"Carbon (Dioxide) trading is now the fastest growing commodities market on earth.....And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon (dioxide) market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one. Since the market revolves around creating carbon (dioxide) credits, or finding carbon (dioxide) reduction projects whose benefits can then be sold to those with a surplus of emissions, it is entirely intangible." (Telegraph)

This blog has been tracking the 'Global Warming Scam' for over ten years now. There are a very large number of articles being published in blogs and more in the MSM who are waking up to the fact the public refuse to be conned any more and are objecting to the 'green madness' of governments and the artificially high price of energy. This blog will now be concentrating on the major stories as we move to the pragmatic view of 'not if, but when' and how the situation is managed back to reality. To quote Professor Lindzen, "a lot of people are going to look pretty silly"

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Saturday, 30 April 2011

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Climate change spending at risk of fraud and corruption

"Multi-billion pound spending on climate change and carbon markets could be wasted because of significant corruption and fraud, according to charity Transparency International. ..In a report to be released today the anti-corruption group will warn that all of the 20 countries most affected by climate change score badly on its corruption index.The industries likely to benefit from the $100bn spending on anti-climate change measures include forestry and agriculture. Transparency International is warning its is these industries that could be targeted by fraudsters."

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Broken Consensus On Climate Change

"Climate change has become the third rail of Australian politics: hazardous, untouchable and normally lethal. What Ross Garnaut described as the most diabolical public policy issue of our age has, for Australian politicians at least, become the most diabolical political issue as well."

EPA Blatantly Lying To Children

Real Science
"Ocean temperatures are below normal. Mountains have record snow. The 1880s-1910s had much worse forest fires. The US was hotter in the 1930s. There is no evidence that rain and snow patterns are outside of normal variability. There is no evidence that plant life cycles are outside the normal range of variability. Sea level has been rising for 18,000 years, and is currently rising very slowly around the US, if at all. Glaciers have been melting for 18,000 years. "

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Climategate Inquiries: Whitewash Or Greenwash?

"Just last week, the UK Daily Telegraph reported that Globe International was funded in substantial part by the British government. One grant from the Department for International Development sent £91,240 (AUS$140,000) into its coffers.

So in essence, the British Government is paying a not-for-profit environmental organisation to lobby the British Government on environmental policy. It’s all rather weirdly incestuous."

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Indoctrinating our children at school.....

Learning the Impact of Climate Change: Tasks (Australia)
"Details of tasks for a Tasmanian high school’s Grade 8 Society and History class on “learning the impact of climate change” (note that all punctuation is reproduced exactly): .......Changing our climate - How Can You Help?
Create a poster outlining how students of [the] High School can change our climate. What can they do at school and at home to reduce their impact of global warming? This can be presented as a poster that could go on display in the school. Create some visual reminders that can be put up in classrooms around the school to encourage people to work together to reduce our impact.
" ......

Climate change just happens (Bishop Hill)

The UN “disappears” yet another inconvenient climate claim, and once again, botches the cover up

"It seems there’s a purge on at the UN to remove failed climate claims. Last week it was the 50 million climate refugees that never materialized and was covered up, this week it’s the poor of Africa they’ve “disappeared”. This one I stumbled upon quite by accident, doing some research for my previous story: World opinion on global warming: not so hot. .......So I decided to ask the question: How hard is Africa being hit by climate change? I recalled a catchphrase “Africa hit hard by global warming” that I had read before, so I decided to start with that. My first Google search produced the answer in the form of a UNEP report from 2001, except…. the report isn’t there. But, according to Google cache, it was there just a few days ago. See the process of discovery below. "

The Russians are coming

Dr Richard North
"The Climategate story just got bigger – from Rionovosta, via the Ria Novosti agency, posted on Icecap and sent to us from the CEI in Washington (ain't the internet wonderful!). It explains how the Met Office Hadley Centre appears to have been cherry-picking Russian temperature data, to pick the stations which show the warmer temperatures ... a variation on "hide the decline".

James Delingpole is running with it ... and here, plus Big Government has an interesting piece. Now also done by WUWT. The original paper is here (in Russian), with a rough machine translation here.

Steve McIntyre also blogs it, linking it with the CRU e-mails showing that Phil Jones, acting as a reviewer of the CRU data used in the HadCRUT gridded temperature, "went to town” to block the publication of criticisms of his handling of Russian data."

Climategate goes SERIAL: now the Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated data to exaggerate global warming

"Climategate just got much, much bigger. And all thanks to the Russians who, with perfect timing, dropped this bombshell just as the world’s leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to discuss ways of carbon-taxing us all back to the dark ages.

Feast your eyes on this news release from Rionovosta, via the Ria Novosti agency, posted on Icecap. (Hat Tip: Richard North) .....One the final page, there is a chart that shows that CRU’s selective use of 25% of the data created 0.64C more warming than simply using all of the raw data would have done. The complete set of data show 1.4C rise since 1860, the CRU set shows 2.06C rise over the same period."
Russian IEA claims CRU tampered with climate data – cherrypicked warmest stations (WUWT)

HadCRUT Cherry-Picked Warm Russian Data

Real Science
"(Russian) Analysts say Russian meteorological stations cover most of the country’s territory, and that the Hadley Center had used data submitted by only 25% of such stations in its reports. Over 40% of Russian territory was not included in global-temperature calculations for some other reasons, rather than the lack of meteorological stations and observations."

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

China is the Potemkin village of the warmists

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Remember how Julia Gillard tried to tell us China was switching to green energy, so Australia should ,too? .....Remember how the Greens kept claiming China shamed us in its move to renewable energy?... Bjorn Lomborg explodes this great deceit:
"....China indeed invests more than any other nation in environmentally friendly energy production: $34 billion in 2009, or twice as much as the United States. Almost all of its investment, however, is spent producing green energy for Western nations that pay heavy subsidies for consumers to use solar panels and wind turbines. ....Wind today generates just 0.05 percent of China’s energy, and solar is responsible for one-half of one-thousandth of 1 percent.

The avoided carbon emissions from all of China’s solar and wind generation — even maintained over the entire century — would lower temperatures in 2100 by 0.00002 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the equivalent, based on mainstream climate models, of delaying temperature rises at the end of the century by around five hours."

What next, a Tax on Water?

Climate Realists
""Both carbon dioxide and water are recycled via the atmosphere, and both make our climate liveable. Carbon dioxide is an invisible gas that has a tiny climatic effect. But water in all its forms such as vapour, clouds, oceans, rivers, rain, hail, snow and ice is vastly more abundant and influential in causing changes in weather and climate.

"If we need a "carbon pollution tax" to reduce global temperature we surely need a "water pollution tax" to reduce snowstorms and floods?"........
....So a new scare slogan was invented – "Climate Change". No new theory was invented to support it – but innocent carbon dioxide was still the villain, but now any change, flood or drought, snow or heat wave, even earthquakes, locust swarms and bush fires could be blamed on "Climate Change" - the marvellous scare that could never be proven wrong.

But people started to say "But Climate Change is the way of the natural world. Flood and famine, ice age and warming have always been with us and we and all of our ancestors have coped."


Bishop Hill
"Here's a fascinating new tool - It allows you to enter the text of a press release and find out how much of it was copied and pasted by UK newspapers.

I tried a Friends of the Earth press release about small-scale energy generation and found that around half ended up unaltered in (guess where)...the Guardian.

Or what about a Greenpeace press release about taking the government to court over deep water drilling. Well, roughly three quarters found its way to (a) the Independent (b) The BBC and (c) the Scotsman."

WWF’s Chief Spokesperson Joins IPCC

Donna Laframboise (Canada)
"The latest edition, AR5, is expected to completed in 2013. Its personnel were announced by the IPCC last June. By then that organization had already been wounded by the Himalayan glacier scandal, which involved faulty information published in a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) document. A few critics had also, by that time, shone light on the IPCC’s not infrequent use of literature produced by organizations such as the WWF and Greenpeace.

But the IPCC, it has been observed, is a slow learner. If this were not the case there’s no way it would have appointed Jennifer Morgan as an AR5 review editor."

Quote of the week – Note to UEA and CRU: get a clue

"You’d think that after all the pain and suffering caused by Climategate to the University of East Anglia and the Climate Research Unit, these guys would have a clue. You’d think that they’d want to get the monkey off their backs, and move on to other research, other issues, instead of repeating the same behavior that got them into trouble in the first place. As the late great John Belushi might say: But nooooooooo!

Steve McIntyre sums it up succinctly:

The easiest way for the climate science to “move on” would be to voluntarily disclose the list of sites and the regional chronology rather than fighting FOI tooth-and-nail. This request is not going to disappear."

Monday, 25 April 2011

Wrong advice, wrong policy

Quadrant Online (Australia)
"There has never been a comprehensive independent scientific review of any IPCC report by a member government or by an official audit body. Nonetheless, the following five events, drawn from a much larger group of happenings, have demonstrated to all the political nature of the IPCC and its scientific advisers, and greatly damaged the credibility of the organisation as a source of accurate policy advice on climate change:

In December, 2008, 103 scientists, including 24 Emeritus Professors, wrote to the Secretary General of the United Nations about what they saw as the unsubstantiated, alarmist projections of warming by the IPCC, concluding that the “approach of curbing CO2 emissions is likely to increase human suffering from future climate change rather than to decrease it - because attempts to drastically cut CO2 emissions will seriously slow development”.

In November, 2009, the leaking of the “Climategate” papers drew public attention to the malfeasant way in which scientists at the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, undertook their research on the IPCC’s global temperature record;

During 2010, a group of more than 40 Fellows of the Royal Society of London insisted on a revision of the Society’s (formerly alarmist) statement on global warming; the revised document acknowledged, inter alia, that ”It is not possible to determine exactly how much the Earth will warm or exactly how the climate will change in the future …”.

In February this year, 36 leading US scientists wrote an open-letter to Congress in which they disagreed with the IPCC’s conclusions, citing 678 peer-reviewed references in support; and

Also this year, a large group of members of the American Physics Society described the IPCC account of climate change as an “international fraud, the largest we have ever seen”.

It is clear, therefore, that large groups of highly qualified, professional persons exist who reject both the IPCC’s dangerous global warming paradigm, and also the need for government action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions."

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hail the MSM

Dr Richard North
"There is a shadowy organisation called Globe International, doncha know. Among its principle (sic) backers are a charity set up by the Swedish multi-millionaire Niklas Zennstrom, founder of the internet phone service Skype, and British-born wealth fund manager Jeremy Grantham, whose personal clients include Dick Cheney and John Kerry. ...We now know this because of Jason Lewis, Investigations Editor. And there is real glory for you. I wonder if he gets a special badge. Anyhow, the great Jason Lewis tells us all about it in today's edition of The Sunday Failygraph. How lucky we are to have a real, live "Investigations Editor" on the job.But for his brilliance and his stunning tenacity, we lowly plebs might have had to make do with the Booker column of 27 Mar 2010. Even worse, to eke out our miserable existence, we might have been driven to The Register on 24 March 2010, or even a lowly blog on the same day.Fortunately, we don't need to rely on such low-grade, derivative sources. Thanks to the brilliance of MSM editors of the likes of Jason Lewis, our meagre lives our now made whole. How can we possibly express sufficient gratitude to him and his wonderful newspaper for reaching down to tell us a fraction of the story, over a year later?

What would we do without the MSM? How could we survive? We should all kneel down and offer a silent prayer, in recognition of our good fortune.

This is really funny

Dr Richard North
"The thief Elliot Morley on the BBC website setting out reasons why the current financial crisis offers a unique opportunity for us to clean up our act. The date is 21 October 2008. I guess if he asked to do a guest slot now, he wouldn't get exactly the same response."

The Telegraph “gets it” about Climategate investigations and the conflict of interest of publicly funded media


Lord Oxburgh, the organisation’s director, was called in to head an internal inquiry into the leaked emails which included one infamous message referring to a “trick” to “hide the decline” in global temperatures.

The peer’s investigation cleared the scientists of malpractice. But critics claimed the report was a whitewash and Lord Oxburgh also failed to declare his involvement with Globe before he began his investigation."

.....While I had suspicions before, after reviewing these two posts on “contract” and “expenses” for the Oxburgh report at CA, followed by Bishop Hill’s “When is a contract not a contract?“, I believe now that these investigations were complete whitewashes, bought and paid for. It is just that simple."

NASA keeps mum on data that could disprove anthropogenic global warming theory

The Hockey Schtick
"While most NASA data is made available on the internet within a few months of collection and analysis, for some reason NASA NVAP water vapor data -which could either support or undermine the theory of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming- is not going to be officially released for up to 12 years since collection. Is it too much to ask that NASA finishes its analysis and releases this data before the world spends trillions on a potentially non-existent problem?".

Lobbyists who cleared 'Climategate' academics funded by taxpayers and the BBC

"Now Globe is planning a mass lobby of the United Nations Rio 2012 summit in Brazil, where world leaders will discuss climate change, by holding a World Summit of Legislators in the city to coincided with the event.

Next week the group's current President Lord Deben, the former Tory Cabinet Minister John Gummer, is due to launch a major report on climate change policy alongside Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary.

Globe has also recently held behind-closed-doors meetings with William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, and other senior Coalition ministers.

Last year two prominent experts linked to Globe were drawn into the controversy over emails leaked from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit.

Lord Oxburgh, the organisation's director, was called in to head an internal inquiry into the leaked emails which included one infamous message referring to a "trick" to "hide the decline" in global temperatures.

The peer's investigation cleared the scientists of malpractice. But critics claimed the report was a whitewash and Lord Oxburgh also failed to declare his involvement with Globe before he began his investigation.

Meanwhile Bob Ward, from the Grantham Institute, which works alongside Globe, praised a second inquiry by former civil servant Muir Russell, which also cleared the climate researchers.

He said it had "lifted the cloud of suspicion" and demonstrated that "the integrity of climate science is intact."

Globe Internationals' influential supporters include:

President: Lord Deben, former Tory Agriculture Minister John Gummer. Paid expenses.

Vice President: Barry Gardiner MP. Ex-environment Min. Regular club class flight. Daughter works for Globe.

Former President: Elliot Morley, ex-environment minister facing jail for expenses fraud.

Former President: former Cabinet Minister Stephen Byers who described himself as a “cab for hire” for lobbyists.

Director: Lord Oxburgh, appointed to oversee the internal investigation into Climategate affair. Failed to declare his link to Globe.

General Secretary: Adam Matthews. Works in the House of Lords former Met Office boss Lord Hunt. Previously worked as a researcher of Barry Gardiner.

Globe’s chief economist: Dr Sam Fankhauser is an “independent adviser” to the Government on climate change.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New figures show the lights may go out sooner than we thought

Christopher Booker,Telegraph
"Figures published last week reveal that the moment when Britain’s lights start going out may be much closer than previously predicted. Thanks in part to the hammering they took in the abnormal cold of last winter, six large coal-fired power stations which supply a fifth of Britain’s average electricity needs have now used up more than half of the 20,000 running hours they are each allowed under the EU’s Large Combustion Plants directive. When they reach that limit they will have to shut down.

Furthermore, in two years’ time, the Government’s new “carbon tax” will make them £600 million a year more expensive to run. Their mainly German owners will therefore want to use up as many of those hours as possible before a charge of £16 for every ton of CO2 they emit comes into force in 2013. ....Ever since the Blair government’s disastrous 2003 Energy White Paper, which in effect turned its back on replacing coal-fired and nuclear power stations in favour of renewable energy, it has been clear that we would eventually face a 40 per cent shortfall in our electricity supplies."

Failed Mirth Earth Day predictions

"Via iHateTheMedia, here are a few of the predictions made on the first Earth Day. Don’t these sound like the predictions today that fail, like the 50 million climate refugees by 2010 followed by the moving of the goalposts to 2020?"

Electricity firms get £100m for nothing

"And despite ceasing to produce electricity, the energy companies still receive the carbon credits which they can trade on international markets – giving substantial windfalls. All the named companies announced temporary or permanent shut-downs in recent weeks – just after this year's carbon allowances were handed out by February 28."

Britain's Carbon Scam

"Major energy companies have been given free carbon allowances worth more than £100m this year for closed or mothballed power stations – despite the fact that the plants are producing little or no emissions."

Friday, 22 April 2011

Where’s The Oil! Deepwater Horizon One Year Later

"But fortunately for the environment (and unfortunately for the environmentalists) the Deepwater Horizon disaster turned out to be all hype. Today, just a year later, it is difficult to find any of the spilled oil. Within just a few months the true scale of the spill became known, read here, for example. When compared to the shear volume of the Gulf of Mexico, the 800 million liters of spilled oil turn out to be comparable to a few drops of oil in an Olympic swimming pool. Indeed concentrations of greasy, yukky sunscreen lotion in a public pool are much higher."

Ka-Ching! More Greenpeace Money

Donna Laframboise (Canada)
"Oh dear, this is getting tedious. Another day another Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) author with ties to Greenpeace. This time the gent in the spotlight is an Australian marine biologist named Ove Hoegh-Guldberg.

After serving as a contributing author to the 2007 climate bible, Hoegh-Guldberg received a big promotion. In the upcoming edition, currently underway and expected to be completed in 2013, he is now a coordinating lead author – the most senior of the IPCC’s three author designations."

We must halt the explosion in population to offer decent life for all, says Sir David Attenborough

Daily Mail
"Sir David, 84, said the global population is over six billion and will hit nine billion in 30 years, but ‘there seems to be some bizarre taboo around the subject’. ...‘We now realise that the disasters that continue increasingly to afflict the natural world have one element that connects them all – the unprecedented increase in the number of human beings on the planet,' he added. ....The 84-year-old praised controversial 18th century demographer Thomas Malthus, who argued that populations increase until they are halted by 'misery and vice'. He added: ‘The population of the world is now growing by 80 million a year. One and a half million a week. A quarter of a million a day."

Thursday, 21 April 2011

How “peer review” corrupts the warming “science”

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Professor Ross McKitrick on how “peer review” has corrupted the global warming debate:

Starting in 2007, I spent two years trying to publish a paper to refute an important claim in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report (on how real-world data allegedly confirmed models predicting a recent man-made warming).

The claim in question was not just wrong but was based on fabricated evidence. Showing that the claim was fabricated was easy: it suffices merely to quote the section of the report, since no supporting evidence is given....

Clueless New IPCC Policy Ignores Advocacy Literature

Donna Laframboise (Canada)
"But notice what has not found a place on the IPCC’s new unacceptable list – publications produced by advocacy organizations and pressure groups. As in Greenpeace. As in the World Wildlife Fund. In the past, this material has, indeed, been treated as reliable – sometimes it has been the sole source of an IPCC data point (see here and here).

Yet despite the embarrassment this has caused the IPCC (the erroneous Himalayan glacier melt date came from a WWF publication), the IPCC is proposing an update to its policies that utterly ignores this very real, known, and substantive issue. The new guidelines say not one word about these kinds of publications. If one were a suspicious soul, one could conclude that the phrase:

…reports from governments, industry, and other organisations…
in fact leaves the door wide open for the continued use of this sort of material."

Ozone hole “…caused a great deal of the climate change that’s been observed”

"“It’s really amazing that the ozone hole, located so high up in the atmosphere over Antarctica, can have an impact all the way to the tropics and affect rainfall there — it’s just like a domino effect,” said Sarah Kang, Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Columbia Engineering’s Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and lead author of the paper."

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Do CFL twisty bulbs explode?

"Here’s a story that suggests that they can. Like any poorly manufactured or quality controlled product, failures can occur. But with CFL bulbs, there’s additional things that can go wrong over the simple and century long proven incandescent bulb. Read on and see below for some technical details on CFL bulbs. Some “explosive” video also follows. – Anthony"
Mercury Science Fact Sheet (SPPI)
“Climate Saving” CFLs Now Found To Emit Deadly Cancer-Causing Vapours (NoTricksZone)
"It was already widely known that CFLs released deadly mercury, but only if they broke, see here for example, or here on what to do if one breaks. Now, according to the German television news show “Markt“, which will air tomorrow evening at 8:15 pm, CFLs also emit cancer-causing fumes during their operation, principally phenol, which is highly toxic even in small amounts."

How Flannery helped to kill the warming scare

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Puzzled historians will one day ask how the great global warming scare died so suddenly, in mid scream.

“We’re all going to dieaaaargh,” it gargled.

And it did. Right there, leaving the booga-booga Gillard Government looking like a bride at a wedding with no groom.

What happened? How did we go in just three years from being a country in which “everyone” believed we had to Do Something about terrifying man-made warming, to one in which Labor politicians are now widely reviled as dupes and scam-merchants for peddling such a gimme-cash fraud?

Don’t let yourself forget how fast this transformation has been. ...."

Global Warming On Pluto Caused By The Sun (Even 3 Billion Miles Away!)

"The online Financial Times Deutschland reports that a British team of astronomers, led by Jane Greaves of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, have found strong evidence of global warming of Pluto’s atmosphere using the 15-meter James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii. They also detected carbon monoxide in its atmosphere."

At Last: UK Government Reviewing Unilateral Climate Change Act

"Environmental campaigners have condemned the coalition's inclusion of all of Britain's 278 environmental laws in a list of "red tape" regulations considered by the public for the axe.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act, National Park Act, Clean Air Act and the Climate Change Act are among the packages of environmental safeguards included in the "red tape challenge" – a crowdsourcing exercise launched by the government to establish which regulations restrict business in the UK.

All of the UK's more than 21,000 pieces of regulation are included on the government's website for an evaluation. Users are told only the issues of tax and national security are exempted. Participants are assured the "onus" will be on ministers to make the case for keeping a regulation recommended for cutting."

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why is “carbon pollution” not listed as a pollutant by this deceiving government?

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Prime Minister Julia Gillard claims carbon dioxide is “pollution”:

I would reiterate my call to Tony Abbott today not to continue to play the role of wrecker, but to actually join the multi-party committee, which will work through all options for putting a price on carbon pollution in the national interest.


I think calling carbon dioxide a “pollutant” is a deliberate falsehood, intended to deceive. Why else is carbon dioxide not listed as a pollutant by the Gillard Government’s own Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities?

US Greenhouse gas emissions drop to lowest level in 15 years

"As first highlighted by World Climate Report and later by WUWT last week: Now its your electric ice maker in your fridge that’s killing the planet, meanwhile CO2 emissions fall significantly in the USA …this Financial Times story citing the same EIA report is getting some widespread press. It’s all in the headline I suppose. ....Why are we still seeing demands from the EPA for cuts in the USA? Looks like a “Powershift” to me. Let that socialist network and NASA’s Dr. James Hansen go protest CO2 emissions in China. Dr. Hansen has some experience with being arrested in such protests, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind trying out the Chinese legal system to broaden his CV.

Just for fun, WUWT readers should post links to the FT story or the (March2011) report from the US Energy Information Administration (PDF) on the usual agenda driven climate blogs out there and see how many can tolerate it."

Supreme Court signals it will toss out global-warming lawsuit

LA Times (USA)
"WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court justices indicated Tuesday they would throw out a huge global-warming lawsuit brought by six states against coal-fired power plants in the South and Midwest. And they will do so with the support of the Obama administration.

Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal urged the justices to end the lawsuit, insisting the problem of global warming and greenhouse gases is too big and unwieldy for a single judge to handle. It is a regulatory problem for the Environmental Protection Agency, he said."

H/T Climate Depot

Monday, 18 April 2011

Late April Snowstorm Sets New Record

"CHICAGO (CBS)– Barely a week ago, the temperature topped 80 degrees in Chicago. But even though the calendar almost says May now, winter clobbered the area once again and set a new snowfall record.- CBS 2 Meteorologist Megan Glaros says at O’Hare International Airport Monday morning, the total amounted only to 0.6 inches, but even that was enough to set a record for this date. It swept out an earlier record of 0.4 inches, set in 1910."

H/T Climate Depot

UN Embarrassed By Forecast On Climate Refugees

"Six years ago, the United Nations issued a dramatic warning that the world would have to cope with 50 million climate refugees by 2010. But now that those migration flows have failed to materialize, the UN has distanced itself from the forecasts. On the contrary, populations are growing in the regions that had been identified as environmental danger zones. .....But now the UN is distancing itself from the forecast: "It is not a UNEP prediction," a UNEP spokesman told SPIEGEL ONLINE. The forecast has since been removed from UNEP's website. Official statistics show that the population in areas threatened by global warming is actually rising. The expected environmental disasters have yet to materialize."

Debunking the Greenhouse Gas Theory in Three Simple Steps

Climate Realists
"This is the so-called greenhouse effect (GHE) which has been put under the microscope by a team of professors of physics, mathematics, astrophysics, chemistry and biology who joined forces to test the claims of a discredited clique of IPCC government funded climatologists.

This group of 20+ specialist scientists has given the infant (and generalist) science of climatology a much-need shake up. Indeed, the ‘Slayers’ say a monumental paradigm shift is now very much under way.Below, in simplified form, we examine in three parts how their brilliant analysis has eviscerated one of the most costly and mistaken theories of modern science."

Only A Quarter Of Britons Concerned About Climate Change

"Only a quarter of Britons believe climate change is one of the most important environmental issues facing the UK today, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos MORI and released to the Ecologist this week."

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Doing it yourself – the latest unsmoothed global sea level data from JASON shows a sharp downtick and slight downtrend

"Not content to wait, and prodded by another commenter in an online tussle, CA and WUWT regular Roman M decided to find out himself. The results speak for themselves, quite a drop in the latest JASON-1 datapoint, with a general slight downturn in the JASON1-2 data since late 2009:"

Warming not extreme

"This is an interesting article. The gist of it is that ‘recent’ warming in the 20th century was not out of range of normal as compared to other times. Has a couple of nice graphs, too: ....All in all it’s pretty clear that the only thing “unprecidented” about the rate of temperature changes is the hype being shoveled about it."

Those IPCC models seem hot

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Dr. Lucia Liljegren, an atmospheric researcher with the Ames Laboratory at Iowa State University, checks the real-world warming against what the global warming models predicted - and has excellent news.

Since 2001, we’ve actually been cooling (red line), according to the HadCrut3 data of the UK Met Office, when the models of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted strong warming (black line): "

Saturday, 16 April 2011

What climate refugees? What map? What dud predictions?

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Gavin Atkins exposes another dud prediction by the United Nations’ warmists - who immediately start erasing all trace of their latest boo-boo:

The United Nations Environment Programme has tried to erase one of its glaring failed predictions about climate refugees by removing a a map from its website purporting to show where 50 million climate refugees will come from by 2010.

After Asian Correspondent reviewed its findings earlier this week,… the website which is maintained by GRID-Arendal, an official United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) collaborating centre, has now deleted the map.

What’s more, the error message dishonestly claims:

Dear visitor, it seems like the map you are navigating by is maybe not fully up-to-date, or that it might have an error in it, or is it that your GPS is not loaded with the correct data?

So first we’re missing those millions of climate refugees that UNEP predicted, and now we’re missing the map showing where they’d come from. "
ED: WUWT has the map....

UN Scrubs Errant 50 Million Global Warming Refugees Prediction From Website

Climate Change Dispatch
"As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, the United Nations in 2005 wrongly predicted there would be 50 million environmental refugees by the end of the previous decade as a result of global warming. Aaron Worthing noticed Friday that the 'handy map" the U.N. had created to identify places most at risk for such population migrations has been removed:"

The UN “disappears” 50 million climate refugees, then botches the disappearing attempt

"Hoo boy, government bureaucratic idiocy at its finest. Not only is the original claim bogus, the attempts to disappear it are hilariously inept. Apparently, they’ve never heard of Google Cache at the UN. Rather than simply say “we were wrong”, they’ve now brought even more distrust onto the UN."

Friday, 15 April 2011

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Biggest Drop in U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

World Climate Report
"Now, consider that currently China adds to its total CO2 emissions an equivalent of 10% of the U.S. baseline emissions each year. So, if everything went according to plan, as the U.S. worked to reduce its emissions by 20% by 2020, China meanwhile will have increased their total by about quadruple that amount. And the numbers get worse from there.

So you can see the inherent silliness in using “climate change” as a reason for pushing for reductions in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions."

Australia the Highest Emitter of Carbon Dioxide?

Impact of Climate Change (Australia)
"The Hon. Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia (and, miserabile dictu, a proven liar), says that Australia is the highest emitter of carbon dioxide, per capita, in the developed world. See, for instance, “Labor’s Tax Strategy” paper (p. 2): ......So, Julia Gillard, Greg Combet, and other ministers of this egregiously incompetent Government—backed by the predominantly proskynetic lickspittles in the media—are either willfully and unpardonably ignorant of the facts or mischievously, deliberately, wickedly deceiving the people whom they have sworn to serve faithfully."

Now its your electric ice maker in your fridge that’s killing the planet, meanwhile CO2 emissions fall significantly in the USA

"Jeez Louise, what a load of bollocks from Time Magazine. .....And these morons at Time magazine are worried about the few extra watts of electrcity used in my electric ice maker and trying to make me feel guilty about it?

I can’t print what I’d like to say."

900+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism Of "Man-Made" Global Warming (AGW) Alarm

"Read: The following papers support skepticism of AGW or AGW Alarm defined as, "concern relating to a negative environmental or socio-economic effect of AGW, usually exaggerated as catastrophic."

Thursday, 14 April 2011

'Eco-friendly' biofuels may do more harm than good

Daily Mail
"The switch to biofuels was supposed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuel and prevent dangerous man-made climate change. But the new report shows that their speedy introduction has been a disaster.Professor Joyce Tait, of Edinburgh University, who led the study, said: 'Biofuels are one of the only renewable alternatives we have for transport fuels such as petrol and diesel, but current policies and targets that encourage their uptake have backfired badly.'The rapid expansion of biofuels production in the developing world has led to problems such as deforestation and the displacement of indigenous people."

Bio Fools Fiasco (GWPF)
"Biofuels were once thought to be the answer to global warming, but have actually harmed the environment they were supposed to protect, according to research by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics."

Another small milestone for WUWT

"75 million. The word “hits” isn’t really accurate, as it implies total HTTP requests of which there may be several in an HTML page (images, elements, etc). Whole technologies are dedicated to minimizing the number of HTTP requests per page.

The Blog Stats measure on the WUWT sidebar is actually full page views, not “hits” or HTTP requests."

Greenhouse Gas Theory Discredited by 'Coolant' Carbon Dioxide

John O'Sullivan
"Professor Nasif Nahle found something deeply troubling about the man-made global warming theory (AGW). He explains, “I started out wanting to debunk those deniers of science.” Nahle had originally believed that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) were warming the atmosphere until he found an incorrect assumption on the Greenhouse Effect hypothesis. Invited to attend a televised debate on the Indonesian Tsunami that addressed whether global warming was a factor in that catastrophe, Nahle checked the validity of calculations into the so-called greenhouse effect. “That was when I saw it was junk science.”

CO2 Cools Damp Air (E M Smith)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thank Goodness: Britain Set To Veto EU Carbon Tax Plans

"The British government is "highly likely" to block European Commission proposals for a carbon tax contained in a widely-circulated draft version of the Energy Taxation Directive, EU diplomatic sources said yesterday (12 April).

"Without saying that we will definitely kill this thing before it is born, I think it is highly likely that we will block it," a diplomat from one member state told EurActiv."

You could not make it up... or could you?

Daily Mail
Climate change blamed for decline in penguins: Population has halved in 30 years in western Antarctica
"Climate change effects on food sources may have contributed to a halving of penguin populations in western Antarctica, a new study suggests.Researchers found that populations of Adelie and chinstrap penguins in the West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) and Scotia Sea had fallen by 50 per cent in the last 30 years.The decline was directly related to a huge reduction in numbers of the penguins' main prey, shrimp-like krill."
ED:Best summed up in the comments...
Well since the only evidence of rising temperature is based on fraudulent temperature data I doubt that temperatures has anything to do with the decline. Now the competition for shrimp with shrimp fishing would more likely be a contributor to the decline. Writers need to realize that making any connection to "climate change" will destroy any credibility to the story. You can't reference a scam as a credible source.

- George, Rockville, MD (USA)

If the CSIRO’s warming predictions are right, why does it keep snowing?

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"The snow keeeps refusing to vanish as the CSIRO predicted in 2008:

Scientists say Australian skiers should prepare for shorter ski seasons because of global warming… CSIRO climate change expert Dr Penny Whetton says Australia’s mountain snow cover could be reduced by up to 54 per cent by 2020.

Or how the CSIRO predicted in 2003:

A 2003 CSIRO report, part-funded by the ski industry, found that the resorts could lose a quarter of their snow in 15 years, and half by 2050. The worst case was a 96 per cent loss of snow by mid-century.

Instead, just nine years from that skiers’ nightmare Whetton predicted, we again see promise of yet another great snow season:

The wet weather which lashed southern Victoria overnight has also reached the high country, with Mt Buller, Falls Creek and Mt Hotham all reporting good snowfalls since the weekend.

With the official start to the ski season still two months away, the snow continues to fall across Mt Buller today after temperatures fell below zero last night. At 9.30am the temperature had climbed back to minus 0.2 degrees after plunging to minus 1.6 degrees. About 10cm had fallen at Mt Buller by 9am.

At some stage the CSIRO should explain if it still stands by its predictions, and, if not, how it got them wrong and what this means. "

Now Forget Natural Gas Too!

"The list of energies we are allowed to use just keeps getting shorter. Techno-politico elitists are busily crossing out everything on the list, like coal, nuclear, all petroleum products, wood, and biofuels. The latest to join that list is the hope of the future: natural gas, ...."

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Snow arrives two months early

The Age (Australia)
"The wet weather which lashed southern Victoria overnight has also reached the high country, with Mt Buller, Falls Creek and Mt Hotham all reporting good snowfalls since the weekend.

With the official start to the ski season still two months away, the snow continues to fall across Mt Buller today after temperatures fell below zero last night. At 9.30am the temperature had climbed back to minus 0.2 degrees after plunging to minus 1.6 degrees. About 10cm had fallen at Mt Buller by 9am."

H/T Climate Depot

Flannery’s new rule: the only good scientist is one who votes Left

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"More witterings of the increasinlgly messianic Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery on global warming. First, he claims - against the case-closed evidence presented by interviewer Greg Cary - that China is tacking global warming, believing “climate change is a threat to the existence of the communist party”.

Then Flannery, a paleontologist, offers this bizarre reason for reason for ignoring sceptic Professor Richard Lindzen, whom he admits is a world-renown and reputable climate scientist:

"The problem with Richard Lindzen is his politics is to the right of Andrew Bolt and Genghis Khan."

It’s hard to know where to start with this spectacularly stupid statement, even more wrong in principle than it is in facts. "

Monday, 11 April 2011

Solar entrepreneurs to get compensation

Daily Mail
"The Government is poised to give 'solar entrepreneurs' millions of pounds in compensation for spending their own money on solar farm projects which have had to be cancelled as a result of a policy u-turn.It is understood that some potential 'solar farmers' have already been in talks with officials from the Department of Energy and Climate Change."
Solar looters get more loot (Bishop Hill)
"Having fleeced taxpayers once by offering crazy feed in tariffs to solar power companies, DECC is now going to fleece them once again by offering compensation now the subsidies have been somewhat reined in. Huhne really is stark raving mad isn't he?"

Climate change just happens

Bishop Hill
"I've always shuddered rather when people say things like "70% of the observed temperature change is due to manmade carbon dioxide emissions". Christofides and Koutsoiyannis clearly feel the same way as shown in their presentation to the EGU a few days ago..."

CO2 Cools Damp Air (E M Smith)

James Delingpole beats a Press Complaint from UEA

"James Delingpole (The Telegraph, Spectator) is one of only a few MSM journalists to persistently criticise the science and politics of man-made global warming in the UK not just after the climategate emails (he was the first in the UK – 20th November 2009) but for a long time prior to the leak from CRU at the University of East Anglia. His blog post on the Press Complaints appears here

I imagine that UEA may now be regretting making these complaints to the Press Complaints Commission, as it is now officially upheld in James Delingpole’s and the Telegraphs favour, with the reasons visible to any other journalist that may take an interest.. "


"....Oh? So the request to delete email was a subjective act? I see… Not yet ready to grasp the truth by the horns in Merry Old England…

The Commission was satisfied that readers would be aware of the context of the columnist’s robust views – clearly recognisable as his subjective opinion – that the scientists were “untrustworthy, unreliable and entirely unfit to write the kind of reports on which governments around the world make their economic and environmental decisions”, and that their work was “shoddy” and “mendacious”. In the circumstances, it did not consider that there had been a breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Code.

Oh, now that’s a low blow, to accuse him of being “robust”, that’s tantamount to calling him a “model abusing lier” in “climate science” circles! How Could They! ;-)

But at least we can say that: Under the Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Code; “the scientists were ‘untrustworthy, unreliable, and entirely unfit’” and “their work was ‘shoddy’ and ‘mendacious’.”

What a world… "

Sunday, 10 April 2011

It's madness to sacrifice ourselves for nothing

The Australian
"Let's have a simple rundown of what the rest of the world is doing. In Europe there has indeed been an ETS for some years. But more than 95 per cent of the carbon permits in its first years were given out for free. The scheme had little effect on reducing greenhouse emissions. It was widely regarded as a joke, although European officials who come to Australia are inevitably interviewed reverentially by uninformed ABC personalities who never hold them to account for this. ....Let's be quite clear. China is engaged in a massive, yes massive, increase in carbon emissions. As Gary Banks from the Productivity Commission has made clear, the implicit carbon price exists only in Combet's dreams. China does not impose a carbon price across its economy. Banks has concluded that you simply cannot work out an economy-wide implicit carbon price from the carbon-reduction measures for economies that do not impose direct carbon prices.

But despite the Gillard government's propaganda, and its many slyly misleading convolutions, Beijing has never, ever promised to cut its carbon emissions. It is indeed decommissioning old coal-fired power stations and replacing them with new coal-fired power stations. These will be more efficient than the old. So China can claim it's reducing its carbon intensity, that is, the amount of carbon per unit of output. But overall it plans huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions. .....India, which accounts for about 5 per cent of global emissions and rising, has no plans for an ETS or an economy-wide carbon price."

Gore and his fellow alarmists are on thin ice

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"The Arctic ice refuses to go away, which forces the warmists to keep modifying their predictions. Take Al Gore.

In December 2008, he said “The entire north polar ice cap will be gone in 5 years”…

In April 2009, after a big refreeze, Gore pushed out his prediction of a possible ice-free Arctic to 2014:

(R)esearchers at the Naval Postgraduate School have told us that the entire Arctic ice cap may totally disappear in summer in as little as five years if nothing is done to curb emissions of greenhouse gas pollution.

In October 2009, after a summer in which the Arctic ice hung around as per recent usual, Gore adjusted again, extending his prediction to 2019:

The North Pole ice cap is 40 percent gone already and could be completely and totally gone in the winter months in the next 5 to 10 years.

Back in 2008, plenty of other alarmists were also spreading fear that the Arctic ice would be gone by 2013. There was NASA’ Goddard Institute, for instance: ..Tell me: if global warming really is happening even faster than the warmists predicted, why do they need to keep readjusting like this? "

UEA: the sweet smell of napalm in the morning…

James Delingpole (Telegraph)
"I’m talking about the Press Complaints Commission’s ruling on a complaint brought against this blog by our old friends at the University of East Anglia. They lost. We won. (And I do mean we: I’m hugely grateful to my legal advisers, as well as to experts including Steve McIntyre, Andrew Montford, Richard North and Christopher Booker.) .....Basically the UEA were trying to use the PCC as a way of gagging this blog from speaking unpalatable truths about the shoddy goings-on in its notorious Climatic Research Unit.If it sounds like I’m overdoing it, consider this: the PCC’s ruling must be among the first by any quasi-official body anywhere in the world to take the side of a Climate Change sceptic rather than that of the Warmist establishment. ..."

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Climate models go cold

Financial Post
"..We are now at an extraordinary juncture. Official climate science, which is funded and directed entirely by government, promotes a theory that is based on a guess about moist air that is now a known falsehood. Governments gleefully accept their advice, because the only ways to curb emissions are to impose taxes and extend government control over all energy use. And to curb emissions on a world scale might even lead to world government -how exciting for the political class!

Even if we stopped emitting all carbon dioxide tomorrow, completely shut up shop and went back to the Stone Age, according to the official government climate models it would be cooler in 2050 by about 0.015 degrees. But their models exaggerate 10-fold -in fact our sacrifices would make the planet in 2050 a mere 0.0015 degrees cooler!

Finally, to those who still believe the planet is in danger from our carbon dioxide emissions: Sorry, but you've been had. Yes, carbon dioxide is a cause of global warming, but it's so minor it's not worth doing much about." - David Evans consulted full-time for the Australian Greenhouse Office (now the Department of Climate Change) from 1999 to 2005, and part-time 2008 to 2010, modelling Australia's carbon in plants, debris, mulch, soils, and forestry and agricultural products. He is a mathematician and engineer, with six university degrees, including a PhD from Stanford University in electrical engineering.

Coolest March since 1994(

What happens when the great fantasies, like wind power or European Union, collide with reality?

Christopher Booker,Telegraph
"It might seem strange to link global warming and the futility of wind farms with the ongoing collapse of the euro. But in several directions at the moment we can see the unfolding of one of the hidden patterns shaping human affairs, which years ago I called “the fantasy cycle”. It is a pattern that recurs in personal lives, in politics, in history – and in storytelling. ......Recent events show us two huge examples of this cycle moving to its final stages. One is the belief, which took hold 20 years ago, that the world was in the grip of runaway global warming, caused by our emissions of greenhouse gases. The planet could only be saved by abandoning fossil fuels and drawing our energy from wind and sun. .......But in all sorts of ways, in the past few years, this dream and the theory behind it have begun colliding with reality.

Carbon dioxide levels continued to rise, but global temperatures failed to follow. Three times in the past 13 years – in 1998, 2006 and 2010 – they spiked upwards, thanks to periodic shifts in a major Pacific ocean current – the phenomenon known as “El Niño” – which brings warm water to the surface and boosts temperatures across the world. Each time it was trumpeted as “the hottest year ever”. But each time, as the ocean current reversed into “La Niña”, the spike was followed by an equally sharp cooling.

In 2007, temperatures fell by 0.75C, more than the entire net rise recorded through the whole of the 20th century. After they rose again to a new El Niño peak in 2010, we were told, only three months ago, by the compilers of the two chief surface-temperature records – the UK Met Office, in association with Phil Jones of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, and James Hansen of NASA – that 2010 was the “equal warmest” or “second warmest” year ever. Last week, however, with a new La Niña, it was reported that global temperatures, as measured by satellites, had fallen by 0.65C since March 2010, making the world cooler now than its mean over the past 30 years. "

Friday, 8 April 2011

Green 'Bribes' Costing Scottish Taxpayers £8 Million

Daily Express
"TAXPAYERS have been hit with an £8million bill for a new raft of bizarre green projects, including a “real nappy project” and environmental tips for Scotland’s Nepalese ­community.While thousands of families struggle through the worst recession in living memory, ministers have unveiled a package of grants for a new wave of eco-friendly projects worth millions of pounds.Public money will be used to pay for schemes including £84,000 worth of “eco drama productions”, £50,000 to provide energy-saving tips to ­Hindus in Edinburgh and more than £80,000 for a scheme to encourage people in the East End of Glasgow to grow their own vegetables."

House votes to kill EPA climate regulations (USA)
"House lawmakers sent a loud message to the White House on Thursday: They want to obliterate the Obama administration’s climate rules.

The chamber voted 255-172, primarily along party lines, to nullify the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations and the scientific finding they’re based on. No Republicans opposed the bill, but 19 Democrats broke ranks with their party to support the measure.
The resounding vote knocking down greenhouse gas regulations is far from surprising. House Republicans have made upending climate rules a top energy priority since they took over the majority, and EPA’s defenders in the chamber couldn’t do much to stand in their way."

H/T Climate Depot

Recent Site Visitors....

Choking on Greenpeace deceit

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"Once again, Greenpeace tries to terrify children with scientifically illiterate climate catastrophism. The real danger today is not to our planet but to our reason."
ED:Watch the Video...

Sydney No Carbon Tax Rally on April 9th

Sydney Rally 9th April, David Archibald Speech

"We can thank the global warmers for one thing.Their claim that the sky is falling got people like me to investigate.What I found was that global warming is exactly wrong.Instead of warming, our planet is cooling as solar activity weakens.The heating effect of carbon dioxide is minuscule.It is lost in the noise of the climate system.That is why the temperature of the planet today is exactly the same as it was thirty years ago. ....."

CO2 Cools Damp Air

"The bottom line is that adding a bit of CO2 to some damp air makes the whole works cooler, not warmer. ........Sun takes a break and UV plunges.
Lower UV means a colder mesosphere and thermosphere, and lower ozone in the Stratosphere.
Lower Ozone means the 11 micron IR window “opens”.
Stratosphere cools as well (and the whole upper atmosphere gets more compressed) so heat transport will be more effective.
Troposphere convects a bit more rapidly (the “gustier” and “blustery” quality I’ve noted) and we have a net large increase in heat flow out, or cooling.

CO2 cools damp air. CO2 cools the stratosphere. The sun cools the stratosphere, mesosphere, and troposphere when the UV level drops (and warms them when UV rises…)

All observable and testable / measurable (or already observed in most cases).

The Sun “did it”:

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Report Questions Wind Power’s Ability to Deliver Electricity When Most Needed

John Muir Trust
"Stuart Young, author of the report, said, “Over the two-year period studied in this report, the metered windfarms in the U.K. consistently generated far less energy than wind proponents claim is typical. The intermittent nature of wind also gives rise to low wind coinciding with high energy demand. Sadly, wind power is not what it's cracked up to be and cannot contribute greatly to energy security in the UK."

Official: wind farms are totally useless

"PRINCIPAL FINDINGS in respect of analysis of electricity generation from all the U.K. windfarms which are metered by National Grid, November 2008 to December 2010. The following five statements are common assertions made by both the wind industry and Government representatives and agencies. This Report examines those assertions.

“Wind turbines will generate on average 30% of their rated capacity over a year.”

“The wind is always blowing somewhere.”.....There were 124 separate occasions from November 2008 till December 2010 when total generation from the windfarms metered by National Grid was less than 20MW.

“Periods of widespread low wind are infrequent.”....The average frequency and duration of a low wind event of 20MW or less between November 2008 and December 2010 was once every 6.38 days for a period of 4.93 hours.

“The probability of very low wind output coinciding with peak electricity demand is slight.”...At each of the four highest peak demands of 2010 wind output was low being respectively 4.72%, 5.51%, 2.59% and 2.51% of capacity at peak demand.

“Pumped storage hydro can fill the generation gap during prolonged low wind periods.”
.....The entire pumped storage hydro capacity in the UK can provide up to 2788MW for only 5 hours then it drops to 1060MW, and finally runs out of water after 22 hours.

Victoria’s green disaster is just a taste of Gillard’s

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"As I have warned many times, as soon as a politician calls a project “green”, he no longer bothers to check the price:

Mr Pearson found Labor had failed to properly assess or substantiate the cost and benefits of the key incentive mechanism for attracting private investment in solar energy generation.

This is precisely the story with the $12 billion in government programs nationally to cut emissions that have in fact delivered next to nothing. And it is now exactly the same story with the Gillard Government’s planned carbon dioxide tax, which will deliver vritually zero change to the temperature - giving us no gain for terrible pain: "

Heat rises in the search for temperature data truth

ABC (Australia)
"In the last few days, pro- and anti-climate change blogs have gone into overdrive over comments made at a US Congressional hearing into climate science.

To understand what it's all about, you need to go back to November 2009. One of the biggest science stories that month was the 'leaking' of emails from the Hadley Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, including the unit's head Professor Phil Jones.

The leak would later become known as 'Climategate'. .....This brings us back to Phil Jones and Climategate. How well adjusted is the data and are climate scientists 'cooking the books' to suit their needs? Professor Richard Muller of the University of California, Berkeley has for some time been critical of the techniques used by some of his colleagues.Last year, he gave a lecture in which he claimed he would no longer read papers authored by certain researchers, due to the Climategate scandal."

ED: The ABC are very pro-warmist as a rule....

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The IPCC’s Activist Chairman

Donna Laframboise (Canada)
"A judge in a murder trial cannot pal around with the prosecutorial team during lunch hour and still expect us to believe he’s a neutral party. Yet that is precisely how the IPCC behaves. Moreover, this improper behaviour starts with the person who has been its chairman since 2002."

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Merci France! Germany Now Dependent On Foreign Nuclear Power

"All them windmills littering the landscape and the acres of solar panels mounted on roofs here in cloudy Germany are doing nothing to reduce energy dependency, and are unable to take up the slack left by the panicked Merkel-ordered nuclear power plant shutdowns in Germany."

The IPCC’s Pretend Neutrality

Donna Laframboise (Canada)
"In recent weeks I’ve written about Richard Moss, the senior IPCC official who’s also a Vice President of the activist World Wildlife Fund. I’ve written about Bill Hare, the Greenpeace “legend” who was one of only 40 people who helped write the influential IPCC Synthesis Report. Last fall, I pointed out that five of 10 lead authors of an IPCC chapter that examined the species extinction question have links to the WWF – as do three more of that chapter’s contributing authors."

Green Suicide: Carbon Tax Takes Toll On Labor In Polls

"Support for Australia's ruling Labor Party has plunged to its lowest level in eight years, a poll showed Tuesday, as the government battles to introduce a carbon tax which has divided voters."

Who are Labor’s sceptics? (Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun)

Monday, 4 April 2011

Greenpeace co-founder: 'Global warming is obviously a natural phenomenon'

The Hockey Schtick
"Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace and author of the new book, Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist, states in the interview below, "we do not have any scientific proof that we are the cause of global warming." Moore also explains how the green movement has been co-opted by the political left and has come to support policies which are harmful for the environment and humanity."

CSIRO’s warming gets a chill

Andrew Bolt,Herald Sun (Australia)
"CSIRO in 2010:

The State of the Climate snapshot, drawn together by CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology ... shows that Australia’s mean temperature has increased 0.7 degrees since 1960....

The report states that temperature observations, among others indicators, ‘’clearly demonstrate climate change is real’’...

CSIRO in 2011:

Maximum temperatures nationally were the coldest on record with a national anomaly of -2.19°C. Most of Australia recorded below average mean maxima with parts of the north and south of the country recording their coldest March on record....

Rainfall averaged over Australia was 117% above-normal and ranks as the wettest March on record with most of the country recording above average falls.

And why did this concession have to get chiselled out of the CSIRO with a freedom-of-information request? "


Neville Nicholls on Australia's Extreme Rainfall
(Roger Pielke Jr)

Muppet Science - Simon Singh: is there anything he doesn't know?

"He resorted to that last refuge of the scoundrel: the Appeal to Authority.

The reason you should believe in AGW, he argued, is because most of the world’s expert scientific bodies do. Since Simon Singh apparently so reveres the thing he calls “science” (but which I would call the ruling science establishment hegemony: something altogether different from the disinterested pursuit of knowledge which I believe “science” properly is), let me invoke two great scientific thinkers to put him back in his box. .....Some readers may detect a soupcon of withering contempt towards Singh and his kind in this particular blog post. I wonder what else he expects when he refers to climate change sceptics as “Muppets”. Unless Singh can raise his game and actually engage with the argument rather than bullying his opponents with the help of Sleb Twitter pals and his Ipse Dixit logical fallacies, I think we all know who the real muppet is."

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wind turbine threat to bat populations costing farmers billions each year

Daily Mail
"Thousands of bats have been killed by wind turbines causing a population decline that could cost the farming industry billions each year, experts claim.The nocturnal creatures are welcomed by farmers across the world as they eat large numbers of insects that usually damage crops.This reduces the amount that farmers have to spend on pesticides and saves millions of new plants that could be obliterated by the creepy crawlies.But it is believed that bats and similar species are being killed 'in unprecedented numbers' by the enormous rotor blades of wind turbines.Thousands of dead bats have been found near wind farms, and some scientists believe sudden changes in air pressure close to wind turbines can cause the lungs of the tiny creatures to collapse."

Recent Site Visitors.....

Climate facts Labor overlooked - by Bob Carter, Alan Moran & David Evans

Quadrant Magazine (Australia)
"Climate change is real and continuous. 20,000 years ago present day New York was under a kilometre of ice and lower sea levels meant that early Australians were able to walk to Tasmania; and just 300 years ago, during the “Little Ice Age”, the world was again significantly colder than today.

Australians who witnessed the 2009 Victorian bushfires or this year’s Queensland floods and cyclones need no reminder that hazardous climate events and change are real. That is not the issue.

The issue is that use of the term “climate change” here is code for “dangerous global warming caused by human carbon dioxide emissions”. The relevant facts are:

(i) that mild warming of a few tenths of a degree of warming occurred in the late 20th century, but that so far this century global temperature has not risen; and

(ii) that no direct evidence, as opposed to speculative computer projections, exists to demonstrate that the late 20th century warming was dominantly, or even measurably, caused by human-sourced carbon dioxide emissions."


Eight myths of a carbon tax (The Australian)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Budget’s green dreams will leave us powerless

The Government's obsession with its babyish green dreamworld will force the closure of power stations, increase our electricity bills and damage vital industries, warns Christopher Booker (Telegraph)
"We are fast approaching that long overdue moment when the country wakes up to the scale of the disaster we are being led into by the absurdly unreal, global-warming-obsessed energy policy of our “greenest ever government”. Yet another disturbing instance of this was the announcement tucked away in George Osborne’s Budget that he will impose a “£16 a ton floor price for carbon”, a measure seemingly so arcane that no one has really bothered to spell out its implications.

What it means is that for every ton of CO2 emitted by British industry, and by our electricity companies in particular, we shall all indirectly have to pay what is in effect a hidden tax of £16, rising over the next nine years to £30.

Last year, the coal-fired power stations which supply nearly a third of our electricity used 40 million tons of coal, each emitting up to 2.9 tons of CO2. For this 116 million tons, we shall see nearly £2 billion added to our electricity bills.

The same tax on gas will add a further £1 billion to our bills, thus increasing them by a total of £3 billion a year, rising to £5 billion by 2020. This will add more than 25 per cent to the price we presently pay for electricity, or £200 a year for every household. "

Friday, 1 April 2011

'Climate Change': the new Eugenics

"... The sooner sufficiently large numbers of people aware that, for all its fluffy pretensions, the green movement is rooted in pessimism, grotesque misanthropy and rabid anti-capitalism, the sooner we’ll be able to consign it to the dustbin of history next to all those other bad ideas that seemed so good to so many idiots at the time. Eugenics, for example."