Global Cooling Catches Sled Manufacturers Off Guard

"Face it – the globe is trending cooler. One El Nino year does not make a trend. All the talk about global warming and snow becoming rare in the wintertime is turning out to be utter nonsense.The AMO, PDO and solar cycles bode cold for the globe. Check very carefully before believing anything else – especially if you’re in the winter sports business.The Met Office in England even said there’s been no significant warming in the last 15 years. The cold winters are back, and many find themselves caught unprepared."

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Minn. Metrodome roof collapses in Midwest blizzard

Yahoo News
"MINNEAPOLIS – The inflatable roof of the Minnesota Vikings' stadium collapsed Sunday and roads were closed throughout the upper Midwest as a storm that dumped nearly 2 feet of snow in some areas crawled across the region.

A blizzard warning was in effect for parts of eastern Iowa, southeastern Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois, and northern Michigan, according to the National Weather Service. Surrounding areas including Chicago were under winter storm warnings.

The Metrodome's Teflon roof collapsed after Minneapolis got more than 17 inches of snow. No injuries were reported. The snowfall that ended Saturday night was one of the five biggest in Twin Cities history, National Weather Service meteorologist James McQuirter said. Some surrounding communities got more than 21 inches of snow, he said."

Metrodome Collapses in Minneapolis – will they blame global warming climate change climate disruption this time?

Public Warning: The Big Freeze set to return to deliver white Christmas

Climate Realists
"Families planning last minute shopping trips and visits to their relatives have been warned to brace themselves for more snow and plummeting temperatures in the run up to Christmas as a second wave of wintry weather is set to paralyse Britain.

Biting winds sweeping in from the Arctic are expected to blanket the country once again in snow and lead to temperatures dropping to as low as -15C.The combination of 50mph blasts and eight inches of snow could even lead to snow drifts blocking roads and railways, cutting off villages and schools.The icy weather, which is due to start this Thursday and could last into the New Year, will bring to an end a brief respite in weather which has seen more typical milder temperatures. "

Coal's future is burning hot – just not in Britain

"It's possible," said Alistair Phillips-Davies, "that we may never build another coal plant in Britain." ....Environmental restrictions are closing down the UK's dirtiest coal plants – more than a third of them will shut by the middle of the decade. But technology for cleaning up coal plants, known as carbon capture and storage (CCS), is struggling to get off the ground. This week Powerfuel, which has the UK's only licence to build a clean coal power station, went into administration through lack of funds. "

ED: Cold for no reason at all....

Return of the big freeze: Another EIGHT inches of snow to hit Britain this week

Daily Mail
"The Met Office have said the new freeze will last for another month until January 9 - putting the country on course for a winter some forecasters say will be colder than 1962-63.Mainland Europe has also been struck by heavy snowfall in the last week with France and Germany both affected."

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Climate Realists
"Charities warned of pensioners suffering “Dickensian” conditions, resorting to riding on buses or huddling in shopping centres just to keep warm.Millions of Britons are being forced to turn down their thermostats as gas and electricity prices spiral.Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster with Positive Weather Solutions, said icy conditions were on the way back by the middle of next week after a brief weekend thaw. He said plummeting temperatures could even surpass the -27.2C (-17F) recorded in Braemar in 1982 – the coldest temperature in Britain."

Climate change: the warmist demands heat up as 'green’ costs soar

Even the freezing weather failed to bring cold reality home to the global warming posse in Cancun, says Christopher Booker.
"It is probably fair to say that, in the real world, the need to fight runaway global warming was not at the top of most people’s agenda last week. The Central England Temperature record, the oldest in the world, showed the last week of November and the first of December as the coldest ever recorded since the measurements began in 1659. North of the border, Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, had to call in the Army as much of his country ground to a halt in up to three feet of snow.

None of this, however, remotely concerned the warmists, who were in fuller cry than ever. In the Mexican resort of Cancun (where, for six days running, local temperatures also fell to their lowest, for the date, since records began 100 years ago) ..."

Friday, 10 December 2010

“Gore Effect” on Steroids: Six straight days of record low temperatures during COP16 in Cancun Mexico – more coming

"The irony, it burns. Do you think maybe Gaia is trying to send the U.N. and the delegates a message? One record low was funny, three in a row was hilarious, a new record low for the month of December was ROFL, but now six straight days of record lows during the U.N. COP16 Global Warming conference? That’s galactically inconvenient. The whole month so far has averaged below normal: ...... "

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Global warming ideology still on top The science has crumbled, but too much money backs the scare

The Washington Times
""Climate change" has suffered significant setbacks in the past year. First there was Climategate. Then the Copenhagen conference ended without binding agreements on either mitigation or adaptation. This was followed quickly by Glaciergate, Amazongate, Kiwigate and serious challenges to the credibility of Rajendra K. Pachauri, chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Next, professor Phil Jones of the United Kingdom's Climatic Research Unit (and lead author of the IPCC chapter on temperatures) admitted that there has been no statistically significant warming for 15 years. Then "hockey stick" promoters finally acknowledged that there indeed was a Medieval Warm Period. .....There simply is too much money and political capital, and too many reputations are at stake for alarmists to back down. After their late first-period letdown, environmental activists have stepped up their campaign to keep governments and media from falling off the climate-change bandwagon. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars are still being funneled into promoting alarm and futile solutions. In the third quarter of this year, the McKnight Foundation alone donated $26 million to the Climate Works Foundation, a group originated in 2008 with roughly a half-billion dollars in start-up funding."

Warmist preachers: follow the money

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun (Australia)
"Want another example - after the one I gave yesterday - of how Big Government manufactures a climate of consent?

Here’s how Britain’s Institute for Public Policy Research describes itself:

ippr has established itself as one of the most influential think tanks in British politics. Our research and policy ideas have helped shape the progressive thinking that is now the political centre ground since 1988. Our work has always been driven by a belief in the importance of fairness, democracy and sustainability. And now, at a time of economic and political crisis, we are using radical thinking to take this agenda forward. "

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


"The central England Temperature (CET) from the 1st-7th of December is -1.9, making this the coldest opening week of December since 1879; 1879 is the coldest opening week on CET record, so this week has been the second coldest opening week to December since CET records began in 1659.

The two-week period, last week of November and first week of December is the coldest since CET records began in 1659. "

H/T Climate Depot

Many years of cold winters lie ahead

The Irish Times - Tuesday, November 30, 2010
"CLIMATE: WE ARE likely to experience several years of colder winters with more frequent cold spells similar to the current conditions, according to a UK climate expert.The change comes as a result of a link between the sun and the high altitude jet stream winds, explained Prof Mike Lockwood of the department of meteorology at the University of Reading.He and colleagues have established a link between low solar activity and a phenomenon known as “jet stream blocking”.

Public Warning: Solar Climate Change for Mid December

Climate Realists
"This is a first for this site, we are posting a Public Warning for a "Winter" Solar Climate Change. Piers and I have agreed to display this information as there is potential "life threatening" conditions that will be underestimated by the media (inc. Met Office) within the next 7-10 days. With the aid of this forecast we hope to give some advance warning to those of you who are already suffering hardship and warn you of a very real risk of further and even bigger snow storms and blizzard conditions set for Scotland & England and Eastern Europe NEXT WEEK.

Please spread news of this forecast to all of those who are vunerable and try to ensure that food supplies are sufficiant to cope with this impending crisis."

Book: Frozen Britain: How the Big Freeze of 2010 is the Beginning of Britain's New Mini Ice Age by Gavin Cooke

Britain to endure record cold snap as forecasters predict another FORTNIGHT of sub-zero temperatures

Daily Mail

# Scotland bringing in Army to snow from blanketed streets
# Icy roads ahead in UK with showers of snow, sleet and rain to fall
# Overnight lows of -15C in Scotland and -5C in England expected
# Experts say cold snap is 'once in a lifetime' (ED: They said that last year too)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

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Flooding rains put a dampener on warmist madness

Climate Change Dispatch (Australia)
"Meanwhile, back home, we're counting the cost of this green frenzy.

The Queensland Government, for example, has just mothballed its desal plant, which it was persuaded to build by warmists who swore warming would dry the rains.But now Brisbane's dams are full to overflowing.How did we ever succumb to the madness? Actually, WikiLeaks may help us understand, having now published leaked US diplomatic cables revealing Big Government funds whole nations to give in to the warming faith.It's man-made, all right, this climate of opinion - made by an army of salvation seekers, rent seekers and pleasure seekers now doing the samba in Cancun while we sandbag towns from the floods they told us not to expect."

Big freeze causes havoc in Scotland

"Roads across Scotland's central belt were brought to a standstill by ice and up to a foot of snow.Some 150 teachers, parents and pupils spent the night at a school in south Lanarkshire after the Arctic weather prevented them from making the journey home.Stewart Stevenson, the Scottish Transport Minister, admitted the gridlock which left scores stranded on the M8 and up to 500 vehicles stuck on the M80 and A80 roads, was not a "crowning glory" for the country but claimed the weather constituted "the worst snow and ice conditions since the 1960s".

Quote of the Week – “weather is not climate”, flaming edition

"Professor Steig must still be angry about his paper being effectively rebutted, because he launched a rather bizarre rant of the “weather is not climate” meme about the author’s website, while at the very same time labeling Mike Smith a “liar” and “dishonest” in the context of a book professor Steig has never read."

2010 - An Unexceptional El Nino Year

"If the media headlines are to be believed 2010 is heading to be either the warmest or in the top three warmest years since the instrumental global temperature records began 150 years ago, and proof that the world is getting ever warmer. But looking more closely at the data reveals a different picture."

Brrrrr! It's the Warmest Year Ever!

"What Brigstocke would like to us to believe, channeling the Met Office and apologists for the global warming industry generally, is that the world continues to get hotter and hotter, whatever the evil climate change deniers to say. So here are some facts to put the Met Office’s claims into perspective, courtesy of Dr David Whitehouse for the Global Warming Policy Foundation. ...."

Monday, 6 December 2010

New peer reviewed paper shows just how bad the climate models really are

"One of the biggest, if not the biggest issues of climate science skepticism is the criticism of over-reliance on computer model projections to suggest future outcomes. In this paper, climate models were hindcast tested against actual surface observations, and found to be seriously lacking. .."

Alarmist Doomsday warning of rising seas 'was wrong', says Met Office study

Daily Mail
"Alarming predictions that global warming could cause sea levels to rise 6ft in the next century are wrong, it has emerged.The forecast made by the influential 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which would have seen cities around the world submerged by water, now looks ‘unlikely’.A Met Office study also rules out the shutdown of the Atlantic Ocean’s conveyor belt, which would trigger Arctic winters in Britain like those seen in the film The Day After Tomorrow."
ED: the comments that follow say it all...
I invite everyone here to try an experiment. Get a glass, half fill it with ice cubes, then top it up right to the brim with water. leave it in a warm room for a few hours. If it overflows, The IPC were right. If it doesn't. they were wrong. It won't, but try it yourself and see. If they had studied something as basic as Archimedes' Principle they would have realised that melting ice will not increase, or change sea levels, since the ice displaces it's own weight in water anyway, but applying common scientific principles which have been known and understood for over two thousand yeas is beyond them.
Having spent most of my working making things for the greater good of mankind, I really feel it is time we put an end to these scientists. They know absoultely nothing. There is a massive conspiracy going on. It is all a scam......"

Sunday, 5 December 2010

What happened to the 'warmest year on record': The truth is global warming has halted

Daily Mail
"The maths isn't complicated. If the planet were going to be six degrees hotter by the century's end, it should be getting warmer by 0.6 degrees each decade; if two degrees, then by 0.2 degrees every ten years. Fortunately, it isn't.Actually, with the exception of 1998 - a 'blip' year when temperatures spiked because of a strong 'El Nino' effect (the cyclical warming of the southern Pacific that affects weather around the world) - the data on the Met Office's and CRU's own websites show that global temperatures have been flat, not for ten, but for the past 15 years.They go up a bit, then down a bit, but those small rises and falls amount to less than their measuring system's acknowledged margin of error. They have no statistical significance and reveal no evidence of any trend at all."

Prof Brian Cox: prettier than Brigstocke but just as wrong

"Martin Durkin is a hero of mine, not just for his courage in making the first mainstream British TV programme seriously to challenge the idea of Man Made Global Warming – The Great Global Warming Swindle – but also for the equally brilliant programme he made on our eye-wateringly vast national debt, Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story.

So I’m delighted to be able to put up a guest post of his on the subject of a recent drubbing he had from top celebrity particle-physicist Brian Cox. Cox (not to be confused with the scary man who played the original Hannibal Lecter) has become one of TV’s favourite science pin-ups because not only does he look a bit like a pop star but he actually was one once in D:Ream (unofficial court composers to New Labour thanks to their party anthem Things Can Only Get Better). Unfortunately, it seems, there are one or two things that our Brian doesn’t quite get about Climategate and peer review: as Durkin will now explain. ..."

Has Charles Dickens shaped our perception of climate change?

"Note: This essay originally appeared last January on The Air Vent. Given our current winter, it as just as prescient now as it was then, so I’m reposting it here. Thanks to Verity Jones and Charles the Moderator for bringing it to my attention – Anthony"

The $7-billion carbon scam

Climate Realists
"Scam artists from around the world, capitalizing on lax regulations at the Danish emissions trading registry, have made off with an estimated $7-billion over the last two years, according to Europol. Denmark’s Office of the Auditor General is now investigating the fraud, which occurred after the Danish registry dropped requirements that carbon traders be documented. While allowing a free-for-all served the carbon market on the short term, by appearing to inflate the interest in carbon as a commodity, it ultimately backfired when much of the trading proved to be phony, designed to artificially inflate the value of carbon.

Aided by lax rules, the Danish emissions registry became the world’s largest, with 1256 registered permit traders, most of them fake. As one example, a registered trader used a London parking lot as his address. Following the discovery of the scam, some 1100 of these have been de-registered, leaving scant few traders in the Danish market.

The Danish Minister of Climate and Energy who oversaw the illusory growth in the carbon market, Connie Hedegaard, has since been promoted to the post of EU Climate Commissioner. She is now in Cancun, representing the EU’s interests and arguing for steps that the global community needs to take for the carbon industry to regain credibility."

Britain braced for the return of the big freeze: Temperatures down to -15C tonight (and chaos will last for two weeks)

Daily Mail

"With some areas covered by up to one metre of snow forecasters said Britain had already seen the deepest and most widespread snowfall for December since 1981.And if the temperatures remain below average for the rest of the month it could also become the coldest on record since 1981, when temperatures dropped to -25c.Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan said: 'Through the week daytime temperatures are going to really struggle to get above freezing and double-digit negatives by night.
'It could get to as low as -15c (5f) in the north with generally -5c (23f) to -10c (14f) in many places over the next two or three nights.
'This looks set to continue until next weekend, when the weather should become milder again.
'The mild weather won't last though. It'll become very cold once again with temperatures dipping below freezing.'

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Cancun climate conference: the warmists' last Mexican wave

"The global warming scare was fun while it lasted, but the joke's over, says Christopher Booker. .....What we are seeing here is one of the greatest collective flights from reality in the history of the human race. As western Europe shivers to a halt and our energy bills soar through the roof, the time has come when we should all start to get seriously angry with our politicians for being carried away by all this claptrap.

Why, for instance, when our public debt is still rising by £3 billion a week, do we allow our Government to ring-fence £2.9 billion of our money to help the developing world to build useless wind turbines and solar panels?

Why do we tolerate a Parliament which blithely commits us to spending £18.3 billion every year for 40 years under the Climate Change Act, without having the faintest idea how we are going to keep our lights on?

The global warming scare may have been fun for the children while it lasted. But the time has come for the joke to be declared well and truly over.

Hamilton gets his proof: money is indeed corrupting the warming debate

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun (Australia)
"Greens candidate Professor Clive Hamilton warns that wicked sceptics are being covertly funded by Big Oil Big Carbon: ........But WikiLeaks reveals that covert funding is what’s actually propping up the warmists, with the US bribing poor nations to get on the global warming bandwagon: The US diplomatic cables reveal how the US seeks dirt on nations opposed to its approach to tackling global warming; how financial and other aid is used by countries to gain political backing; .... and how the US mounted a secret global diplomatic offensive to overwhelm opposition to the controversial “Copenhagen accord”, the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009

The ultimate lock-in: Seven trapped in Yorkshire pub for last EIGHT days as forecasters warn Big Freeze will go on for at least another week

Daily Mail

"While thousands braved the cold to begin their Christmas shopping, seven people in North Yorkshire are praying for better weather after being snowed into a pub for eight days and counting.Heavy snow showers and strong winds have left the group stuck in the Lion Inn pub in Blakey Ridge, Kirkbymoorside since last Friday, with little chance of an escape.Drifts of up to 16ft blocked the inn's doors and windows, with the surrounding roads impassable, and to make matters worse, the stranded seven's cars are buried under nine foot of snow."

Friday, 3 December 2010

A Year After Climategate, The Corruption Of Science Persists

"The worst nonsense after the scandal was this: "Well, some climate scientists committed a few minor transgressions but the basic science is sound." In fact, the basic science is nonexistent.

There is no evidence that mankind is changing the climate in a dangerous way. The slight warming of the p ast 150 years is no different from previous natural warming periods, such as the worldwide medieval warm period from about 900 to 1200AD. Global warming and cooling are closely correlated to variations in the sun, especially in its emission of charged particles. Carbon dioxide (CO² ), a harmless, natural gas upon which green plants depend, is a feeble greenhouse gas. Its only significant absorption band (15 micron) is saturated, so adding more to the atmosphere has a small and diminishing effect."

So what’s to talk about at Cancun now?

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"The world’s climate negotiations in Cancun were faced with deadlock at their outset yesterday after Japan insisted it would not agree to renewing the Kyoto Protocol, the current treaty under which rich countries are cutting their emissions of greenhouse gases. ....Sounds definitive to me. So Indian and China won’t sign a deal which restricts their emissions, and the US and Japan won’t sign one that won’t.

And still we hear this babble in Australia about an international deal being in the offing. "

Signs that show Man Made Global Warming is Definitely Still Happening

"As your boiler breaks down, your pipes freeze, your car won’t start, your Ocado delivery fails to arrive, your train is cancelled, your neck is broken after slipping on black ice and you lie in an emergency ward waiting for a doctor to turn up only to learn that they’re all off today because of the weather, you might be forgiven for thinking that all this has something to do with global cooling, changes in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and the decline in sunspot activity perhaps auguring a new Maunder minimum.

But you couldn’t be more wrong.

“It’s all actually a sign that man made global warming is very much a live issue and that there’s more of it happening than ever,” says a top scientist, who holds the British record for securing grant-funding for global warming research projects so he must know what he’s talking about.

“Look at the Met office,” the scientist goes on. “They’ve just told us that 2010 is the hottest year since records began in 1850 and even though the stupid Central England Temperature record tells us something quite different and even though the year hasn’t actually finished yet they must know what they’re talking about and they definitely can’t have fiddled the data because the Met office is part of the government and they wouldn’t lie or get things wrong which is why that barbecue summer was such a scorcher.”

This is a very, very serious situation.

Graham White says:
December 2, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Piers Corbyn’s Weather Action site correctly predicted last winter’s Arctic weather event in the UK – he accurately predicted that the country would have a ‘severe arctic event’ around January 6th-12th – which it did.

We have now had more than 8 days of serious snowfall and bitter winds on the East Coast – the snow is piled 4feet deep around the walls of my house – and Corbyn is forecasting that this ‘is not just a short cold snap;. He says it will last for a good three months – with extreme cold throughout December, January and February – possibly longer. If that turns out to be true, the UK is in deep, deep trouble. The road and rail network has broken down completely after less than a week; supermarkets cannot restock with milk and basic foods; farmers cannot feed livestock in the fields and neither can they harvest winter vegetable crops, which are now buried under feet of snow.
This is a very, very serious situation.

(From WUWT comments)


Daily Express
"As the DfT’s last report affirms one reason we have been so unprepared for the past three winters has been the obsession of our government and other authorities with global warming. They kept listening to climate change campaigners warning that Britain will heat up four or five degrees and believed we would never have cold weather again.

They wrote reports suggesting ways of coping with heatwaves such as planting palm trees to keep the pavements cool but ignored the threat of snow and ice.

If global warming is happening – and the clear downwards trend in temperatures in Britain over the past three years certainly doesn’t add to the evidence – it is a pretty slow process and one which a rich country such as Britain ought to have little difficultly coping with.

The snow and ice by contrast are here now. They are stopping people getting to school and work. It is time our authorities shook off their can’t-do attitude and started investing in the means to do what much colder countries seem to achieve effortlessly: keeping the nation moving."

Norway’s coldest November in living memory

"On the whole, Norway has therefore experienced the coldest month of November since 1919, with the full 3.57 degrees below the normal level. Because the norm is regarded as cold , this is a very big difference!"

UK Covered in snow, for the second winter


"The University of Dundee’s satellite receiving station captured this image of how the heavy snow of the past week has affected the UK.

The picture, which was received at 1145 GMT on Thursday from Nasa satellite Terra, shows almost the entire country covered by a blanket of snow."

UK in grip of coldest winter for 30 years

"Temperatures in big-freeze Britain were on a par with the South Pole today after the country suffered its coldest night of the winter so far. And forecasters say there's no change in prospect. "

God, I hope not

"When the facts on the ground start to make it clear that things are actually getting Really Bad, it’s time to shove all the “clap trap” aside and start to prepare for the worst and / or figure out how to do a ‘rescue’ (or ‘self rescue’).

So the snow was “fun” for a day or two. But if that report is correct, we’re heading toward cold without fuel and stores without food. Very much double plus ungood…

When agriculture fails, the rest of society follows in short order.

So, my best wishes to those in “Merry Old England”, and best of luck to those in Scotland. Good wishes to those in the rest of the UK. And may Ireland find a fair wind at it’s back… one from over the Gulf Stream, preferably.. "

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nuclear is Julia’s only real hope

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun (Australia)
"You see, it’s actually nuclear power—not same-sex marriage—that can save Gillard and Labor from destruction. Before I nail her lie, here’s a warning to Gillard from yesterday’s paper. Hundreds of thousands of Victorian households will be forced to pay up to $150 more for electricity and gas from January 1.

And from last week’s:

Rocketing power prices are pushing hundreds of thousands of Victorians into “fuel poverty”. An estimated 211,000 households are already pouring more than 10 per cent of disposable income into electricity bills . . .

But I don’t need to tell Gillard that the bungling and green follies of Labor governments, state and federal, have helped force bills so high that her party may soon be turfed out of office everywhere. .....The mega-problem is that Labor is still sticking to its mad promise to cut the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 5 per cent of 2000 levels by 2020, to “save” an impassive planet from man-made global warming. That may not sound much, but in fact means cutting the gases of every man, woman, child, factory and farting cow by a third. ..."