"Carbon (Dioxide) trading is now the fastest growing commodities market on earth.....And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon (dioxide) market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one. Since the market revolves around creating carbon (dioxide) credits, or finding carbon (dioxide) reduction projects whose benefits can then be sold to those with a surplus of emissions, it is entirely intangible." (Telegraph)

This blog has been tracking the 'Global Warming Scam' for over ten years now. There are a very large number of articles being published in blogs and more in the MSM who are waking up to the fact the public refuse to be conned any more and are objecting to the 'green madness' of governments and the artificially high price of energy. This blog will now be concentrating on the major stories as we move to the pragmatic view of 'not if, but when' and how the situation is managed back to reality. To quote Professor Lindzen, "a lot of people are going to look pretty silly"

PS: If you have arrived here on a page link, then click on the HOME link...

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Royal Society issues new climate change guide that admits there are 'uncertainties' about the science

Daily Mail
"The UK’s leading scientific body has been forced to rewrite its guide on climate change and admit that it is not known how much warmer the Earth will become.The Royal Society has updated its guide after 43 of its members complained that the previous version failed to take into account the opinion of climate change sceptics.Now the new guide, called ‘Climate change: a summary of the science’, admits that there are some ‘uncertainties’ regarding the science behind climate change.And it says that it impossible to know for sure how the Earth's climate will change in the future nor what the possible effects may be."

Recent Site Visitors

Extreme Weather Extreme Claims

"The on-going claims of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming have been ramped up again lately because of the opportunities presented by the heat wave in Russia and the floods in Pakistan, which are also being claimed as attributable to anthropogenic CO2. If the amount spent on global warming were to be diverted to mitigating and preventing the worst effects of natural disasters, then the desperate plight of the people of Pakistan would be relieved more quickly."

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wind farms: yet another brewing disaster

"Here’s another wind farm scandal waiting to break. I wonder if it will ever get any coverage in the mainstream media.

This is what my anonymous source has to say:

I am at an energy conference in Europe. Yesterday I talked to two friends of mine who are involved in civil engineering in the UK. They both told me that concrete foundations for onshore wind turbine towers in the UK are starting to crack. Apparently it is being hushed up as much as possible. (There is only a small possibility that this is an unfounded rumour. But, as always, the possibility exists.) The lawyers are deep into it with accusations of negligence and the like flying in all directions. Apparently the defence has been that they were built according to the current code. But there seems to be no doubt that the code is inadequate. ..."

Yeo Says No

Guido Fawkes
"Guido always takes a keen interest when he hears the name Tim Yeo and green issues in the same sentence. The author, director of various green technology companies and part-time MP is one of the Tories biggest advocates of climate change hype and he does very well out of it. Not only was he elected Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, but he also makes thousands of pounds a year from helping green investment companies such as AFC Energy. So you would think he would practice what he preaches about the environment.

Think again. Yeo is throwing his weight behind a campaign to stop a wind farm being built in his seat. In true NIMBY style he says:

“This happens to be one of the most beautiful parts of my constituency which stretches from here to the coast.”

Guido wonders whether he would be saying the same if it was one of his companies involved…"

Global Acidification: The Next EU Bought-And-Paid-For Science Hoax

"Now that man-made catastrophic global warming has been exposed as a hyper-inflated problem, proponents are now scrambling to save their movement. Here comes global acidification (sounds much more menacing than climate disruption, doesn’t it?). Expect a flood of sewage media reports on this in the days ahead."

Monday, 27 September 2010

Wasted Opportunities

"The biggest example is with combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration. Amazingly, this technology that many people have never heard of produces 9% of the world’s primary energy. Here in the States it produces 7% of our energy. But in countries like Finland and Denmark, it produces up to 40% of all energy.

CHP is the simplest idea in the world. A typical power plant producing electricity wastes about 65% of the fuel it burns. CHP plants capture the heat released and put it to good work, heating buildings or even cooling them with the right configuration. It takes the efficiency of the plant from 35% up to as much as 80% in some cases. The very first power plant built in America was a CHP plant, built in New York. Continuing in that tradition, New York’s Con Edison heats 100,000 buildings with district heating powered by CHP.

CHP gets little attention from environmentalists, because it is powered (mostly) by fossil fuels. Most new facilities use natural gas for fuel, but CHP is pretty agnostic about fuel. I say mostly because there are new CHP plants being fueled by wood pellets, which (Ta-da!) makes it renewable. ..."

Sunday, 26 September 2010

The teflon doomsayers

Stephen Budiansky's
Liberal Curmudgeon Blog

"In The Rational Optimist, Matt Ridley offers example after spectacular example of a phenomenon that has baffled me ever since I began covering environmental issues in my first job in journalism thirty years ago: to wit, that while the entire presumable goal, purpose, and raison d'ĂȘtre of applied environmental science is to solve environmental problems, any environmental scientist who dares to suggest that problems are being solved is asking for trouble. As Ridley observes, we have arrived at a state where even the most wildly irrational pessimism is treated with reverence, while the most cautiously sober optimism is ridiculed."

Global Cooling and the New World Order

"Which is what makes one particular item on the group’s discussion agenda so tremendously significant. See if you can spot the one I mean:

The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations.

Yep, that’s right. Global Cooling.

Which means one of two things.

Either it was a printing error.

Or the global elite is perfectly well aware that global cooling represents a far more serious and imminent threat to the world than global warming, but is so far unwilling to admit it except behind closed doors. "

Sea Ice News #24

"While the Antarctic Ice never dipped below normal, the dip itself illustrates what I alluded to in Sea Ice News #22:

While the vagaries of wind and weather can still produce an about-face…

And just like the dip in the Arctic, the dip in the Antarctic is weather related, and is now rebounding with a change in weather.The sea ice on the edge of the Antarctic continent can be affected by winds and weather patterns in the same way as Arctic ice."

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Thanet wind farm will milk us of billions

The media remain conspicuously silent about the real price we pay for wind energy, says Christopher Booker. (Telegraph)
"In all the publicity given to the opening of "the world's largest wind farm" off the Kent coast last week, by far the most important and shocking aspect of this vast project was completely overlooked. Over the coming years we will be giving the wind farm's Swedish owners a total of £1.2 billion in subsidies. That same sum, invested now in a single nuclear power station, could yield a staggering 13 times more electricity, with much greater reliability.

The first all-too-common mistake in the glowing coverage accorded to the inauguration of this Thanet wind farm by the Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne, was to accept unquestioningly the claims of the developer, Vattenfall, about its output. The array of 100 three-megawatt (MW) turbines, each the height of Blackpool Tower, will have, it was said, the "capacity" to produce 300MW of electricity, enough to "power" 200,000 (or even 240,000) homes. This may be true at those rare moments when the wind is blowing at the right speeds. But the wind, of course, is intermittent, and the average output of these turbines will be barely a quarter of that figure. ..."

Must See: Global Cooling: The Coming Ice Age

Climate Realists
"The following YouTube illustrates how the media and the Met Office put through the "Next Ice Age" story in the 1970's as fact, in the same way they have put through "Man Made Climate Change" in recent years..."

Thursday, 23 September 2010

'Climate Change': even Porritt knows the game's up

"A mournful post from my old sparring partner the Hon Sir Jonathon Porritt. The badger-reared sustainability guru and population reduction enthusiast was eagerly following the speeches at the Lib Dem conference, taking notes – as you do – and was most disturbed to notice how little of the party leader’s keynote speech had anything to do with “Climate Change.” (H/T Bishop Hill)"

More climate backtracking (Bishop Hill)

BBC questions if Pachauri continued presence “is still serving the best interests of the IPCC”

"..The list includes Tim Yeo, chairman of the all-party Commons Climate and Energy Committee; Professor Sir Brian Hoskins, the Royal Society’s climate change head; and Mike Hulme a former IPCC lead author.Mr Yeo told BBC News: “Dr Pachauri has become a liability – he is now causing more harm than good. Climate science needs a guarantee of utmost reliability, and Dr Pachauri can no longer guarantee that. It would be as well if he stepped aside.”...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More stormy weather to batter NZ

NZ Herald
"Another fast moving front is expected to bring squally weather to a battered North Island overnight while more heavy snow is forecast for parts of Southland already battling the heaviest snowfall in years.Severe westerly gales, powerful enough to uproot trees, are expected in the Coromandel, according to WeatherWatch.Auckland has seen a morning of heavy showers, hail and isolated thunderstorms and the conditions are forecast to continue. .....The cold snap in Southland which is plaguing farmers in peak lambing season looks unlikely to let up as MetService issues a heavy snow warning for inland Southland and Clutha.Significant snow is likely down to 100 metres overnight with another 10 to 15cm of snow possible over 200 metres.State Highway 94 between Te Anau and Milford Sound has been closed because of the snow until further notice.South Island farmers say that as many of a million lambs forecast to be born in Otago and Southland could die because of bitterly cold conditions."

More wild weather to hit country (Stuff, NZ)

A Light In Siberia

"Arctic stations near heat sources show warming over the last century. Arctic stations that are isolated from manmade heat sources show no warming. The plots of “isolated stations” and “urban stations” below clearly illustrate the differences." (Ed Caryl)

Update: The Calculations Behind “A Light in Siberia”
Also re-posted on WUWT..

I’ve reposted this here in entirety with permission from Pierre Gosselin of “No Tricks Zone“, and it is well worth the read. Much of this work was inspired by posts on sttthat have appeared on WUWT. Ed Caryl has done a great job pulling various threads of info together. One generally doesn’t think of any Arctic circle outposts as being “urban” but the fact is that islands of humanity, essentially small towns, surround many of these stations. And in the Arctic, you produce a lot of energy (which has to go somewhere) or you die. What I find most interesting is the plot of “isolated: stations versus the Atlantic Meridonial Oscillation (AMO); a clear correlation of the driver for those temperatures.. – Anthony "

Why the Antarctic Is Not Melting Anytime Soon (The Air Vent)

Monday, 20 September 2010

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New Zealand’s ETS law will surely fix this

"It has been just 2.5 months since the carbon Emissions Trading Scheme kicked in for New Zealand. I’m sure if they give it a little more time, spring snows like this one will be “a thing of the past“. ... A central Invercargill street was cordoned off yesterday after the roof of decorating business Wrens collapsed under the weight of heavy snow.The building was one of at least four that caved in following significant snow on Saturday and yesterday. ....A Southland weather expert says the weekend’s snowfall could be the heaviest in Invercargill for 50 years."

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Storm misery: sting in tail

NZ Herald News
"North Islanders face nearly a week of dismal weather, hampering the big clean-up after the weekend storm that cut power to thousands of residents, closed roads and caused widespread damage.The news is even worse in Southland, where snow and wild weather are expected to force the closure today of many businesses and schools.Weatherwatch said last night that strong to gale-force winds would continue to hammer many parts of the country - mostly south of Auckland - and conditions were likely to get worse before they got better."

ED: The southern hemisphere is having a rough winter/spring..

Saturday, 18 September 2010

British Cold Rather Early Too

"Coldest August for 17 years? Golly, bet they could do with a bit of “Global Warming” right about now… And “12 C below the seasonal average” is a bit more dramatic than the 1/2 C of hypothetical global warming too. And this is while it’s still “summer”… "

Aussie Cold And Wet

"Record cold, wet month in central Australia
Brett Dutschke, Thursday September 16, 2010 – 16:35 EST
Much of central Australia, including Uluru, is in the midst of its coldest and wettest Septembers on record. "

Britain's energy policy is in crisis

Christopher Booker,Telegraph
"..Behind the fog of official spin, it becomes ever more obvious that the schemes devised to meet the EU target of generating nearly a third of our energy from renewable sources by 2020 – six times more than at present – are a massive self-delusion. Even though they will cost us hundreds of billions of pounds, paid largely through soaring electricity bills, the energy they produce will be derisory – certainly nowhere near enough to plug the looming 40 per cent shortfall in our supplies, as many of our older power stations are forced to close. .....If all this sounds like pure lunacy, we must recall that two years ago, our MPs voted all but unanimously for the Climate Change Act. This commits Britain, uniquely in the world, to cutting its CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050, at a cost of up to £18 billion a year, or £734 billion in total. This is what our politicians have made the law of the land, although in practice it could only be achieved by closing down virtually all our economy. "

Friday, 17 September 2010

Walrus Desperatus By Medius Doofus – The Latest Media Hoax

"..No matter where one looks in the major media outlets, one finds horror stories here of “unprecedented” Arctic ice melt and implications of its grave consequences. ...How deranged must the media be to take normal behavior of wildlife, and to spin it into a phony tragedy in order to maliciously spread anxiety through the public? When are they going to learn that there are other alternative sources of information out there that are waiting to expose their shenanigans?"

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Politicians Dressed in Lab Coats

Donna Laframboise
"..Personally, I’ve had it up to here with scientists who sneak their political views into the conversation beneath their lab coats. We need clarity about where an individual’s scientific expertise begins and ends. Scientists owe us professional, circumspect information – not political opinions masquerading as scientific fact.

So the next time you hear a glacier specialist declare that the debate is over remember that the same Syed Iqbal Hasnain who expressed such strong political opinions appears to have been startlingly ill-informed regarding the glaciers about which we’re told he’s an expert.

And the next time you hear a climate modeler talk about specific measures that must be adopted in order to avert calamity remember exactly what his job is. It’s to program a computer with hundreds of assumptions about the natural world – in other words, educated guesses. It’s then to produce “story lines” and “projections” about what the future might look like in the unlikely event that most of those educated guesses hit the bullseye."

It is Not About Science, but Values

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog
"A really interesting new study is published this week in the Journal of Risk Research that seeks to explain why it is that on highly politicized issues the public does not uniformly defer to the views of scientific experts, even when those experts are largely in consensus. The answer is not that one group in society is "anti-science," but rather that people tend to weight evidence and experts differently based on cultural considerations. ......This helps to explain why efforts to enforce a rigid consensus of views in climate policy have back-fired so strongly among many in the so-called skeptical community. The more that a consensus is invoked and the narrower it is defined, the more it puts off the very people that those seeking to share scientific knowledge should be trying to communicate with, the unconvinced. Denigrating one's cultural or political opponents may feel satisfying, but it is not a good strategy for getting them to accept that your views are sound. Thus, open, transparent and diverse expert advisory processes are more likely to be generally viewed as legitimate and robust."

The real reasons why one billion go hungry: wind farms, biofuels, sustainability…

" According to FAO last year (PDF), one primary reason was the cost of fuel:

Given the increased importance of biofuels and the new linkages between agricultural and energy markets, increased cereal yields, if achieved, may not necessarily continue to lead to lower cereal prices. Because the world energy market is so much larger than the world grain market, grain prices may be determined by oil prices in the energy market as opposed to being determined by grain supply.Thus, higher priced energy means more hungry people."

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The cognitive dissonance of AGW

The Hockey Schtick
"There is a large cognitive dissonance required to be a true AGW believer, hence the comparison to religious beliefs. Take, for instance, the ability to simultaneously acknowledge that CO2 levels have been 10 to 20 times higher than the present during multiple periods of Earth's history without causing a 'tipping point' of no return, while retaining the belief that CO2 levels 10 to 20 times less are causing a 'tipping point' now. In fact, an entire ice age came and went with CO2 levels about 11 times higher than the present throughout the Ordovician period shown in the graphic below. The latest eco-scare-alert notes that Antarctica abruptly transitioned from a warm, subtropical hothouse to the present solid ice sheet during a period when CO2 levels exceeded those of today by 10 times."

Massive storm set to hit NZ tomorrow

NZ Herald
"One of the largest storms on the planet is forecast to bring heavy rain and snow to much of the country from tomorrow.While the storm, the size of Australia, was likely to remain at least 1000km south of New Zealand it was still expected to bring winds strong enough to bring down trees, power lines and even damage poorly built roofs in some areas, Phillip Duncan, head weather analyst for, said.Blustery conditions would affect the entire North Island with severe gales likely about Wellington, Wairarapa and the tops of ranges, Mr Duncan said.Strong winds would make driving much more difficult, especially for motorbikes, vans, trucks and other high-sided vehicles.Heavy rain was expected for all western regions from Fiordland to Waikato starting tomorrow, with a number of fronts lasting until the weekend. ...Southland and Otago could expect heavy snow with a southerly change coming directly off the Antarctic shelf during Friday and Saturday."
Tasman storm gathering momentum

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Shoddy Climategate Inquiries

Donna Laframboise
"Andrew Montford is the author of The Hockey Stick Illusion: Climategate and the Corruption of Science. If you’re looking for one volume during the upcoming holiday season to share with friends who haven’t been following matters closely, it’s a great choice. No one with an open mind can read that book and not conclude there’s something seriously amiss in climate science."

Climategate whitewashers squirm like maggots on Bishop Hill's pin

"The official inquiries, as we know, found nothing untoward in any of the Climategate emails – nor in the behaviour of the scientists responsible for them. But the GWPF’s report, by Andrew “Bishop Hill” Montford, begs to differ. At the conference, one journalist asked Montford to try to summarise the juiciest of his allegations. Montford found this difficult: so many and varied are the failings of the three whitewash inquiries, he simply couldn’t decide which ones to choose."

Adjusting the temperature down under

"Ken Stewart has been hard at work again, this time analyzing the Australian urban records. While he expected that the cities and towns would show a larger rise than records in the country due to the Urban Heat Island Effect, what he found was that the raw records showed only a 0.4 degree rise, less than the rural records which went from a raw 0.6 to an adjusted 0.85 (a rise of 40%). What shocked him about the urban records were the adjustments… making the trend a full 70% warmer."

Mafia arrests reveal mob was 'going green'

"Police in Italy have seized Mafia-linked assets worth $1.9 billion – the biggest mob haul ever – in an operation revealing that the crime group was trying to "go green" by laundering money through alternative energy companies. "

Damning new investigation into Climategate inquiries

"In particular, the report finds that:

* none of the Climategate panels mounted an inquiry that was comprehensive within their area of remit
* insufficient consideration in the choice of panel members led to a failure to ensure balance and independence
* none managed to be objective and comprehensive
* none made any serious attempt to consider the views and submissions of well-informed critics
* terms of reference were either vague or non-existent
* none of them performed their work in a way that is likely to restore confidence in the work of CRU."

Combat climate change with less gassy diet for cows: study

"Climate change can be curbed by changing the diet of livestock, whose feed crops, farting, belching and manure contribute a fifth of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions, a new study said Friday.The study by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) said livestock risk growing as global demand for meat and milk surges and recommended simple steps to curb livestock-related greenhouse gas emissions."

Ed: No, this is true, too far from April 1st...

Monday, 13 September 2010

Coal has a Future in Australia

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog
"..It is a simple mathematical reality that Australia cannot meet even the least ambitious targets for emissions reductions with coal having today's share in Australia's energy mix (of consumption plus exports, see figure above) -- unless CCS is perfected. Eventually, something will have to give here -- coal, CPRS, Labor, Greens or Combet. Time will tell which it is. "

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Britain must adapt to 'inevitable' climate change, warns minister

"Britons must radically change the way they live and work to adapt to being "stuck with unavoidable climate change" the Government will caution this week, as it unveils a dramatic vision of how society will be altered by floods, droughts and rising temperatures. ..."

ED: Political propaganda to enforce 'carbon tax', I think we can see that, don't you ?
Paper: Global Warming analogous to many prior False Alarms (The Hockey Schtick)
"A paper in process examines the global warming alarmist movement and finds 26 other analogous false alarms that were endorsed by scientists, politicians, and the media. In each case, the analogous alarms were presented as “scientific,” but none were based on scientific forecasting procedures. Every alarming forecast proved to be false; the predicted adverse effects either did not occur or were minor. However, costly government policies remained in place long after the predicted disasters failed to materialize. The authors find the current global warming alarm is simply the latest example of a common social phenomenon: an alarm based on unscientific forecasts of a calamity. They conclude that the global warming alarm will fade, but not before much additional harm is done by governments and individuals making inferior decisions on the basis of unscientific forecasts. "

Saturday, 11 September 2010

The truth is getting lost in the Amazon

A warmist coup seems to have taken place on Amazon, the online bookseller, writes Christopher Booker. (Telegraph)
"The proselytisers for man-made global warming have long exercised a tight stranglehold over the contents of Wikipedia. The editors of that online source of all knowledge are ready with lightning speed to ensure that its entries related to climate change are purged of any hint of dissent from the party line – and that entries for “climate sceptics” are given a viciously dismissive twist, Now it seems a similar coup has taken place on Amazon, the online outlet which is Britain’s largest bookseller.

Over the past year, Amazon’s list of global-warming bestsellers has been wholly dominated by sceptics, with my own book The Real Global Warming Disaster standing for months at number one. At the end of last month, however, all the more recent sceptical books were suddenly removed from the list. My own volume, Andrew Montford’s The Hockey Stick Illusion, Bob Carter’s Climate: The Counter Consensus and others have all vanished from the list, so that it is now dominated by titles pushing the prescribed pro-warming line. "

Friday, 10 September 2010

More Oxburgh Misrepresentations

Climate Audit
"Almost none of Oxburgh’s testimony to the Science and technology Committee can be taken at face value. Even on something as simple as climate background of Lisa Graumlich and Kerry Emanuel, Oxburgh’s statements to the committee were untrue. ....But that’s a different point than the one here – Oxburgh’s untrue statements to the Committee about Graumlich and Emanuel. It’s hard to believe that Oxburgh was so ignorant that he really thought that Graumlich did archaeological chronologies and Emanuel did meteorology. But that’s what he told the Committee."

Thursday, 9 September 2010

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Lord Oxburgh’s whirlwind whitewash tour

"When Oxburgh produced a 5 page report on the UEA/CRU Climategate issue, we immediately say it as “spartan”, while some called it “efficient”. We wondered how such a small report could be done with a team of people and 2-3 weeks of time. The secret it turns out, is to focus on making sure that coffee, lunch, and “working dinners” are prominently part of the whirlwind schedule. Oh, and to be sure not to interview anyone one-on-one. ....Travel arrangements (obtained through FOI) show that this schedule was adhered to. Oxburgh arrived in Norwich at 6:30 pm on the evening of April 6 and had a train reservation back to Cambridge at 3.40 pm on April 8."

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Oxburgh live blog

Bishop Hill
"10:53 Oxburgh still being pressed on amount of time. Says they didn't need more time given limited remit.

10:52 Oxburgh asked how much time each committee member spent on the report. He said they put in a lot of work beforehand. Mentions the 15 person days figure."

£40,000 for a Climategate whitewash? Nice work, if you can get it, Sir Muir Russell!

"But what I find almost more damning is this little snippet about the man who took charge of another of three Climategate whitewashes, Sir Muir Russell. £40,000 for 15 meetings, during which the man failed to conduct any kind of effective investigation? Yet again, it doesn’t half make one wish one had the moral incontinence to feel able to hop aboard the great Climate Change gravy train."

Oxburgh Tricks the Committee: 45 Hours in Norwich

Climate Audit
"As to Oxburgh’s description of his ordeal in Norwich as “4 days, 5 days”, I’m highly sympathetic to the idea that spending almost 48 hours in Norwich seemed like “4 days, 5 days”, but using conventional time measurement techniques – such as checking the day of the week – the panel actually spent less than two days in Norwich, skipping town just as Geoffrey Boulton arrived for his one interview with CRU the next day about proxies, neither panel having bothered to compare itineraries. "

Inconvenient Ice Study: Less ice in the Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 years ago

"Since there is so much worry about the Arctic Sea Ice extent this time of year, it is always good to get some historical perspective. According to this study, our current low Arctic ice extents are not unprecedented."

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

9,25 - a factor that could close the global warming debate

Hide the Decline
"The CO2-sensitivity describes the warming effect induced by a doubling of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, and is thus the epicentre of the global warming discussion. Estimates of the CO2 sensitivity are very different, and the value range used by IPCC appears unlikely to physically impossible. ...."

Monday, 6 September 2010

UEA/CRU responds to Climategate “inquiries”

"...What he’s alluding to is unspoken rule number one in public relations: “If you have something you must announce but really don’t want many people to see it, announce it going into a weekend, or better yet a holiday weekend”. Of course, here in the USA, where there is a keen interest in this issue, announcing going into Labor Day would be a good choice as it is the last big holiday of summer. And indeed, it seems to have worked well, because this Google News search on the terms “University East Anglia response climate emails” yields not a single news story about it.

So either UEA chose the date, or they are simply incompetent at public relations, or both. Given the ineptitudes seen from UEA so far in their dealing with the Climategate issue, I’ll go with incompetence."

Saturday, 4 September 2010

A cunning bid to shore up the ruins of the IPCC

Christopher Booker, Telegraph
".......Through all this the IPCC has been exposed for what it truly is: not a proper scientific body but an advocacy group, ready to stop at nothing in hijacking the prestige of science for its cause. But little of this might be guessed from the Inter-Academy report (jointly commissioned by Dr Pachauri himself and Ban Ki-Moon, the UN's Secretary General). Even if Dr Pachauri is forced to resign at a UN meeting in Korea next month, as seems possible, he will merely have been thrown off the sledge so that the all-important cause can survive.

Yet the IPCC is the body on whose authority our Parliament voted for the Climate Change Act, passed all but unanimously two years ago. This will land us, on the Government's own figures, with by far the biggest bill we have ever faced: up to £18 billion every year for the next 40 years – £734 billion in all – in order to cut our CO2 emissions by 80 per cent, something impossible to achieve except by closing down virtually all our industrial economy.

On the same authority, the rest of the world is being told that it must take similar steps, to avert a catastrophe dreamed up and promoted by no one more than those joint winners of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore and the IPCC. Does this not all add up to the most bizarre and outrageous scandal in the history of the world? "

Friday, 3 September 2010

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The Book the IPCC Plagiarized

Donna Laframboise
"Some people think early editions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report were scrupulously science-based, but that the process became more politicized in recent years. A look at the first appearance of the health chapter – in the 1995 edition – challenges this view. ....It appears unlikely that a good faith, bona fide review of the scientific literature took place prior to the writing of significant sections of the IPCC’s first health chapter. Instead, the climate bible surreptitiously incorporated numerous opinions expressed a few years earlier by the activist-oriented person in charge of writing this chapter.Then the media told the world that the IPCC’s proclamations regarding global warming and diseases such as malaria were the considered, consensus view of thousands of experts. "

Thursday, 2 September 2010

New York Post: Meltdown of the climate ‘consensus’

"If this keeps up, no one’s going to trust any scientists.The global-warming establishment took a body blow this week, as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change received a stunning rebuke from a top-notch independent investigation....Al Gore and many other warming alarmists have insisted that “the debate is over” — that the science was “settled.” That claim is now in shreds — though the grants are still flowing, and advocates still hope Congress will pass some version of the economically ruinous “cap and trade” anti-warming bill."

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Scientists Forced To Revise Arctic Sea Ice Projections Upwards

"The September Arcus Sea Ice Forecast, August Report, is out, and quite naturally, the doom and gloom projections of a death spiral have returned to the closet, at least until next June."

Johnson's stance is the correct one

Milwaukee Sentinal Journal,(USA)
"As scientists, we write to support U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson's correct view on natural factors of climate change as reported in the Journal Sentinel (Page 1B, Aug. 17; Page 1A, Aug. 21).

This is not a debate about politics or about a belief system. Objective science informs us that the so-called consensus viewpoints offered by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about man-made carbon dioxide being the dominant factor of climate change is largely a political conclusion and not likely a scientifically correct one.

If global temperatures are supposedly affected by rapidly rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations but the warming has ceased over at least the last decade, then something more important than atmospheric CO2 must be driving climate change. This is why the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported Aug. 13 that "greenhouse gas forcing fails to explain the 2010 heat wave over western Russia."

We wish to emphasize that many peer-reviewed publications exist that support the minimal role of atmospheric CO2 as a cause for the weather and climate that we experience. Extremist views only serve to induce panic about climate change, and the unwillingness to address the real science only leads to spurious claims that "the science is settled."

For example, a paper published Aug. 19 in Geophysical Research Letters by a scientist from the California Institute of Technology shows that even the apparently drastic decrease of summer-autumn Arctic sea ice is not unprecedented but merely an effect of Arctic Ocean geography.

We therefore applaud Senate candidate Ron Johnson's stance against CO2-induced climate change.

Eight scientists signed this letter; they noted that their university affiliations are for identification purposes only and are not an endorsement of the letter. The signers are: Willie Soon, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; Scott Armstrong, Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania; Robert Carter, James Cook University, Australia; Susan Crockford, University of Victoria, Canada; Kesten Green, University of South Australia; Nils-Axel Morner, Stockholm University, Sweden; George Taylor, Oregon State University, retired; and Mitchell Taylor, Lakehead University, Canada."

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Coldest August for 17 years

"Last month was the coldest August for 17 years, recording the chilliest average temperatures since 1993 without a single "hot day", figures show. ....In the last 100 years, only 22 Augusts have been wetter. In Weybourne, Norfolk, temperatures soared to a high of 26.70C, but temperatures failed to reach the levels of July when the 30C heat in some areas prompted health alerts.Figures showed England and Wales enjoyed 148 hours of sunshine this month – 25 per cent less than the average.Scotland saw 142 hours of sunshine, meeting its average, and Northern Ireland had better weather than usual, with 192 hours of sunshine."