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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Trapped in ice: Alaska fuel convoy moves just 50 FEET in a day... and giant ice wall blocks harbour for crucial delivery

Daily Mail

"The Coast Guard icebreaker should have no problem getting through the ice even if it becomes several feet thick, said Coast Guard Petty Officer First Class David Mosley. 'In the worst-case scenario, it might stop and back up and ram their way through the pressure ridges, where it gets really thick,' he said. However, conditions are so cold that the ice quickly freezes around the tanker, requiring the Healy to back up and free it.Additionally, maneuvering is a problem. The tanker must stay close enough to its Coast Guard escort that the lanes through the ice freeze back over. However, that distance puts the two vessels at risk of slamming into each other. This means that progress is exceptionally slow during the long, dark nights, which last most of the day close to the Article Circle."
A pathetic inadequacy (Dr Richard North)
"Thus we have chickens coming home to roost. After years of warmist propaganda, Alaska is suffering a ferocious winter, and the US government has been caught out, totally unprepared to deal with the conditions."


  1. Call me silly but there are US air bases right there. Load up a few F15s with some gravity bombs and open up a channel in front of the cutter. The fly boys get some practice dropping ordinance the oil gets there tomorrow and it's a PR event benefiting everybody.

  2. And yet Coke™ needs to help the poor overheating Polar bears... seems to me to be just another way to change the topic so we don't think about record cold, and record snow in the arctic this year.