"Carbon (Dioxide) trading is now the fastest growing commodities market on earth.....And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon (dioxide) market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one. Since the market revolves around creating carbon (dioxide) credits, or finding carbon (dioxide) reduction projects whose benefits can then be sold to those with a surplus of emissions, it is entirely intangible." (Telegraph)

This blog has been tracking the 'Global Warming Scam' for over ten years now. There are a very large number of articles being published in blogs and more in the MSM who are waking up to the fact the public refuse to be conned any more and are objecting to the 'green madness' of governments and the artificially high price of energy. This blog will now be concentrating on the major stories as we move to the pragmatic view of 'not if, but when' and how the situation is managed back to reality. To quote Professor Lindzen, "a lot of people are going to look pretty silly"

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Software Expert Exposes Potential NASA Climate Data Fraud …Trend “Completely Fake” And “Manipulated!

Software engineering whiz Tony Heller makes a presentation on climate change and the data behind it .If you haven’t watched it already, then do take the time to do so.
Heller, who goes by the pseudo-name of Steve Goddard at his wildly popular realclimatecience site, calls the idea that it’s getting hotter is “utter nonsense” and shows how US temperatures were much hotter in the 1930s.  According to Heller, the warming in the US is not real, and was created through statistical tricks after 1990. Later he highlights some of the many ridiculous claims climate experts and activist politicians made, and have since turned out to be a complete folly. At this point the presentation rivets your attention and for skeptics it becomes one you don’t want to stop watching."

Sunday, 10 July 2016

July 10, 1913 – Hottest Day Ever

Real Science
On this date in 1913, California reached 134 degrees during a week when every day was over 127 degrees  This was the hottest officially recognized temperature ever recorded on Earth. The heat wasn’t confined to California or to July. The US midwest had their second longest heatwave on record in August 1913, with 20 consecutive days over 100 degrees at Clinton, Missouri. CO2 was at very low levels in 1913, indicating that heatwaves have nothing to do with CO2 levels. This of course doesn’t stop government funded scientists from lying about the topic, like they do about every other climate topic. And according to NASA, 1913 was one of the ten coldest years on record."

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

New Nuclear Icebreaker Extends Russian Arctic Dominance

Aside from utter defacto military dominance of the Arctic Ocean, the Russian icebreaker fleet ensures massive logistical support for growing commercial Russian oil and gas extraction in the far North.
Of course, given President Obama’s plan to make solar cost competitive in 10 years, and Obama’s confidence that the Arctic will be ice free by 2040, perhaps the current US administration thinks the massive Russian investment in icebreakers and Arctic fossil fuel extraction is wasted effort."

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Modulation of Ice Ages via Precession and Dust-Albedo Feedbacks

Why do ice ages occur? Surprisingly, even after many decades of paleoclimatic research we simply do not know for sure. Most scientists will agree that ice age cycles have something to do with precession: the slow wobble of the axis of the Earth. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew of precession and called it the Great Year, because it gives warm and cool seasons over its approximate 23,000-year cycle. But there is a problem with invoking the Great Year as the regulator of ice ages, because we should really get an interglacial warming every 23,000 years or so. And we don’t – they only happen every fourth or fifth Great Year.   ........And so now we have the entire ice age forcing and feedback mechanism, laid out and plain for all to see. It begins when a Great Summer turns into a Great Winter, which reduces the sun-strength in the northern hemisphere and allows ice sheets to grow. This is a slow process that takes tens of thousands of years, and appears destined to turn the world into a complete snowball. However, the high albedo polar ice sheets have an Achilles heel – dust. As the ice sheets grow and the seas cool, CO2 also reduces. The concentration finally reaches the critical 190 ppm level where world flora begins to die, especially at higher altitude, and the Gobi steppe-lands turn into a true sand desert. This turns northern China into the equivalent of 1930s Dust Bowl America, and the ensuing dust storms dump thousands of tonnes of dust onto the northern ice sheets each year. And so when the next Great Summer comes along, the dusty polar ice sheets can warm and melt and the next interglacial is born. So CO2 can indeed cause global warming but its effect is much more pronounced at low concentrations, rather than high concentrations."

UK competitors are laughing. We just set world's most stringent carbon targets unilaterally, and no one will follow

David Rose
The UK has announced an ambitious new carbon target for the early 2030s, allaying fears that the climate goal would be a casualty of the EU referendum.
Amber Rudd accepted the advice of the government’s statutory climate advisers, setting a target on Thursday of reducing carbon emissions 57% by 2030 on 1990 levels.
The legally binding “fifth carbon budget” laid in parliament today is tougher than the carbon emissions target the UK is signed up to as part of the European Union, which requires a 40% cut by 2030 on 1990 levels." (Guardian)

Remember that claim “global warming is causing cherry trees to bloom earlier” ? – Never mind, light pollution is likely the cause

Liebig’s Law applies to plant growth and can be summed up as this:
The availability of the most abundant nutrient in the soil is only as good as the availability of the least abundant nutrient in the soil.” Or, to put it more plainly, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”
For example, the growth of an organism such as a plant may be dependent on a number of factors, such as sunlight or mineral nutrients (e.g. nitrate orphosphate). The availability of these may vary, such that at any given time one is more limiting than the others. Liebig’s Law states that growth only occurs at the rate permitted by the most limiting.Wikipedia   .........Gosh, global night brightening  seems to be growing faster than global warming. And in Washington, those cherry trees sure seem to get a lot of light at night as this photo demonstrates:"

China: Wind turbines aren’t working, causing HUGE problems

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Even if the turbines themselves are in working order, unreliable intermittent wind power remote from the areas of densest population can cause havoc to China’s power grid system, as Andrew Follett reports in the Daily Caller. "

Wind Farm Noise Victims Sue Developer & Noise Consultant for $Millions

he Waubra wind farm – which is run by Spanish outfit, Acciona – has drawn something like 1,400 noise complaints and has driven 11 farming families from homes that neighbour its operation, since it started operating over 6 years ago in July 2009 (see our post here).
The owners of those homes had been complaining bitterly about low-frequency noise and infrasound from the moment the turbines commenced operation.
Terrified of litigation, Acciona’s lawyers quietly went to each of the families complaining; purchased their properties and stitched them up with bullet-proof gag clauses – that prevent them from ever talking about the “sale” (see our post here).
So terrified were they that word of Acciona’s out of court settlements would get out, they even pursued one of the victims, Trish Godfrey all the way to Adelaide in South Australia in an effort to prevent her from giving evidence in a wind farm planning case about her acoustic torment – (see this article and our posts here and here)."

The sun is as blank as a billiard ball, solar activity dwindling to lows not seen in 200 years

The last time sunspots vanished for a whole week was in Dec. 2010–a time when the sun was bouncing back from a long Solar Minimum. In this case, the 7 week interregnum is a sign that a new Solar Minimum is coming.
The sunspot cycle is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth every 11-years or so between times of high and low sunspot number.  The next low is expected in 2019-2020. Between now and then sunspots will become increasingly rare with stretches of days, then weeks, then months of “billiard-ball suns.”

Brexit Spells End Of Europe’s Climate Obsession Germany Starts Roll-Back Of Climate Policy

Germany has abandoned plans to set out a timetable to exit coal-fired power production and scrapped C02 emissions reduction goals for individual sectors, according to the latest draft of an environment ministry document seen by Reuters on Wednesday. The new version, which was revised following consultation with the economy and energy ministry, has also deleted specific concrete C02 emissions savings targets for the energy, industry, transport and agriculture sectors. Reuters, 29 June 2016 
....Economics editor Daniel Wetzel at Germany’s center-right national daily Die Welt here writes that the Brexit may be the end of the Paris climate treaty and that it is a climate-political nightmare for the EU. –P Gosselin, No Tricks Zone, 30 June 2016

NY Post: ‘The imploding cabal to criminalize climate dissent’

Climate Depot
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and his fellow greenies are getting a lesson about the dangers of believing their own propaganda.  ......
But Walker sought Exxon’s correspondence with some 90 groups suspected of the “crime” of questioning climate-change orthodoxy. The obvious point was to make these groups think twice about the findings their research produces and their positions on the issue. It was also meant to scare off donors, like Exxon. Yet Wednesday, Walker withdrew his Exxon subpoena. He’d already taken back his order to CEI.     So his probe, it seems, is kaput."

Poll: ‘Only 8% of farmers believe climate change is taking place and caused primarily by human activity’

Climate Depot
A survey conducted by Iowa State Professor J. Arbuckle and Purdue University professor Linda Prokopy of 5,000 Cornbelt farmers—representing about 60% of U.S. corn production and 80% of farmland in the region—found that only 8% believed climate change is taking place and caused primarily by human activity. That 8% figure is significantly lower than the general population. A poll from January found that 27% of the general public primarily blames human activity."

Spectacular Drop In Global Average Satellite Temperatures

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for June, 2016 is +0.34 deg. C, down 0.21 deg. C from the May value of +0.55 deg. C (click for full size version): ....This gives a 2-month temperature fall of -0.37 deg. C, which is the second largest in the 37+ year satellite record…the largest was -0.43 deg. C in Feb. 1988."